Birth Flower Oval Disc Ring


Dainty solid gold oval disc rings personalized with your birth flower make an excellent present for yourself or someone special.

How to Size Your Ring Measuring Ring Sizes It’s simple and straightforward to size rings in the home: grab a piece of string or yarn, wrap it around your finger where it overlaps, and measure its length.

What is a birth flower?

Birth flowers are symbolic flowers associated with each month you were born, much like star signs or zodiac signs do. Each month has an exclusive flower with special meaning and symbolism for its birther.

January’s birth flowers include carnations and snowdrops; carnations are beautiful and colorful flowers representing love, devotion, and loyalty, while snowdrops emerge first each winter, representing hope and purity.

People born on June’s birthdays can best be represented by roses, which symbolize romantic love and friendship. Larkspur and tulips represent deep love and rebirth, respectively, with the latter often used in donations. Finally, the tulip has long been considered the ‘flower of charity’ because of its longstanding associations.

November’s birth flower is more festive: the chrysanthemum. These cheerful blooms come in various hues that all symbolize something different; yellow may symbolize faithfulness, while red symbolizes passion.

How do I choose my birth flower?

Although you might know your birthstone already, you might be surprised to learn there are also specific flowers associated with each month of the year – just like their counterpart; birthstones have unique meanings that allow us to express our affection and appreciation for loved ones whether that means romantic interest, friendship or family loyalty.

February’s flower is the primrose, representing joy. March brings trumpet narcissus daffodils, which symbolize hope and rebirth. April brings daisies, symbolizing happiness and innocence, while June bears roses, symbolizing love, beauty, and courage.

Other possible birth flowers for any month’s birthday celebration include water lilies for purity and majesty, asters for love and positivity, morning glory for everlasting bonds of affection, and tiger lilies as symbols of strength. Learn more about each month’s flowers here.

What is the meaning of a birth flower?

Have you heard that each month has its birth flower? These symbolic blooms, like gemstones, provide valuable insights into who was born that month and can offer clues about their personality traits.

February’s birth flower is the primrose, a symbolic flower representing hope, new beginnings, humility, and modesty. Additionally, these easy-to-cultivate blooms make beautiful additions to any garden or home environment.

January is celebrated with the snowdrop as their birth flower, symbolizing beauty and hope. Snowdrops often make their first appearance in winter at cemeteries and churchyards.

Roses have long been associated with romantic love and appreciation, making them the ideal romantic present. Each color has its meaning: red roses express passion, while yellow ones symbolize friendship or platonic affection. Finally, roses can also serve as a beautiful token of our appreciation when given as birthday presents!

Birth flower jewelry

Our collection of birth flower jewelry combines elegance and personal significance into one beautiful collection. Whether for yourself or another special someone’s birthday celebrations, these rings make a thoughtful present that won’t break the bank!

Roses, with their fragrant blooms and thorny stems, symbolize devotion, romance, and protection. Roses bloom most magnificently during June’s Rose Garden Tour and summer soirees.

Lilies, known for their peaceful blooms that float serenely across pristine water bodies, symbolize spirituality and transformation. Lilies were chosen as May’s birth flower due to their symbolic representations of renewal and rebirth.

With their delicate petals and grand flowers, peonies symbolize prosperity and good luck – an apt symbol for weddings or other celebratory occasions. They’re especially beloved as wedding party flowers.

With their vibrant red blooms and soothing hues, poppies inspire clarity of thought and spiritual awareness. Furthermore, they have long been associated with the goddess Demeter and her harvests.

Birth flower rings

Our best-selling signet ring now comes with an added floral twist! Featuring 12 beautiful birth flower designs and hidden hand engraving on the reverse, you can add personalizations of your own for an exquisite piece of jewelry that makes an impactful statement about who you are or gift one as the perfect way to mark someone else’s special day! Whether celebrating yourself or giving as a present, this piece is impactful. It makes the ideal anniversary or birthday present!

Violets are beloved flowers, symbolizing love, innocence, and renewal. In our collection of violet handmade jewelry, we’ve captured their delicate beauty to celebrate these three virtues.

These personalized rings are the ideal way to commemorate either your birth flower or that of someone special in your life. Boasting an understated silhouette to complement any finger, these keepsakes will become keepsakes that last a lifetime.