Berry Cakes Marmalademum


Berry Cakes Marmalademum is a weekly adult-oriented comic by Marmalade Mum that features content suitable only for adults. Updates occur weekly. The comic caters to anal, big asses, big breasts, and straight sex imagery; its artist specializes in such areas as anal, anatomically-correct figures with large asses/beasties/bustles. For more information and updates visit her website and Newgrounds; her work can also be found there.


Berry Cake is a stunning cake fit for a summer celebration, boasting naked layers of white or yellow cake filled with lemon mousse and fresh berries – the ideal way to honor seasonal produce!

This quick and easy cake requires only six ingredients – butter, sugar, eggs, milk, flour, and a leavening agent. Start by beating the egg mixture until it becomes thick and light-colored for approximately 5-7 minutes; then, gradually mix in all other components until everything has been thoroughly mixed.

Our famous Triple Berry Cake brings together fresh berries with sweet whipped cream frosting in one delicious treat, all layered between layers of our classic yellow cake. A must-try for all you berry fans out there! Please allow 24 hours’ notice for 1/4 sheets; these sizes can be found under our Pre-Order category. Additionally, full uncensored comics can be purchased via Subscribestar or Gumroad.


Berry cakes marmalade mum is an easy and delightful way to use up fresh or frozen berries. With zesty lemon notes and juicy berries bursting from each bite, this recipe requires just one bowl and no butter for budget-minded bakers. Soft crumb is achieved thanks to sour cream and vegetable oil. Be sure to coat your berries in flour prior to adding them into the batter as this helps them from sinking to the bottom when baking; room temperature ingredients also ensure proper mixing, which leads to even results and will bake properly; your cake should bake until a toothpick comes out clean with moist crumbs attached.

Cooking time

Berry cakes are an easy and delicious way to use up fresh berries! Not only is this cake simple to prepare, it can be customized using any variety of berry. Perfect for anyone wanting an effortless dessert option! All ingredients can be easily found at most stores.

To make this cake, combine melted butter and sugar in a large bowl. Next, whisk in eggs, vanilla extract, and almond extract – be sure to whisk out any lumps! In another bowl, combine flour, baking powder, and salt before stirring into your mixture with your mixer. Lastly, add frozen berries – making sure they’re coated in flour first in case any of them sink to the bottom!

Baking time for this berry cake should range between 45 and 55 minutes, or when a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. When finished, let it cool before serving.

Serve this berry cake with whipped cream for an effortless look that allows the fruits to take center stage. Add mascarpone for even more deliciousness and help ensure its shape during baking!