Milo Plant – How to Keep Squirrels From Destroying Your Feeders


Sorghum bicolor (also referred to as great millet, broomcorn, guinea corn, durra, imphee, and jowar) is an annual summer grass species widely cultivated for its grain that serves a multitude of uses, including animal feed production and human nutrition, along with bioethanol production. Milo is a variety of grain sorghum that matures earlier with an arched peduncle for earlier harvesting times.

Feeding Squirrels

Squirrels enjoy eating the bird seed you put out for them, but they can also damage your feeders and be annoying. It’s possible to discourage squirrels without harming them by providing the appropriate type of feed, making your feeders harder for them to access, and using nature-friendly deterrents – such as mounting them far from trees, wires, porches, and other launching points as a deterrent; additionally avoiding foods like corn and peanuts may prevent fungus problems while keeping them from chewing their way into homes – sign up now for Pet Pal Connection news, photos & more delivered straight into your inbox!