Learning the Hard Way Toonily


Girls at school have long bullied Jinhoo. After years of trying to shake himself from that past, Jinhoo discovers that Yejin, one of his former bullies, is his new tutee!

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Jinhoo was bullied mercilessly in high school by female classmates; now he’s attempted to put that past behind him, make with himself, and move forward by becoming a full-time teacher and living with his girlfriend – she loves watching them get intimate in bed!

Though he attempts to control it, his uncontrollable urge to fuck women remains strong – and when a blonde chick enters his classroom, it becomes apparent what his intentions are!

Learning the Hard Way manga is one of Toonily’s most beloved, and it’s easy to see why! From its striking artwork and steamy sexual scenes to its impressive fandom. If you’re searching for something new to read, Learning the Hard Way won’t disappoint – or check out MyAnimeList; their global anime and manga community provides more details!


Jinhoo was bullied mercilessly by girls during high school. Now working at a manhwa studio and teaching young students manga, he discovers his new tutee is none other than Yejin from before!

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Anime is an internationally popular Japanese animated genre, and its global phenomenon continues to increase in popularity. Many consider anime a unique art form with its own style and story-telling techniques that have inspired other forms of media, including music videos and video games. Furthermore, anime can appeal to adults and children – typically covering topics ranging from sci-fi/cyberpunk/swords, sorcery, and self-sacrifice/kindness/endurance themes. Many Christians find anime encouraging as many biblically approved themes like self-sacrifice/kindness/endurance are covered within its narrative.

Though anime viewing has become increasingly popular, it is essential to recognize its risks. Watching anime can become addictive and reduce concentration on work or school duties; additionally, it may contribute to social isolation. Therefore, before allowing your child to watch an anime show or series, discuss its content and implications.

There are numerous different genres and subgenres of anime, each featuring its theme and character. Shonen anime targets boys, typically featuring sports or science fiction tales and more traditional romance. Seinen anime targets young men and typically features high school hijinks, angsty teenage emotions, and adult themes like violence, nudity, and sexuality.


Manga is a globally beloved graphic novel from Japan. The focus of its stories and characters lies within its emotional depth, and its varied genres make it appealing to readers of all ages and backgrounds alike. Furthermore, manga stands out with its exquisite illustrations and intricate plotlines.

As manga can be an excellent way to introduce children to reading, parents must pay close attention to its content when selecting a series. Some manga contain oversexualized female characters, which could be inappropriate for young readers and feature sexual violence and content unsuitable for young readers.

Manga in Japan is taken much more seriously than it is here in America, being enjoyed by both men and women of all ages; billions are spent annually on manga comics, which serve as art forms to teach readers about Japanese culture, history, and lifestyle.

Manga is usually published weekly or biweekly, requiring its stories to progress impressively fast while including enough cliffhangers to keep readers engaged with its world. Writing manga requires tremendously quick development time and having multiple projects on the go at any one time, making writing challenging but necessary. Manga writers may take on numerous projects simultaneously.