Finalizes Business With – Crossword Answers


Finalizes Business (with) is a crossword clue found in The New York Times crossword puzzle and was last seen on April 21, 2023. This daily puzzle features both primary and mini crosswords; its high level of difficulty and often clever and amusing clues are legendary!

What is nyt crossword?

A New York Times crossword puzzle consists of an interconnected grid of clues connected by links. Each puzzle features a theme that links its most extended answers in symmetrical locations within the grid. Common types of hints in New York Times crosswords agree in terms of tense, part of speech, and language usage, as well as those ending with question marks that suggest play on words within either clue or answer; mastering these clue patterns will help speed up puzzle solving!

How to solve nyt crosswords

The New York Times crossword puzzle is an exciting daily ritual for many. However, understanding how to solve it may prove challenging at first. Luckily, there are several tips and tricks to assist newcomers in solving it more easily. First and foremost is practice: the more often you solve a puzzle, the easier it will become; use an auto-check feature on answers before submission to save time and help ensure accuracy; additionally, read the Wordplay column, which explains tricky clues/answers as it could hold just what’s needed to help get past tough spots; finally read Wordplay column as this might just contain just what word you need to move past an obstacle or complex area!

Searching for clues with short answers first is also beneficial since these require less logical deduction or wordplay to complete. Furthermore, familiarizing oneself with what words the New York Times crossword puzzle uses often will prove invaluable – this includes words with special significance, such as ones ending in question marks, which could hint at puns or wordplay in its clue.

Finally, when stuck on a clue, it’s essential to take a break and regroup before returning. Sometimes, putting aside the puzzle and revisiting it later will help give fresh eyes when returning – The New York Times archives mysteries online, which makes studying them much simpler; also, consider finding someone to assist in solving puzzles.

Answers to nyt crosswords

New York Times crossword puzzles provide a fun way to test yourself and stretch your IQ, improve vocabulary, and increase creativity. Available across various platforms – computer, tablet, and smartphone – New York Times crosswords offer excellent entertainment value as they test all three aspects simultaneously! Thousands of websites also provide online crosswords, including its platform!

NYT crossword puzzles feature a grid with rows and columns to form the unknown, as well as clues that must be solved to complete it. Each day, the NYT publishes a new crossword that becomes increasingly more difficult as the week progresses – Monday’s puzzle being the easiest while Saturday’s is the hardest. Each puzzle contains different wordplay or subtleties that require patience to solve correctly.

In addition to the traditional NYT daily crossword puzzles, The newspaper publishes several weekly KenKen numbers puzzles, a more accessible second Sunday word search variant called “SET!” and monthly bonus puzzles themed around that month’s topic. Furthermore, they also offer a fivex5 puzzle known as The Mini, which makes for more accessible crossword play.

The NYT crossword can be found daily in print, online, and mobile applications, including their daily Mini crossword, syndicated to over 300 newspapers and journals across the globe and can be downloaded for free.

The New York Times provides online crossword games, such as its Connects NYT puzzle. Users can compete against friends and other users worldwide in this thrilling puzzle; access is free, but certain content may require a subscription.

nyt crossword puzzles

The New York Times crossword puzzle is one of the world’s most beloved pastimes, known for its clever clues and wordplay. Updated daily and covering topics spanning history, science, culture, and current events, its challenging clues have made solving it an enjoyable pastime among many – with even clubs and competitions dedicated to solving it!

Crossword puzzles in The New York Times are designed by a team of skilled puzzle constructors and editors and are known for their complex themes and wordplay. Published each day of publication (weekdays and Saturdays), you can view them online via The New York Times Games & Puzzles page; additionally, there are apps available on smartphones and tablets that feature additional features like solve timers.

A New York Times crossword can be challenging, but here are several tips that can make the experience worthwhile. First, seek short answers such as repeater words and 3- or 4-letter words; these appear more often in crossword puzzles than in real life, and mastering them can give an advantage when solving puzzles. Also, pay attention to any symmetry present within answer grids – this will allow you to determine if an answer is reversing one clue or whether multiple matching answers fit within its theme.

Another helpful tip when starting any puzzle is to read through all of the clues before beginning. This will allow you to decide which ones should come first and will make finding solutions much more straightforward. If any meanings are unclear, reading them through in a dictionary may also provide clarity – this could save time and frustration over time!

Remember that NYT crosswords can gradually increase in difficulty throughout the week; Monday’s puzzles are more accessible, while Sunday’s are usually more challenging. Therefore, beginners may benefit from starting slowly by choosing easier puzzles before working up to more complex ones. Furthermore, breaks between puzzles will help clear your mind and help you refocus with fresh eyes.