Kris Blade Butterfly Knife


Kris blade butterfly knives have quickly become famous for their versatility and ability to perform knife tricks, as well as being highly effective self-defense weapons. Get the Best information about the Kris Blade butterfly knife.

The geometry of Kris knives makes it easier to locate and penetrate impenetrable objects, such as bone when stabbing. While a traditional blade might stick into it and stop at once, Kris’s blades will deflect off of it and continue stabbing.

Double-edged blade

Kris blades are extremely unique blades. Boasting an undulating shape from tip to heel and difficult flipping characteristics, Kris blades make an eye-catching statement about who owns what. Ideal for collectors seeking something special or flippers looking to challenge themselves further.

An ideal Kris blade is stiff to come by, with collectors often spending large sums to acquire one. They are judged based on factors like the number and depth of undulations, symmetry, and how closely they follow undulations; Sam Eddleman has designed this Bali-Song from Sam Eddleman that meets these criteria and more.

This handcrafted butterfly knife has been handcrafted from high-grade stainless steel with black handles for an aesthetically pleasing design. Built for speed, the tang pin pivots allow smooth rotation for rapid opening and swift balisong tricks!

The kris or keris is an ancient, asymmetrical dagger from Indonesia with an extensive cultural background of myth and legend surrounding its use as both a weapon and a spiritual object. Now protected as part of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage elements, its presence makes an excellent addition to your collection or as a beautiful gift to your friends. These knives can be easily concealed for self-defense either in the jungle or city streets and make great additions for self-defense in these environments as well.

Double-edged balisongs

Double-edged balisongs are highly sought-after knives among both flipper enthusiasts and collectors, as they present an intriguing challenge to both flippers and collectors. While double-edged blades may require practice to handle correctly, their unique design provides extra opportunities to perform impressive tricks with the blade.

As impressive as the double-edged Balisong can be, the unruly undulating shape of Kris’s blade makes it particularly desirable for trick play. First, its undulating form enables it to navigate around obstacles that would obstruct other blades from penetrating deeply into soft materials – for instance, bones might stop traditional knives and swords from penetrating deeply into soft materials, with an undulating shape like that of a kris blade, however, piercing through them easily becomes possible.

Kris blades feature wavy-shaped edges designed to inflict severe internal stab wounds, as well as show off their incredible symmetry and demonstrate the skill of their knifemaker. Hand-rubbed satin finishes adorn this particular blade, while handles made of skeletonized integral stainless steel feature cocobolo inlays for grip. Zen pins have replaced Tang pins to prevent them from dislodging when closing the blade.

Double-edged knife

The Kris Blade Butterfly Knife is an increasingly popular choice among knife enthusiasts and an excellent option for self-defense. Its curved shape makes it suitable for tight spaces while being easy to carry or conceal, with smooth pivots rotating its handles to open or close smoothly – it even comes in various blade steels and finishes!

Knife collectors value great kris blades as works of art and often pay exorbitant sums for them. Their merit is usually determined by the number of undulations along their length and depth; their symmetry, sharpness, and smoothness of edge follow. Benchmade’s model, in particular, meets all these criteria perfectly.

This Kris Blade Balisong boasts a black Kriss-style blade and satin-finished titanium handles. Quickly opened and closed with one swift flip of an assisted lever. Push outward, and it quickly shoots outward; pull back in and help it back in to close it effortlessly again!

This innovative double-edged knife is an ingenious fusion of two traditional Southeast Asian knives: the Kris dagger and the Batangas or Keris sword. Combining the stealthiness of the Batangas knife with the flexible curved kris blade of the keris sword makes this self-defense weapon suitable for jungle or city settings alike.

Double-edged butterfly knife

A Kris blade butterfly knife is one of the most versatile knives available. It features a wavy blade reminiscent of a Kris sword and is designed to cut, slice, pierce, and inflict internal stab wounds. Ideal as self-defense weapons, this folding knife’s lightweight design and sleek silver hue make it easy to conceal for tactical use and hidden carry purposes.

This rare balisong features a double-edged blade crafted from premium materials. Its titanium handle boasts an orange peel finish with a spring latch for secure closure of its blade. Black boron carbide coating prevents sticking and corrosion resistance, making this Benchmade 49-03 limited edition knife among only 100 available worldwide.

A kris is an ancient Indonesian dagger once revered as both a weapon and spiritual object, carried by both men and women during ceremonies, passed down generations, used as status symbols by Tempus (artisans who created and sold blades), and used as an heirloom or magical amulet with magical properties. Today, it is listed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list as it still holds deep significance to many cultures around the world.