List of Pharma PCD Companies in Ahmedabad


Krishlar Pharmaceutical stands out among the various Pharma PCD companies in Ahmedabad as an ISO-accredited firm offering DCGI & FSSAI-approved medications across different medical ranges – this includes tablets, capsules, dry syrups, and ointments for their customers.

They maintain high standards by keeping their central hub strategically placed in Ahmedabad.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals

Late Uttambhai Nathalal Mehta established the Torrent Group with a clear sense of purpose – “Happiness for All.” His vision helped form the group’s philosophy – “Niche Marketing,” and this principle continues to inform all the business decisions made by management today.

This company provides an array of healthcare products and services. Their specialty areas include the cardiovascular, central nervous system, gastrointestinal, diabetology, anti-infective treatment, pain management, and nephrology. Furthermore, vitamins, minerals & nutritional supplements are manufactured.

Tedibar, Spoo, and B4 Nappi are among the company’s product brands; acne/face care offerings from Clinmiskin and ACNEMOIST feature among their acne/face care line-up, with hair/scalp care items produced by Proanagen and Perlice as well. Based in Ahmedabad, India, but with a significant presence throughout India, UK, and Germany, FDA inspectors recently cited their Taluka-Kadi facility for violations against good manufacturing practices for products shipped into the US market; these violations included failing to conduct adequate investigations into out-of-specification results as well as failing to examine cleaning methods used within its laboratory – such as failing to conduct proper investigations into out-of-specification results as well as failing to discuss cleaning methods used by employees as part of good manufacturing practices outlined by reasonable manufacturing principles regulations.

Zydus Lifesciences

Zydus Lifesciences Ltd operates as an integrated global healthcare company. The Company offers healthcare solutions such as formulations, APIs, vaccines, biosimilars, and complex products for animal healthcare as well as human healthcare needs. Furthermore, Zydus Lifesciences also offers cosmetic medical devices like Aten, Falcigo, and Nucoxia as crucial brand names.

Zydu’s product pipeline comprises an impressive array of novel molecules in advanced stages of development. These include Docaravimab and Miromavimab – two novel Rabies monoclonal antibody cocktails explicitly developed to combat Rabies; Lipaglyn – an innovative treatment to address diabetic dyslipidemia – a significant global healthcare need that also serves dual benefits of glucose and lipid regulation simultaneously;

The Company boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing plants around the world that specialize in every facet of pharmaceutical production – from formulations and APIs through formulation and API customization services, formulation testing services, and API synthesis – which enables cost-efficient solutions for customers while helping them gain competitive advantages. Furthermore, its strong distribution network ensures its products can be found in leading pharmacies and hospitals around the globe.

Arlak Biotech

They offer an expansive selection of DCGI- and FSSAI-approved pharmaceutical products at highly competitive prices for pharma experts to purchase wholesale. Their well-managed distribution network ensures timely deliveries for all orders placed with them; their manufacturing works adhere strictly to GMP guidelines and WHO standards, setting them apart from other franchise companies in Ahmedabad. Their franchise opportunities span cardiac diabetes, gastro range, and neuropsychiatry areas of specialty care.

Top PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in Ahmedabad provide attractive franchise business deals to their potential associates. These pharma franchise companies have an established track record and offer high-quality medical products at cost-effective prices, promotional tools, support services, and customer care executives who respond promptly to associate queries.

Unibyte Kids is one of the premier PCD pharma franchise companies in Ahmedabad, offering pediatric pharmaceutical products. These medications help treat various diseases in children and come in multiple dosage forms, such as tablets, syrups, and injections. Furthermore, this company also offers its franchisees multiple incentives and perks.

Krishlar Pharmaceutical

Krishlar Pharmaceuticals aspires to produce superior-quality products at an accessible price, believing everyone should have access to high-quality medications. Their team works in a hygienic environment while adhering to stringent industrial standards – working alongside various partners.

They are a PCD pharmaceutical company offering an assortment of tablets, capsules, injectables, and ointments at competitive prices and with outstanding service – in compliance with WHO and GMP regulations.

Jabs Biotech, located in Patiala, Punjab, is an elite PCD Pharma company offering outstanding business opportunities for pharmaceutical specialists. Accredited with ISO and GMP standards as well as DCGI approval, Jabs Biotech stands as a great PCD Pharma partner that stands out.

Pharmaceutical industries play an integral part in India’s economy. They provide lifesaving medicines to millions of patients while contributing to its GDP. Many individuals are eager to join this field as employees or suppliers, yet there are several factors they must take into consideration before selecting an organization to work for.

Modern Healthcare

Modern Healthcare is a pharmaceutical company specializing in creating innovative healthcare products at cost-effective prices. Their team of dedicated professionals works tirelessly to meet customer expectations while setting industry benchmarks and innovating in this space.

They provide an impressive variety of products, such as oral dry syrups and liquids for use, general antibiotics, multivitamins, pills, and capsules. As an industry leader, they are known for providing superior service while placing great importance on environmental, safety, and health considerations.

Modern Healthcare in Ahmedabad is an ISO 9001:2015 and WHO-GMP-certified pharmaceutical company offering top-quality, safe, and effective products using efficient and cutting-edge technologies. They also provide their employees with great benefits and rewards, with competitive salaries that promote an environment conducive to innovation – check out their website today to find out more!