What Is Open Site Explorer?


Open Site Explorer (OSE), provided by SEOmoz, is a free backlink analysis tool. OSE provides insights into a website’s link profile while uncovering new opportunities for link building. Best way to find the mix high authority backlinks.

Moz OSE is an advanced tool that assists businesses in making data-driven decisions about their SEO strategies. It offers users robust information regarding search engine optimization strategies.

Overview of OSE

OSE is a web-based tool used by businesses to assess their website’s backlink profile and evaluate the results of their SEO efforts. With access to various metrics such as domain authority, page authority, and spam score, businesses can optimize their link profile while improving SEO efforts.

The OSE tool is essential to any search engine optimization professional’s toolbox, enabling users to visualize all incoming links to a website as well as uncover opportunities for backlinking. Furthermore, this powerful software also detects potentially damaging backlinks, which could harm its rankings.

For use of the OSE tool, users must first create an account on Moz and enter their URL in its search bar. After doing this, the tool will display all incoming links pointing at it – both follow and nofollow links- and their anchor text details will also be provided.

OSE allows users to export results in CSV format, though advanced reports may take longer to prepare due to directed graphs used by OSE to identify relationships among pages, which require some processing power.

OSE Features

Open Site Explorer (OSE) is one of the world’s premier link research tools, providing access to over 58 billion URLs and 9 trillion links – as well as numerous metrics for analyzing competitors.

Backlink explorers provide invaluable insights into your competitor’s websites. You can gather critical data such as their number of reputable backlinks, domain and page authority, which inbound links are dofollow and nofollow, as well as keywords they rank for.

Although OSE may not be as comprehensive as Screaming Frog, it still makes an invaluable tool. Its latest release, announced at MozCon last week, features several noteworthy updates – for instance, allowing users to identify which URLs 301-redirect, providing valuable data when it comes to spam detection and link-building strategies, plus social metrics including Facebook, Twitter, and Google +1 profiles.

SEOmoz Pro members have free access to OSE, while non-members may run up to three reports daily with limited data. Paying members have unlimited reports with more expansive coverage, making this tool invaluable for web admins and marketers looking to enhance the performance of their websites.

OSE Pricing

OSE has long been considered one of the premier SEO tools. Since Yahoo Site Explorer was discontinued, however, competition has intensified significantly. While free tools (Screaming Frog is one example), Moz offers a more visually appealing interface and more robust set of metrics than its rivals; its community of SEO professionals also counts among their ranks; this means their free version offers limited functionality while Pro members gain access to unlimited reports and metrics not available without payment.

Moz offers plans ranging from $99 (Standard) to $179(Medium) and $349(Large) and provides a 30-day free trial period for new customers. Semrush and Majestic SEO can also be excellent alternatives; more details and pricing options can be found online.


Open Site Explorer is one of the leading free backlink tools with an enviable reputation among SEO professionals. It boasts an extensive array of features and metrics that are hard to match by other fee-based tools. When entering a URL or website into Open Site Explorer, all inbound links for that page or domain are organized by their anchor text – this enables you to quickly see which pages link back to each anchor text link – offering insights that may spark content ideas for your website as well as competitive analysis.

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