My Singing Monsters Plant Island Breeding Chart


Plant Island is an introduction to My Singing Monsters’ core mechanics and a tutorial on its breeding chart. Players can collect as many monsters from this green-themed location as they wish!

The table below presents Plant Island’s native monsters along with their minimum level requirements and means of acquisition; breeding times are also provided where applicable.


Plant Island is a comprehensive tutorial in Monster Super Market (MSM), featuring numerous easily acquireable monsters. Other islands feature more challenging monsters that require breeding; here, the Plant Island Breeding Chart table features both its indigenous monsters and standard, rare, and epic ones that can be obtained via in-game market purchases or breeding two currently owned monsters from your collection.

The chart displays the minimum account level required to acquire each monster type, breeding requirements, acquisition method (if available), MSM monster elements involved, and a suggested breeding order. Furthermore, breeding time and zap costs for these combinations are listed.


The game aims to offer players an engaging, relaxing, and therapeutic experience as they collect, breed, and evolve happy monster pets while decorating their island and attending musical performances. Each monster boasts a distinctive appearance and musical talent, which sets it apart from others in the pack; evolution allows players to strengthen these creatures further while improving performance. Furthermore, this free game does not impose time limits so that players can take it at their own pace; decorative items can be purchased using in-game currency to customize your island and add extra value.

There are 63 monsters to collect in My Singing Monsters Plant Island, and most can be acquired through breeding. Rarer and epic monsters may need to be purchased using premium in-game currency from an in-game market or through premium currency purchases. This guide for My Singing Monsters Plant Island will assist players in understanding which ones they should breed instead of which must be bought with premium in-game currency.

Breeding Tables overview breeding combinations, potential results, breeding times, and best combinations per Island. They are organized with the best varieties at the top of each list, while the worst ones are at the bottom, taking breeding chances and wait times into account.

This chart is beneficial when acquiring some of the more difficult monsters on Plant Island. It includes information such as the minimum level required before purchasing one, its breeding method requirements, and elemental requirements that accompany pairing it. Furthermore, this tool helps plan breeding sessions efficiently while determining how long you have before attaining the monster you seek.

Plant Island is an introduction to My Singing Monsters and a tutorial on its various game mechanics. You will find easy-to-acquire monsters such as Furcorn, Toe Jammer, and rare Noggin and Maw here. Additionally, there are more difficult-to-collect ones, such as Ghazt and Seasonal Shanty, which require complex breeding combinations to acquire.

Breeding Structure

Plant Island is an extended introduction to My Singing Monster’s core mechanics and breeding system. It offers a comprehensive tutorial of many aspects, such as its monster acquisition market and breeding system. While most monsters can be purchased via in-game market transactions, certain high-quality or rare-type monsters must be bred to unlock. This guide includes a table listing all indigenous Plant Island monsters, their acquisition methods, and possible breeding combinations for opening.

This table includes recommended breeding orders based on the likelihood of successful breeds and required incubation times, where possible, indicating upgrades that could shorten these timelines and help players unlock musical monsters of Plant Island. This guide is an indispensable resource for those hoping to unleash the musical demons within Plant Island.

Mating Configuration

Plant Island is the starting location in MSM to give players a comfortable place to learn the game’s core mechanics while simultaneously collecting various monsters. As it serves as a starter island, most monsters can be acquired through market purchases and other methods, while rarer or better monsters must only be obtained via breeding combinations. Below, you’ll find an index table displaying the indigenous monsters found here as well as their minimum account level requirements, methods of acquisition, and breed time options for both standard (via diamond upgrade) and enhanced (via diamond upgrade) breed times options (default and enhanced (via diamond upgrade) breeding combinations available here.