Engage in Risky Business Crossword Answers


The crossword clue Engage in risky business was featured in Newsday Crossword on August 13, 2023, and below are possible solutions to this cryptic clue.

Crossword puzzles can be great fun, yet sometimes challenging. We have some helpful techniques available to you to assist in their resolution.


Wordplay is a way of increasing crossword puzzle difficulty by interweaving certain words and phrases with one another to form wordplays that create problems for solvers faster and more efficiently – it also can make clever and original clues! Here are some examples of wordplay:

To successfully solve a crossword puzzle, different techniques must be employed when looking for clues. One such process involves looking out for anagrams and double meanings in indications. Anagrams are words or phrases formed by rearranging letters in their original forms; double-meaning hints allow you to add another meaning to each clue that might otherwise remain cryptic. An anagram could be “listen” transformed into “Silent.” Double meanings refer to words or phrases with multiple definitions. For example, bark refers both to an outer layer of trees as well as the sound produced by dogs barking. These wordplay techniques can be beneficial when solving cryptic crosswords, providing solutions that would otherwise be impossible to uncover. The Newsday Crossword features several clues that involve wordplay, such as the Engage in Risky Business crossword clue.


An anagram is a word or phrase rearranged into another word that produces another, making for fun and challenging word-play tricks that add an element of mystery and surprise to stories. Additionally, these word plays provide great brain exercises while building vocabulary.

Anagrams can range from straightforward to highly complex. A straightforward anagram involves rearranging the letters of an original word to form another one; for example, “Evil” could become “Vile.” More advanced anagrams include palindromes – words that read backward and forward. An example would be using Evian and I moan in combination to form “Naive.”

An effective anagram consists of letters that are similar in sound and meaning, as well as having many consonants and few vowels. A great way to begin creating anagrams is with a string of letters; consider every possible combination and narrow your options with suffixes, such as in the example given, where suffixes such as “stealth” might help narrow it down even further.

English contains several commonly used prefixes that can also serve as suffixes, including a- (a+moral), bi- (bi+monthly), and con- (con+front). Anagrams involving these prefixes can be reverse-engineered using similar techniques, for example, changing painter to repaint.

Anagrams can be an enjoyable way to exercise your mind while simultaneously being used as literary devices in poetry and fiction. Furthermore, anagrams are invaluable in solving crossword puzzles, which often feature them. Each crossword puzzle has its lexicon for anagrams; one such anagram may only appear in specific clues (such as “Businessman burst into tears,” which only occurs in certain Newsday puzzles as cryptic clues). Others only appear in particular New York Times puzzles requiring significant decipherment efforts before solving. These anagrams require patience while deciphering to solve.

Double meanings

If you’re stumped on a crossword puzzle, double meanings could help. These clues use words with multiple definitions to provide fun and challenging clues – for instance, “bark” could refer to tree bark and the sound dogs make when barking!

The answer to the crossword clue “engage in risky business” can be found below. The clue was first seen on August 13, 2023, in a Newsday crossword puzzle. While searching for this answer, don’t forget to search our site for more crossword clues that may apply.

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If you’re struggling with crossword clues, it can help to research how words can be used. Anagrams involve rearranging letters to create a new term as an answer; double meanings involve using words with multiple purposes – for instance, bark can refer to tree covering and sounds made by dogs!

Engaging in risky business has appeared nine times, most recently appearing in the Newsday crossword on August 13, 2023. If its solution does not suit, look through other clues here to narrow your search based on known letters in the pattern and length of the answer required. You can also specify whether or not you know any individual notes within a phrase versus just a design itself. We welcome hearing from readers; feel free to connect with us on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!