Top 5 Interior Detailing Services Near Me in New York


Your car can be professionally detailed at a specialty shop specializing in inside and out. Unlike traditional car washes, these shops use professional products, which typically only clean exterior vehicles.

KS Detailing & Ceramic Coating offers clients car detailing services in New York City. Their services include decontamination detailing, tar removal, engine cleaning, ceramic coating, and paint protection film.

Birdie’s Auto Spa

Birdie’s Auto Spa provides vehicle owners in New York City with auto detailing services, such as ozone odor removal, wheel and rim cleaning, paint swirl removal, and leather surface cleaning services. Furthermore, this green business utilizes steam technology for sanitization instead of traditional car washes, saving up to 40 gallons of water compared to conventional services.

Five Corners Auto Salon provides services throughout the New York metro area, offering hand and express car wash services, ceramic coatings, STEK clear bra protection film, and auto detailing services tailored to clients’ needs. Their staff can assist clients in choosing their ideal auto detailing solution while they also have mobile detailing service available that can come directly to their location or workplace to clean vehicles on demand.

KS Detailing & Ceramic Coating in New York City offers luxury and ceramic detailing solutions. Their team of professionals is equipped to thoroughly clean a vehicle’s exterior, interior, wheels, and leather seats, in addition to hand washing techniques using different mitts for each part. Furthermore, paint correction services, as well as machine polishing services, are offered as additional offerings from this business. Their customers have given them praiseworthy reviews when rating customer service.

Five Corners Auto Salon

Five Corners Auto Salon is your one-stop shop for oil stain removal or interior detailing for sedans, SUVs, and vans. They provide interior detailing services for all vehicle types – sedans, SUVs, and vans alike. Additionally, ceramic coatings help protect cars against scratches, chips, and harsh detergents, which could damage protective waxes on their surfaces.

Detailers can not only make your car look better, but they may also save you from expensive repair bills in the future. While many dealerships provide detailing services, automotive experts advise finding an independent detailing center; dealerships are more expensive and often use outdated equipment than independent shops.

Exclusive Auto Boutique serves customers throughout New York City’s metropolitan area and offers wet sanding, paint corrections, and polishing/waxing services. In addition, audiovisual systems, wheel spacers, and window tinting installations are also offered. Their professional technicians utilize industry-standard equipment while providing free car washes to all new members; additionally, they keep clients updated through text or email on any developments with their service progress.

AutoCraft N.Y.C

AutoCraft New York City provides interior detailing and auto customization for various car brands. Their experts can install audiovisual systems, wheel spacers, window tint, and vehicle lighting to enhance a car’s visual appeal and can repair or replace components such as bumpers and windshield wipers to improve its appearance.

This company also provides car washing services, including quick rinse and eco washes. Their professional detailers use special mitts to clean each part of a vehicle’s leather seats and carpet; this business uses eco-friendly cleaning products like earth-ready soaps and filtered water, while experts perform rim and body polishing services for their professional clients.

Professional car detailers specialize in cleaning all areas of a vehicle, from its exterior paintwork to the carpets and headliners inside, using special tools and cleaners. This process may take several hours, and you must select a reputable service with top-of-the-line products to cleanse your vehicle thoroughly. A detail will last longer if kept indoors rather than exposed to harsh elements like rain.

Larry Kosilla has built up an impeccable reputation among detailing services in Manhattan as an expert detailer known for being precise in every step of his work. His shop can be found in an upscale neighborhood. Each day, he undertakes two major projects plus smaller tasks like wrapping or window tinting – owning three Porsche vehicles, including the 1991 964 C4s and 2017 Macan GTSs.

Polished Clean Mobile Car Wash

Polished Clean Mobile Car Wash provides auto detailing services near New York City. Their fully mobile setup enables them to offer interior and exterior cleaning, ozone odor removal, wheel and rim cleaning, paint swirl removal, engine cleaning services, and leather surface conditioning services. Furthermore, this company practices responsible water management, spending no more than three to five gallons per wash cycle.

This company is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint using eco-friendly cleaning products and methods. Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines train employees, while quality customer service is its goal. Customers can book appointments online or over the phone; payment via credit cards can also be accepted, while staff will offer a quote before booking an appointment.

Some detailing services specialize in specific vehicle types. For instance, classic cars require extra care as they are more valuable and in better condition than regular vehicles. Many detailers also offer additional services, including painting and engine repair.

AquaKingz Auto Spa of Lynbrook, NY, offers a complete automobile detail package. This service includes foam soap wash; clay bar to remove contamination from paint; one-step polish plus machine wax; wheels wells degreased and washed; gas compartment washed; dashboard, cupholder center consoles, steering wheel wiped down; door panels jams cleaned clean and deep thorough vacuum. Plus, you get an air freshener as part of this deal!

Shine On Car Wash

Shine On Car Wash offers outstanding customer service. Their staff are specially trained to pay close attention to every detail so your vehicle will leave with an impressive shine. Shine On provides a full array of services, including vacuuming, window and mirror washing, and car drying – they even offer a loyalty program! This location makes an excellent place to get your car looking fantastic for the holidays!

GO Car Wash recently purchased two sites owned by Shane Weiss in Alice and Calallen, Texas, expanding the GO footprint in Southwest Texas, where Weiss has operated high-performing car washes for 25 years.

Steam Green Clean

This eco-friendly mobile auto cleaning and detailing company provides New York metro area services. Their technicians utilize steam technology to remove dirt and grease without producing wastewater; additionally, stain removal and deodorization are provided, as well as engine cleaning and improving air quality in vehicle interiors. Their services are offered during weekends.

New York-based detailing service Car Detail New York specializes in enhancing the beauty and quality of cars. Their specialists specialize in repairing and restoring damaged vehicles while possessing extensive knowledge of paint and interior surfaces. Furthermore, this company provides various protection options such as ceramic coating and STEK clear bra.

KS Detailing & Ceramic Coating provides car, boat, and motorcycle detailing services. Their team utilizes different mitts for each part of the vehicle as they offer luxury hand wash and shampoo services, paint correction, and STEK clear bra protection against scratches and chips.

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