Adorable Baseball Cookie Cake


No matter if it’s for a baseball birthday party or simply looking to add some pizzazz to your dessert table, this adorable cookie cake makes a lovely centerpiece. All it requires are some essential ingredients and some creative thinking!

Baking the cookie cake a day ahead allows it to cool entirely and makes frosting it much more straightforward.

Easy to make

Cream butter and sugar with an electric mixer until fluffy. Mix in eggs and vanilla before gradually adding dry ingredients (whisking together first!) while beating well after each addition to the butter mixture. Refrigerate dough for one or two hours so the cookies have time to firm up, which makes handling them more manageable.

While your cookie cake is baking, prepare the frosting. If desired, color the frosting with gel food coloring as described below; keep in mind that gel colors are highly concentrated and should only be added in small amounts as too much may alter its texture and affect its luster. If your frosting begins to lose its sheen before this period has expired, cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes or more until its sheen returns.

Once the cookies are cool, spread white frosting on each. Sprinkle flaked coconut for decoration. Combine red and black frostings in separate piping bags fitted with tiny to medium round tips; pipe black along seams like stitching before creating a v-shape pattern using red frosting on top of stitches.

If you are having difficulty drawing the lines for stitching, try using a brown edible marker (FooDoodlers). Or dunk your dry paintbrush in brown petal dust for added dimension and larger dots when pipe stitching red stitching – so that they aren’t completely hidden by red stitches when piped on later.

Once the baseball cookie cake has been decorated with frosting, it’s ready for serving! A perfect way to honor your favorite team or mark any special event, kids and adults alike will surely enjoy making and eating this delightful treat!

The baseball cookie cake is an adorable treat perfect for any sports-themed event, sure to impress guests, and easy to create. Not only that,, but its cookies are delicious, too – making the cake an ideal complement for enjoying a cold glass of milk or coffee!

Adorable design

Adorable baseball cookie cakes are an irresistibly cute way to commemorate any special event or holiday, making the perfect personalized present. Crafting them is quick and straightforward, with just a few steps needed using piping bags and various frosting colors; its delicate design will delight all who receive one! These delectable treats make great treats for kids as well as adults! This adorable design makes this an unforgettable gift idea.

Perfect for all ages

Are you searching for an engaging and memorable way to mark special occasions in someone’s life? Look no further than this Baseball Cookie Cake – guaranteed to delight both children and adults with its adorable sprinkles and easy decoration process – not to mention how much more affordable it is compared with a traditional birthday cake!

As with any baseball-themed dessert, starting by making the batter is crucial to its success. Cream sugar and butter until light and fluffy before stirring in eggs and vanilla. Next, whisk dry ingredients separately until well mixed before slowly adding them back into the butter mixture until fully integrated.

Next, prepare the frosting. We used simple buttercream in this recipe; however, feel free to experiment with different kinds of frosting or make one yourself! Just ensure it is completely set before starting to decorate!

As soon as you’re ready to decorate, begin by applying a layer of white frosting to the cake top. Next, use a red piping bag or zip-top bag with one corner cut off to create baseball stitches – pressing lightly down each line will prevent too thin or uneven lines from emerging.

Add an adorable sprinkle-filled baseball to the center of the cookie cake for the finishing touch, and serve! This tasty treat makes an ideal treat for any special event – from child birthday parties to end-of-year class celebrations, Memorial Day or 4th of July celebrations, graduation or anniversary parties, or baby showers! It can even be decorated in patriotic colors to mark Memorial Day or the 4th of July holidays or with pink and blue sprinkles as decoration!


Baseball fans can create a delicious and personalized treat by baking their favorite team’s cookie cake into an impressive baseball cookie cake! Perfect for birthdays and anniversaries alike, personalization includes adding messages or changing up the color of frosting as well as decorative candies of different shapes for added flair – creating something delicious that any fan will love and is sure to hit home runs with this treat!

Beat together butter and sugar until smooth with an electric mixer, adding vanilla extract and eggs until well mixed. Whisk the dry ingredients, gradually incorporating them into the butter mixture, until the dough forms thick enough to be moved onto a greased baking sheet and formed into an approximate 2-inch wide rectangle shape. Bake 19-22 minutes or until edges have turned light golden brown – be careful not to overbake these cookies; they will continue cooking even while cooling!

Once your cookies have cooled, spread a thin layer of frosting or drizzle melted chocolate for an indulgent treat. Refrigerate before refrigerating to serve at your leisure.

This recipe can easily be altered for other events or celebrations, such as using red gel to mark baseball seams and orange gel for soccer ball markings or fruitier additions like strawberries for a fruitier variation of this treat. Once created, this cookie cake can be stored at room temperature for up to three days in an airtight container or frozen unfrosted for three months!

If you’re planning to bake a cookie cake for an event, the most efficient way is to bake one size and style at a time on a baking sheet. This will ensure all cookies bake evenly while also creating an even texture when cut into wedges for serving! Make it extra special by topping off with baseball-themed candy for added effect!