Hickey Freeman Sport Coat


Hickey Freeman is well-renowned for their high-quality suits and sports coats made of wool or cotton materials, available in an array of styles to meet a wide range of occasions.

People flocked to The Temple, the company’s final sale at its factory store in Rochester. This sale concludes on Sunday.

Made in the U.S.A.

Hickey Freeman stands as a testament to American craftsmanship in an age of mass production. It was established by two young men who wanted to provide high-quality, tailored clothing. Their 210,000-square-foot factory in Rochester, New York, known as The Temple, has made Hickey Freeman world-renowned.

Hickey Freeman remains a viable business despite recent struggles, employing nearly 200 people. Additionally, in recent years, they have expanded to manufacture clothes for additional brands aside from Hickey Freeman – these changes have allowed the company to remain solvent and avoid closing its doors.

Hickey Freeman’s future remains unclear; its owners are exploring options to sell, with multiple potential buyers currently in negotiations for purchasing the company. Hickey Freeman hopes to find one who will keep its name alive while continuing its legacy.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Hickey Freeman sport coat, visit the company’s website to view their selection of styles available. Additionally, visit their factory store in Rochester, NY, where they offer formalwear by Hart Schaffner Marx and Hickey Freeman along with other top brands – and accessories like belts and shoes too.

Hickey Freeman produces not only tailored clothing for men but also women’s dress shirts and pants made with wool or cotton fabrics, which have proven immensely popular with their male customers who appreciate classic stylings combined with modern materials for any event. Their wool dress shirts and pants have proven extremely popular with gentlemen who enjoy traditional stylings while being appropriate for any formal or informal setting.

Hickey Freeman has its origins firmly anchored in Rochester, where it was founded by Jeremiah Hickey and Jacob Freeman in 1899. Hickey Freeman soon became one of the nation’s top suit producers; nowadays, their products can be seen across boardrooms and executive suites nationwide, earning them an unwavering loyal fan base from consumers looking for quality and authenticity in their clothing products.

Tailored to Your Specifications

Hickey Freeman is known for creating tailored suits made to each wearer’s exact measurements and available in an array of colors and styles to meet every wardrobe need. Their suiting specialists specialize in creating suits for weddings or business events as well as upgrading men’s wardrobes on the job.

Hickey Freeman has an illustrious heritage in Rochester, New York. Established by Jeremiah Hickey and Jacob Freeman in 1889 as one of the first American suit manufacturers to produce their fabrics, Hickey Freeman quickly became a household name with its high-quality clothes and exceptional service.

Today, the company is owned by Authentic Brands Group, an intellectual property corporation dedicated to the acquisition and creation of long-term value in consumer brands. Their products range from apparel, shoes, accessories, and jewelry, and they have an online store where customers can access these favorite brands. They were initially located on North Clinton Avenue before moving to Penfield, New York, in 2009.

Hickey Freeman employed up to 900 workers at its peak during World War II. By the late 1980s, however, its workforce had begun to decrease to just 270 by 2012. At that point, Authentic Brands Group acquired Hickey Freeman along with all of its properties.

Since its founding, the company has continued to produce quality clothing from its factory in Rochester, NY. They currently offer several lines of apparel: The HF Line offers semi-custom and made-to-order pieces, while their Presidential option features generous hand tailoring, and their Bespoke range allows customers to customize each garment they purchase entirely.

Hickey Freeman recently unveiled their Traveler collection as one of their latest offerings. Crafted from premium wools, including Loro Piana fabric woven with natural fibers that allow it to breathe and move with the body for a classic fit that turns heads, these tailored suits and sport coats come in sizes 42 Short through 56 Regular for easy availability.

Available in a Wide Range of Styles

Hickey Freeman has become synonymous with classic sport coats and blazers, known for their impeccable tailoring and top-quality clothing. You’ll find pieces tailored specifically to you – be it formal events or casual outings – so no matter the event or occasion, Hickey Freeman clothing fits seamlessly. Their timeless pieces offer something suitable for every event while coming in an array of styles to match every individual personality.

Jeremiah Hickey (1866-1960) and Jacob L. Freeman (1870-1925) were employees of Wile, Brickner & Wile men’s clothing firm in Rochester. Together, they formed a partnership with Thomas Mahon and George A. Brayer under the name Hickey Freeman Mahon Co., which later merged with Beckel Baum & Leopold Co. To honor both founders’ contributions, the name was changed to Hickey Freeman Co. in 1908.

Rochester Factory has recently expanded its output, producing clothing from outside labels as well as its line. Furthermore, this company sells its shirts and jackets through several wholesale distributors – one of the last remaining garment factories still making American clothes!

Workers at the North Clinton Avenue plant will begin replacing Hickey Freeman logos on store windows with Rochester Tailored Clothing labels next week – though that doesn’t indicate its end; its owner, Authentic Brands Group, plans on consolidating production here while opening new stores elsewhere across America.

Final Words

Hickey Freeman was established by Jeremiah Hickey and Jacob Freeman in 1899 as one of the last garment factories producing American-made clothing. Since then, Hickey Freeman has expanded to handle more outside labels; their navy blue all-wool Blazwe suit features dark “antique” brass buttons for formal occasions, or you can wear it casually with a collar sports shirt for casual events.