Is There a Kybella Near Me in New York?


Kybella is an injectable treatment used to dissolve submental fat. Kybella offers safe, effective, and non-invasive fat reduction solutions without lengthy procedures or side effects as an alternative to liposuction procedures.

Dr. Michele Green was among the first dermatologists in NYC to offer this cosmetic injection and has become an expert at using this procedure along with Botox, Thermage, and CoolSculpting body contouring treatments.

Dr. Rapaport

Dr. Rapaport is an esteemed writer and speaker in psychiatry who has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles in such publications as the American Journal of Psychiatry, Biological Psychiatry, and Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. Additionally, he serves as editor for Focus: Journal of Lifelong Learning in Psychiatry and is a member of the American College of Psychiatrists, the Psychiatric Research Society, and Collegium International Neuropsychopharmacology.

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If your double chin is bothering you, Kybella injections could be the solution. As an FDA-approved injectable that can quickly reduce fat beneath the chin with only minimal treatment sessions required and permanent results, Kybella can even improve neck contours as it works to eliminate double chins.

Injectables can effectively and efficiently treat double chins, but only board-certified plastic surgeons can administer them. Dr. Ran Y. Rubinstein in NYC has both experience and the latest techniques to offer you a smooth, safe, and successful procedure that produces stunning results.

Dr. Michele Green offers more than Kybella treatments in her New York City dermatology office; she also provides Thermage, Fraxel, CoolSculpting body shaping treatments, and dermal fillers to patients seeking double chin removal without surgical interventions. Consultations are private and confidential – you can schedule one online or by phone!

Dr. Rubinstein

Dr. Rubinstein has been practicing dermatology for over 15 years and is recognized as an authority in her field. She has received extensive training in cosmetic dermatology, skin surgery, and laser treatments; award-winning procedures; various forms of healthcare education as well as recognitions from organizations like Columbia University and the United Nations as a result of leadership positions she held within these organizations; she holds several memberships that showcase her talents within these arenas of knowledge.

She is the author of “What a Girl Needs to Know,” an inspiring and empowering guide for young women that offers advice on building self-esteem and confidence. Additionally, she is an in-demand speaker at various national conferences; topics addressed include body image issues and healthy lifestyle choices.

Kybella is a non-invasive, minimally invasive procedure to address fat accumulation beneath the chin. Using deoxycholic acid found naturally within your body, Kybella works by breaking down and absorbing fat cells around the neck area and injecting this solution directly into that treatment area for maximum effectiveness and to create more defined jawlines and slimmer chins.

Kybella sessions typically last less than 30 minutes and include marking and numbing the injection site before beginning. Depending on how much submental fat there is, up to 50 small injections may be necessary to eradicate excess submental fat. Once complete, patients can return to regular activities after experiencing mild discomfort that typically resolves quickly – most will see results after just a few treatments!

Before embarking on this treatment, it’s essential that you fully understand its risks. Pregnancy or breastfeeding mothers should avoid this therapy; additionally, inform your physician of any medical conditions, medications, or supplements you’re taking as well as alcohol or salty food consumption on the day of surgery and make a note to ice the treated area often to reduce swelling and speed up healing time.

Dr. Green

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable treatment to dissolve fat under the chin and define your neckline more clearly. At each Kybella appointment, Dr. Green will evaluate your chin and neck to see if Kybella is appropriate for you and discuss any medical history or past treatments you have had.

Kybella differs from other body-contouring procedures like liposuction in that it does not involve surgery or rely on deoxycholic acid to target fat cells underneath your chin and prevent further accumulation. It results in a more youthful and contoured neckline with permanent results; however, if weight increases again, they could return at fuller sizes.

Kybella procedures take only approximately 15 minutes in the doctor’s office, and patients can return to normal activities immediately following treatment. First, areas to be injected will be marked using small markers; topical numbing agents or ice are then applied for any discomfort that might occur. After this stage, the Kybella solution will be injected directly into the chin area to destroy and metabolize fat cells over the coming weeks slowly; additional sessions may be required to achieve maximum results.

Though there are various methods for weight loss, most are unsustainable and do not produce lasting results. Some even involve crash dieting, which is unfavorable to your body’s well-being. Kybella injections from an experienced cosmetic dermatologist are one effective solution to double chins.

Dr. Zuckerman offers more than Kybella treatments; he can also treat stubborn pockets of fat elsewhere on the body using Kybella injections for the thighs and knees to address small bulges of fat caused by age or exercise regimens. These Kybella injections may even address fat that forms after dieting and exercising regularly.

At times, many individuals suffer from a double chin. Various treatments are available to remove it, the most popular being liposuction; however, this invasive surgery may not be appropriate for all. Kybella offers an alternative solution that is much safer and less painful. This procedure must be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience to achieve optimal results.

Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists

Before, eliminating double chins required surgical facelifts; now, with Kybella injections approved by the FDA– patients can reduce its appearance without risking permanent side effects. Kybella works by injecting multiple doses of the deoxycholic acid solution under your chin to dissolve fat accumulation for a slimmer and more defined jawline – one of our most sought-after treatments at our New York office!

Treatment is generally painless with minimal downtime. Before injections, a topical numbing cream may be applied topically on the area to be injected; after the injections, it may result in temporary swelling and bruising that will fade with time as healing occurs in that spot. Most patients require two or four treatment sessions over several months for optimal results.

Dr. Green specializes in non-invasive body contouring. She was one of the first doctors in NYC to offer Kybella when it was released and remains knowledgeable on new technologies such as Thermage, Fraxel laser treatment, and CoolSculpting. Additionally, she provides Botox(r) injections, dermal filler injections, and anti-aging solutions.

Kybella may be best known as a treatment for double chins, but its uses extend far beyond this area of the face and body. Kybella uses deoxycholic acid injections to break down unwanted fat cells and facilitate their elimination through lymphatic system drainage – similar to how our bodies naturally do when burning fat in other parts of our bodies.

Kybella provides permanent fat reduction as the destroyed fat cells cannot re-grow, making this treatment an ideal option for individuals suffering from moderate to severe submental fullness (double chin) that has proven resistant to diet and exercise alone.

Kybella may be right for you if you visit an experienced dermatologist and arrange a consultation appointment. Spring Street Dermatology in Manhattan and Uptown, New York, offers top-rated physicians listed by Castle Connolly and New York Magazine; contact them today and start your journey toward a more youthful, slimmer physique!