Add Elegance to Your Outdoor Decor With a Modern Planter


Are you seeking ways to add style and flair to your home or office? Modern planters provide the ideal way to do just that, with various shapes and sizes to fit any architectural style or interior design scheme.

Square/cube planters are an excellent way to add geometric elements to their flowerbed, while cone/cylinder planters add an exciting, modern flair.

Modern Outdoor Planters

Modern outdoor planters add effortless refinement to patios, porches, and decks with clean lines and neutral colors that blend beautifully with any decor style. Perfect for growing lush greenery that brings both natural beauty and fresh scents into the home, modern planters should also consider the climate of their location; in areas with hot, dry weather, opt for sturdy planters that can withstand elements.

One of the best modern planters for outdoor use is the Fox & Fern Modern Plant Stand, with its 10″ white ceramic planter and acacia wood stand combining for an elegant yet versatile design that matches various design styles. Ideal for greenery and flowers such as ponytail palms – including tall ponytail palms! We tested this combination and found that it provided enough support without leaning, as well as including a drainage plug to maintain soil moisture levels.

Areaware’s Stacking Planter is another modern outdoor planter option worth considering, with ample drainage and thick plastic construction for stability. When we tested it with an established ponytail palm plant, this pot could withstand its weight without leaning or tipping over.

Consider the Loll Mondo Collection of modern planters if you prefer more classic looks. Constructed of fiberglass and cement for durability and easy cleaning, these cylinder-shaped planters come flat to ship and feature groove tracks to customize planting height by starting it at either the base or halfway up. Furthermore, false bottoms or shallower channels may be added based on whether deeper roots or less water need is required for particular plants.

Threshold(tm) presents its modern Rothe Planter as another safe terra-cotta option for indoor and outdoor use. It has an eye-catching ribbed texture that adds visual interest and a light beige hue that seamlessly fits any decor palette. Plus, its pedestal base doubles up as saucer functionality! Lastly, there’s an integral drainage hole so your plants remain healthy!

Modern Indoor Planters

Plants bring life and vitality into outdoor and indoor spaces, providing beauty and health benefits. No matter whether it be herbs, flowers, or trees – greenery will only flourish with sufficient room to grow, making choosing an appropriate planter pot size crucial. Too small will impede its development, while too large may retain too much water, leading to root rot issues.

As there are countless outdoor and indoor planters and containers to choose from to promote healthy greenery, our 2019 list included growers that were selected based on visual appeal, ease of use, stability, and how sturdy they felt when placed on countertops or windowsills. To determine this criterion, we considered the visual appeal, ease of planting/filling with soil, as well as their overall stability on countertops or windowsills when making our decision.

Modern indoor planters were chosen based on a neutral color palette and classic design to complement most home decor styles. We considered size, ease of transportation, and whether or not all components needed to get planted (along with which types of plants would work best).

Gift Republic’s Plantation Indoor Modern Planter is an excellent choice if you want a stylish pot that will look good wherever it’s placed. Crafted of sleek concrete construction, it stands up well to the weather while remaining damage-resistant when accidentally knocked over. Furthermore, its stand supports larger indoor plants while making it easy to move around as you grow different species in your space.

Crate and Barrel Round Contemporary Planter is another outstanding option, available in two sizes and featuring ample drainage and a thick plastic base for additional stability. Furthermore, its wide opening makes planting easier while providing sufficient soil space so your plants can flourish.

CB2’s Areaware Stacking Planter is another contemporary indoor planter we adore – this minimalist white planter, with its textured surface, adds dimension and works beautifully on countertops or shelves. Plus, it can be combined with smaller and larger growers for layered displays.

Modern Square Planters

Enjoy indulging your green thumb with this elegant modern planter designed to bring an upscale aesthetic into entryways and walkways. Boasting an appealing tapered square shape, these planters come in heights between 22-60 inches with automotive-grade finishes for durability. Pair it with colorful flowers or shrubs to warm any landscape design project.

Threshold(tm) offers an elegant ceramic Rothe planter in light beige with a textured surface for a contemporary aesthetic, perfect for tabletop displays indoors. It features a pedestal base that doubles as a saucer for easy watering and drainage holes and lids to protect soil moisture when dry weather strikes, making this decorative planter one of our go-to indoor tabletop solutions.

Tonto planter made from white molded plastic offers modern indoor planters an outstanding choice. With its sleek lines and uniform dimensions, this elegant piece creates a sophisticated base for tabletops, shelves, or ledges. Available in multiple neutral finishes and various sizes to meet any space need, one will surely be perfect for you.

Those looking for more modern outdoor planters should consider the Lechuza Canto planter. With its sleek column shape that draws eyes up and lets your greenery become the focus, this resin planter features a faux wicker texture to complement any outdoor space. In contrast, its durable resin construction stands up to harsh weather conditions. Plus, it has an included liner and self-watering system for ease of care even while away.

West Elm’s modern outdoor planters will make an impressionful statement on any patio or deck, creating a striking architectural silhouette and vibrant hue options that create visual interest and draw the eye inward. Available in two sizes (with the latter featuring a stunning profile that will surely win you praise!), they will leave a lasting impression on guests! This model has two options (24” tall is particularly stunning!).

Areaware stacking planters offer minimalist modern aesthetics in one convenient package, easy maintenance, and blend easily into most decor styles with white or terracotta colored finishes. Their distinctive features include a lid with an integrated base stand, drainage holes at the bottom, and a top that doubles as a saucer – ideal if you want minimalist modern planters!

Modern Rectangular Planters

Modern rectangular planters can quickly bring color and life into any space. Available in various sizes, these planters are great for indoor and outdoor use – you can pair multiple together for a layered effect! Made of galvanized powder-coated steel material, these planters won’t rust or corrode over time; leaving outside is safe. Bring indoors in winter/wet environments for safety’s sake.

Crate & Barrel’s Dsben 3.2 Ceramic Planter Set is one of our favorite modern rectangular planters. Featuring an elegant two-tone ceramic design and available in several earth tones, these sturdy planters feel high-quality while matching any home decor style. Stable and easy to plant into, these planters come equipped with drainage rocks to prevent splashing during watering sessions and help avoid soggy roots; their drainage rocks also contain splashes during watering, plus they have felt pads to protect surfaces in the home!

Jay Scotts offers another eye-catching solution with their Tolga Planter. Designed as an eye-catching centerpiece for outdoor patios and decks, its minimalist yet eye-catching design also adds sophistication to rooms or hotel lobbies. Built to withstand elements, its resistance against freezing temperatures and extreme heat allows you to choose your ideal size Tolga Planter size! With multiple sizes, there will surely be one perfect for you and your space.

Rivet Mid-Century Planter is another one of our favorites. With its classic cylindrical shape and understated stand, this piece can fit easily into most home decor styles. We especially love its neutral white hue paired with an unfinished wooden frame; the ceramic material feels high-quality; we adore its subtle pattern printed onto its surface; and ample space for roots to flourish in its design!

Areaware offers another excellent planter option with their Stacking Planter. This stackable design makes storing or transporting this versatile piece simple; it is available in white and terracotta tones for indoor/outdoor use and features an easy cleaning surface with top access for planting your favorite flowers. It comes equipped with two top openings, allowing easy plant placement.