Five Bakeries That Serve the Atomic Cake Near Me in NYC


Generations of South Siders have associated the Atomic Cake with milestones and rites of passage. This delectable treat combines three cakes into one delicious confection: banana ripples melt into fluffy custard, while tart strawberry notes meet deep chocolate for an indulgent finish.

Rob Ben-Israel’s cakes may be pricey, with minimum orders starting at $500. Luckily, innovative bakeries have begun providing cake lovers with additional opportunities by selling slices.

1. Jewel Bakery

Thomas Road’s cozy bakery cafe serves baked goods, food items, and desserts, with cupcakes and cookies being its hallmark dishes. Julie Moreno founded it after learning gluten-avoiders struggled to find suitable food alternatives without wheat flour. All her items are 100 percent gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan-friendly, free from trans fats, and taste fresh compared to what would typically be seen with gluten-free items.

The Atomic Cake is a towering confection composed of banana, yellow, and chocolate cakes layered together, filled with sliced strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate curls – the ideal treat for birthdays or other special events! Order it online through Instacart for easy home delivery.

Jewel Corporation acquired two non-food related retail chains based in Chicago: Osco drug stores and Turn Style discount department stores from Brighton, Massachusetts, to enhance their existing food store division when developing one-stop shopping destinations like Family Centers or Jewel-Osco combinations (Eisner-Osco, Star-Osco, and Buttrey-Osco).

2. The Cake Shoppe

Many of us share a love for cake that’s both visually and deliciously appealing, which has been spurred on by baking competitions on television as well as NYC bakeries offering exquisite confections explicitly tailored for each taste, style, or affinity.

Buddy Valastro’s Carlo’s Bakery in New York City is perhaps best known for its eye-catching cakes. Their team of pastry chefs specializes in creating 3D sculptures made of edible works of art crafted specifically to your vision – their cakes don’t come cheap, but their price tags indeed speak for themselves.

Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar Confetti Cake is another unforgettable NYC cake, making an impressionful statement about NYC and social media alike. Although it comes at a cost – starting from $150–it must be experienced to appreciate fully.

Amy’s Bakery on the Lower East Side offers more modestly designed cakes. This chic bakery combines record store, bar, and music venue functions into one luxurious experience while providing delicious treats, from simple decorations such as polka dots or sprinkles to more elaborate options like two-tone personalized messages.

Magnolia Bakery offers something to please any control freak. A legendary NYC institution, Magnolia offers delicious buttercream cakes that taste as beautiful as they look. Custom cakes also provide ample control for those seeking complete wedding-cake-level control over the process.

3. The Cake House

Cake Boss Buddy Valastro makes his home here and is well known for his vibrant treats at this colorful bakery, where you’ll find cupcakes, cookies, and even ice cream! However, their cakes remain their signature item – they even sell premade sliced cakes to take home!

Pasticceria Rocco in Greenwich Village offers another beautiful place for me to find an atomic cake near me in NYC, known for their delectable cakes as well as cheesecakes – no surprise they’ve been featured on television shows like Sex and the City!

Milk Bar, owned by the Momofuku Restaurant group, is one of the premier spots in NYC to indulge in atomic cakes. A favorite among both locals and visitors alike, its bakery provides everything from cakes to cookies and ice cream, but its three-layered cakes with exposed sides stand out significantly.

On New York’s Lower East Side lies this bakery known for its vibrant treats: rainbow cupcakes, doughnuts, and even pies! Their Explosion Cake is one of their signature creations that is ideal for birthday parties and other events.

Established in 2014, Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery in NYC is one of the most beloved bakeries around. Offering everything from soft tarts to brioche buns and their legendary pistachio cardamom and honey buttercream cakes – you can even place custom orders here!

4. The Cake Shop

The Cake Shop is an all-in-one bakery, cafe, and music venue on the Lower East Side that specializes in baked treats. Additionally, every night of the week, there are live acts ranging from local shows to international artists that perform there; its atmosphere is cozy, and the staff is amiable.

Lucie Franc De Ferriere founded The Cake Shop with a goal to offer treats that fall somewhere between sweet and savory, offering bold-flavored cakes that stand out in both taste and appearance – they’ve quickly become favorites among NYC residents! Small cakes and slices typically sell out by 1:30 p.m.; to guarantee yourself one, be sure to visit early before the lunch rush begins!

Even as single portions become increasingly popular, many bakeries still view whole cakes as the center of their business. This is especially true of bakeries offering stunning 3D sculptured cakes of anything from Roman Colosseum-shaped monuments to Pacman arcade consoles – yet these masterpieces often cost too much for most to afford.

City Cakes in Lower Manhattan provides a unique and budget-friendly alternative, featuring intricate pieces made up of three types of cake: fillings, fruits, frosting, and chocolate ganache layered onto them for your enjoyment. Perfect for any special event!

Though best known for its cupcakes, this bakery also crafts several other kinds of cake – such as an “atomic cake.” Constructed of banana yellow and chocolate cake along with various fillings such as strawberry preserves and whipped cream fillings for an exquisite tower of delectability that any sweet tooth should experience!

5. The Cake Shop

The Cake Shop in New York City is an expansive bakery and coffeehouse where not only can you purchase cakes, but you can also shop vinyl records, drink delicious beverages like Earl Grey Old Fashions or Camomile Infused Gin, and watch intimate indie rock shows – an ideal spot for spending an afternoon with friends or alone!

Cake has long been associated with significant life milestones and events–particularly birthdays–, but that is changing as bakeries understand their customers’ desire to enjoy cake outside of celebratory settings and adapt their services accordingly to meet this demand. And the results have been incredible!

Many of today’s cake shops specialize in individual servings. Flour Shop, located on the Lower East Side in Manhattan, is mainly well known for its multicolored treats, such as its Explosion Cake with layers representing every color except purple topped off by rainbow sprinkles – make sure you stop by! Other memorable offerings from this bakery include cakes shaped like stacks of pancakes and unicorns; Mini Explosion Cakes may also be offered.

While single portions may be growing increasingly popular, most cake industry businesses still prioritize whole cakes as their core business. City Cakes stands out in this respect by specializing in stunning 3D sculpted cakes that resemble everything from Roman Colosseum columns to Pacman arcade game consoles; though their cakes may cost thousands, City Cakes provides a selection of cupcakes and single cake slices as well.

Lucie Franc De Ferriere’s first cake shop, From Lucy, stands out in New York City by offering small cakes and slices instead of more significant creations. Their single-serve cakes have proven so popular that the shop often runs out by 1:30 p.m.