Ward Off, As a Fencing Sport


Crossword puzzle enthusiasts will likely recognize this clue from New York Times mini crosswords as it often appears on it, detailing fencing. The answer to it is “Ward off as a fencing attack.”

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The sport

Fencing is an exciting and popular sport involving bamboo swords to compete against opponents in a thrilling battle of skill and strategy. Many people enjoy participating in this activity, making fencing one of the more engaging sports around today. If you want to learn more, find a fencing club near you and inquire if any classes are being offered for further studies of this activity.

Religious ritual with six letters appeared last time on October 9th New York Times Mini Crossword puzzle. If your solution didn’t fit the grid perfectly, don’t fret – click here for potential answers.

The NY Times Mini crossword is an easy, five-by-five puzzle designed for quick work breaks or to pass the time while waiting. Typically containing fewer than ten clues, making completion a temporary endeavor.

The equipment

Fencing is an engaging sport that requires special equipment. Weapons used include swords, foils, and sabers, which each strike an opponent differently, designed to reduce injuries and increase effectiveness. Furthermore, fencing offers a fantastic cardio workout, burning 500+ calories in an hour while improving endurance, coordination, and balance.

If you’re having difficulty solving a crossword puzzle, searching online for answers may help. Hints and tricks may also assist as you attempt to work your way through clues. If that fails to do it for you, perhaps rereading or looking up definitions might do the trick – the more hints read and examined might lead to better solutions!

This clue requires close scrutiny, with two words having different meanings. Be sure to read both terms slowly so you can solve the puzzle and arrive at an accurate solution. “Ask the locals” refers to how people speak in New York City.

Mini crosswords, commonly found on 5×5 grids, provide an engaging way to pass time during short breaks at work or while waiting in lines. NY Times mini crosswords tend to be very straightforward with simple questions that take only minutes or so to solve.

The NY Times mini crossword puzzles offer an intriguing blend of familiar and obscure vocabulary. Additionally, regular puzzle words like “Foamy part of un espresso” or “Predators whose genus name translates to ‘of the kingdom of the dead'” will frequently appear if you don’t recognize them; our search engine provides easy ways to locate relevant answers!

The rules

The New York Times Crossword Puzzle is a fun, challenging, and popular pastime that everyone should experience at least once. Not only will you expand your vocabulary and increase your ability to think on your feet quickly, but playing together with friends makes for an entertaining game! Available on both mobile devices and desktop computers alike, puzzles range in themes and degrees of difficulty with clever yet often humorous clues; others even sport some devious twists thrown in for good measure! You can find many online crosswords, too.

The New York Times Mini is a small, fast-solving crossword designed for convenient on-the-go use, accessible directly through their website and for free. Published daily and available for free playback. Although its clues may be less obscure than in their main crossword puzzles, the NYT Mini presents your mind with an enjoyable challenge nonetheless.

Additionally, the NYT Mini crossword is available in multiple languages – translated into Chinese by The Chinese Crossword Society for instance – while Will Shortz edits its puzzles, using various dictionaries from numerous sources, which makes the language of its clues more complex than in its parent crossword.

If you’re having difficulty with solving the NYT Mini’s cryptic clues, try searching each word’s definition in a dictionary for a quick solution. Also, look up its synonyms so you have an even more precise understanding of its meaning.

The New York Times Crossword Puzzle is an enjoyable and challenging family activity that’s great fun. Although challenging at first, once mastered, it can become immensely satisfying! Additionally, puzzles provide an ideal way to develop communication skills while building bonds among family members or making new acquaintances – perfect for kids as well as adults of all ages! For added convenience, the online version is free and user-friendly; puzzles are organized according to a number of letters so that everyone can choose one suitable to them.

The competition

If you’re an avid NYT crossword puzzle fan, chances are you have noticed how increasingly challenging they have become over time. That’s because The New York Times keeps adding more challenging cryptic clues – including ones requiring diacritic marks such as tildes above Ns or cedillas under Cs – into their puzzles and has also introduced meta-puzzles which combine multiple crosswords into one giant grid.

These new puzzles feature themes ranging from food and history, to an astronomical set of images. Some puzzles are more challenging than others, but all can be satisfyingly solved. The first two were released on Monday and Tuesday, respectively; Thursday will bring forth its third edition.

This week’s theme features four words with something in common that are interspersed throughout a themed crossword, making for a challenging puzzle that you should consult the New York Times website or seek professional assistance if uncertain of its solution.

The NYT Mini crossword is an engaging way to pass the time while waiting for a train or airplane, as its portable size makes it simple and enjoyable. Not too difficult to complete either; usually featuring ten answers this mini puzzle also provides an opportunity to test out your language abilities with solutions ranging from standard terms like ‘acid’ or even obscure references!