Savage Cat Food Recipes


Savage offers a variety of raw cat foods tailored to meet the nutritional needs of your feline friend. Each recipe features high-quality animal proteins without soy, wheat gluten, corn/rice, fruits/vegetables, kelp/algae, GMOs, or artificial coloring/flavoring/preservatives; it also features no BPA-lined cans.

Savage Duck Boxes contain 7 or 28 three-ounce packets suitable for single and multi-cat households, featuring humanely raised ducks from family farms.

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Chicken provides more than protein; it is also rich in taurine, an amino acid that supports heart function and vision health, and contains many essential fatty acids, including omega-3s and omega-6s – making it an invaluable ingredient in raw diets for cats.

Savage’s food from Pitman Farms is raised without antibiotics, is GMO-free, and does not include corn, wheat gluten, or rice; no synthetic vitamins, minerals, or preservatives; made using human-grade ingredients and designed with whole-prey meats, fruit vegetables, kelp algae as well as other healthy superfoods in mind.

This company offers several products, including one whole-prey formula and another featuring beef, chicken, salmon, and rabbit. Each recipe comes in 3-ounce packets or 12- or 24-ounce tubs and contains chunks of muscle meat to promote chewing. Their food can be shipped frozen using dry ice to ensure quick delivery times across the contiguous United States; additionally, they have an ongoing membership program, so pet owners receive deliveries every two or eight weeks.

Savage raw food may be more costly than its competitors, but its superior ingredients and formulation make it worth the additional cost. Available at independent and specialty pet stores and via Savage’s online shop.


Rabbit can be an excellent protein source for cats with allergies to poultry or fish, providing essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, lean muscle growth, and maintaining soft fur coats and teeth. Just like chicken, rabbit is low in fat with plenty of lean muscle mass for optimal health benefits such as smooth coats and teeth health.

Many people have questions about introducing a cat and rabbit. It is best to present the two in a controlled and safe manner so that both animals can quickly become comfortable with each other. Ideally, their introduction should occur gradually over time until both become relaxed with one another; size should also be an essential consideration; smaller rabbits could feel threatened by more giant cats’ powerful hind legs and sharp front teeth and become injured or killed; conversely, if a more considerable rabbit approaches, they might not need to defend themselves as the cat may not chase after it at all;

Savage offers raw food featuring rabbit and lamb in individual packets and large tubs to accommodate multi-cat households. Their commitment to quality, environmental sustainability, and using only free range or grass-fed meats ensures only high-grade freeze-dried products make an appearance – either no refrigeration is required for pouches or refrigerated tubs; each bag offers diced rabbit muscle meat while finely ground versions may help older cats with dental issues or finely ground products can be found inside tubs.


This recipe is a single protein, low fish oil formula made of antibiotic-free duck from family farms in the Midwest. It meets AAFCO nutritional profiles for all life stages and comes in 11.5-ounce frozen “logs,” each marked to allow pet parents to serve 50-calorie servings efficiently.

According to its creators, food using this natural preservation technique to extend shelf life without additives has the same health benefits as a raw ancestral diet. They say this results in less waste and smell in litter boxes, healthier skin coats, teeth, and gums, and less bacteria damage from cooking processes that might otherwise harm bacteria-friendly bacteria in digestive tracts and helps preserve helpful bacteria colonies in the gut. Furthermore, recipes made using their food do not include grains, legumes, soy products, corn gluten products, GMO fruits and vegetables, GMO foods, seaweed species, invasive species of seaweed, or processed sweeteners in their recipes – something many pet food companies avoid by offering products made using natural preservation techniques to extend shelf life without artificial additives like additives – benefits which still provide all these advantages of raw ancestral diet benefits without using harmful additives like processed sweeteners in recipes made for humans!

Nom stands out by not using any of the ingredients we identified as undesirable in our “bad” category — animal fat, meat meals, animal digest, beef and bone meal, fish meal, chicken meat meal, or pork meat meal. Furthermore, they don’t use dangerous contaminants such as pentobarbital to euthanize animals – something more recipes could do without. Nom Nom also utilizes an assortment of meats, vegetables, and fruit to keep cats satisfied!


Raw quail can make an excellent addition to any cat’s diet, as not only are its delicious treats high-quality sources of protein and minerals such as vitamins A, B, iron, copper, and zinc, plus essential brain and nervous system nutrients such as choline and arginine which aid brain and nervous system development. You can feed raw quail whole or top your food with it to add flavor!

Quail is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids that promote healthy skin and coat. Plus, they have low allergenicity, making them suitable for cats with food sensitivities. You can buy frozen from online retailers or fresh from your local pet store.

As obligate carnivores, cats require a balanced diet of muscle meat, bone meal, liver, and other organs for survival, as wild cats’ needs inspired savage cat food. Unfortunately, when using commercial raw food, it can be hard to ensure your cat receives all these ingredients; many commercial natural foods contain excessive bone meal, which could lead to kidney issues in cats with renal problems.

Some raw food companies include additional ingredients like quail in their formulas; others sell it separately. You can select either chunks of meat or ground food; ground food may be more accessible for older cats or those with dental issues.