Where to Buy MRE Meals


MREs (meals in a ready-to-eat format) are prepackaged meals, usually vacuum-sealed and individually packed, featuring an easily identifiable main course, accessories, and beverages in a vacuum-seal packet with an integral flameless heater. The Amazing fact about mres for sale.

Civilian MREs can be purchased at online retailers like eBay and Amazon. Some sellers sell expired military MREs but still have several years of shelf life, making this an economical way of stocking up.


If you need MREs for military use, eBay or Amazon are two great places to look for them; remember, they may have been sitting around unused before being shipped out. Smaller stores (such as army surplus stores) may offer more comprehensive selections but will likely cost more.

No adverse side effects have been associated with eating MREs regularly; however, it’s essential to keep in mind their high caloric and preservative content and designed as single meal rations; eating three each day without engaging in physical activity could put your body under too much strain.

Civilians looking for MRE heaters should purchase directly from manufacturers; you can do this at several online retailers, such as Emergency Essentials and My Patriot Supply. They often sell by case rather than individually and are the only place offering flameless heaters.

Gun shows can also provide another viable shopping option; vendors at these events sell all sorts of equipment and supplies and may carry MREs. Be mindful that those sold at these shows may not offer as high a quality as those available through established online retailers.

MREs can also be purchased at local army surplus stores, though they typically cost more than those by reliable online retailers. They may be helpful if you live near a military base, as many local people purchase them for soldiers in their units from these local stores.


Civilian MREs differ significantly from their military counterparts in several respects. First and foremost, they offer more menu choices and calories. Their design also caters more broadly, including children and older people, making them suitable for emergency use in natural disasters or hurricane-induced catastrophes. While available from online retailers and some local stores, civil MREs may not come directly from their manufacturers and might be harder to track down than military ones.

These meals have a three-year shelf life when stored properly at optimal conditions in terms of temperature and moisture. No cooking is needed for these meals – heat them using the flameless ration heater included with each case, similar to Hot Hands hand warmers; just add water into your package, turn it on, and warm away!

An MRE contains various items but typically includes a main course, dessert, drink mix, and heating source. Some versions even provide napkins and spoons. There are vegetarian-friendly MREs and options for those preferring kosher or halal foods. Civilian MREs tend to be less costly than their military counterparts, and veterans often seek them out because they enjoyed them during service.

Civilian MREs are produced by several manufacturers, such as Sopakco and MRE Star, and can be found online retailers and Army and Navy surplus stores. Although MREs sold at these locations may not come directly from manufacturers, they may still be fresher than purchased elsewhere.

Gun Shows

MREs (Military Repackable Eating Resupplies) are military food rations designed to keep soldiers fed with high calories and nutrition while on deployment. Each MRE contains all the components of a full meal – main course with side dishes pre-cooked for easy heating – as well as condiments, utensils, and accessories necessary to consume hot or cold meals on demand. In addition to traditional flavors, they come in vegetarian options or with reduced sodium.

Gun shows offer MREs for sale; however, be wary when buying from untrustworthy sellers. MREs were initially manufactured for military personnel but are often sold back onto eBay or surplus websites after being “fallen off the truck,” marked for destruction or taken home without knowing they had expired. Any trustworthy seller should provide an inspection date and Julian or expiration dates on each product they sell.

Army Surplus Stores offer another excellent way to purchase MREs at competitive prices, though these stores are more costly than other sources. Many people stockpile MREs in a disaster or emergency such as an earthquake or hurricane.

MREs provide an efficient and economical means of sustenance when out in the field, offering plenty of calories that are easy to carry and store for extended periods. If you plan to use MREs as part of a survival situation, make sure they’re purchased in bulk to increase their shelf life and extend their longevity.


Military surplus stores may not be your only option when searching for MRE meals; eBay also provides them. Some sellers even offer money-back guarantees, so you know they’re in excellent condition and will last as promised by sellers. However, there are a few things to remember before purchasing from eBay sellers,

First, check whether or not the seller has an active PayPal account before purchasing from them. Likewise, be sure they have a verified business address, as this can help prevent scams and fraud. Also, avoid buying from sellers with low feedback scores, as these could pose potential dangers.

Some years ago, you could find MREs on eBay for under $5 each, but since then, prices have skyrocketed; some sellers are now offering them for as much as $12 each!

When searching eBay for MREs, bid on auctions that include photos of the packaging; this will give you an idea of their age. Furthermore, please pay close attention to their packing and inspection dates, as this information could also provide a good indication.

MREs are meant to be consumed on the go, so they must be very durable. Therefore, they typically come in a sturdy box that is water-resistant and sealable – in addition to housing a flameless MRE heater and all necessary condiments.

MREs may be suitable for short-term camping and backpacking expeditions but aren’t the best food choice for long-term survival. Due to being high in sodium content and having lots of calories per serving, MREs should only be consumed sparingly.

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