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After being bullied mercilessly by girls at his high school, Jinhoo has done his best to put his past behind him and rebuild himself into a decent individual. Now, he lives with his lovely aunt and works full-time jobs – though something still feels amiss.

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A dubious doctor and his teenage patient become embroiled in an intricate web of multiple personalities, murder, and rape.

Learning the Hard Way is a manga with a story full of drama, romance, and action that’s easy to read and follow in just several chapters. It also serves as an example of manga that’s simple yet compelling enough for even children to understand its narrative arcs.

Manga comics originated in South Korea. One key difference from Japanese manga is its wording; “manhwa” refers to Korean comics, while webtoon refers to non-Korean works following similar formatting. Naruto, Bleach, One Piece Claymore Air Gear, and Fairy Tail are popular titles within this genre.


Bullied mercilessly by girls at school, Jinhoo has done his best to put his past behind him – until his new tutor-student, Yejin, becomes none other than one of his former bullies!

Jinhoo learned life hard, yet now he wants to teach others. His goal is for his students to achieve as much success as he has committed, but unfortunately, Jinhoo doesn’t realize that success may come at a heavy price.


Learning the Hard Way is an engaging manga series by writer Taeyoung Choi and illustrator Lezhin, featuring big breast and penis themes with an M rating (for Mature). Mangahihi hosts new chapters free-of-charge daily updates of Learning the Hard Way online.

This story takes place within the military school environment, where Jinhoo struggles to leave his past as an outcast behind him. He finds solace as a tutor and hopes that making a first impression with students might help erase memories of being bullied by female peers during high school; yet one day, he discovers his newest tutee is none other than Yejin – one of whom had driven him before!

Even when both parties start with good intentions, they quickly find themselves in an irreparably tenuous relationship. But the path back can open if they can learn to trust each other again.

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