Top 5 Best Wii U Games


Wii U may no longer be around, but its short life was filled with incredible, enjoyable titles! From RPGs to action games – we have something to meet any gaming need!

Rocksteady Studios delivered one of the series’s best entries, Batman: Arkham Asylum, onto Wii U with impressive accuracy.

1. New Super Mario Bros. U

Nintendo’s short-lived Wii U console may have disappointed many. Yet, it still provided incredible games like New Super Mario Bros. U. This enjoyable and creative 2D platformer brought back classic 2D gameplay in an engaging and challenging way. Players must fight against Koopa fleet attacks to retake Princess Peach’s castle while experiencing adventure along the way! Each level provides hours of enjoyment, excitement, and challenge!

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (known in the UK as Kirby: Canvas Curse) is an exquisite Wii U game that takes full advantage of its GamePad controller. Reminiscent of Yoshi’s Wooly World and Okami in its aesthetic, players draw directly on its screen to bring color back into an otherwise monotone world.

Bayonetta is another excellent way for players to utilize the Wii U’s controller, giving players control of a gun-toting witch that can be navigated using its stylus stylus. There is no limit on the number of enemies you can shoot, making this game unsuitable once it starts!

Maiden of the Black Water is an enjoyable survival horror title for horror fans. Set in a dark world filled with hostile ghosts that must be battled using only their camera on GamePad, this title provides plenty of suspense and visual style unique to its genre – something fans of this genre won’t want to miss!

2. Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X is unlike any other Wii U game; it’s an original, first-party massive RPG from a well-known Japanese developer that features anime/manga character design, animations, and plot. There is an expansive world to discover with real-time menu-based combat and Skells, mechs that transform into weapons capable of taking down massive monsters.

The game follows humanity’s attempt to flee Earth while caught up in an intergalactic war between forces too great for it to comprehend. A massive ship called the New Los Angeles, led by Elma, narrowly escapes destruction before crash landing on an uncharted planet called Mira, where players take part in quests designed to save colonists from hostile Ganglion invaders while exploring this vast new world.

Total reviews would require thousands of words and wouldn’t do justice to its vast content and complex systems. But one thing’s certain – Monolith Soft has once again outdone itself with this grand RPG adventure! Mira is beautifully rendered with an art style that draws players in for exploration, while its battle system consistently rewards players with new tactics and strategies to try.

Though this sequel suffers from flaws as its predecessor, such as lack of direction and imprecise navigation systems, X is still a fantastic experience. Despite many JRPG stereotypes, such as an aged 20-something commander or a genius teenage girl (to name just two examples), its narrative still surprises them all. Unfortunately, it can become repetitive due to constant income and experience requirements, with some narrative progress often blocked by fetch quests; nonetheless, it is an incredible achievement by Monolith Soft while being an essential title for Wii U owners alike!

3. Rayman Legends

Rayman may not have the longevity of Mario, but Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends stands up well among 2D platformers. Each World in Legends offers plenty of content and keeps Legends fresh, with every encounter on screen delivering something enjoyable – making this experience thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end.

The gameplay is smooth and enjoyable, while its striking visuals and quirky situations keep it entertaining from start to finish. While Murphy may be distracting sometimes, his presence is invaluable when cutting ropes, manipulating platforms, or helping Rayman advance.

As a bonus, the game includes some remastered levels from Rayman Origins; these hold up well even under HD technology and make this Wii U release one of its shining moments and worthy successors of its 3D counterparts.

Survival Horror Adventure occurs in an oppressively dark world teeming with ghost-infested monsters that can only be defeated using Wii U’s camera controls. Utilizing a camera for combat offers an innovative and effective method for gameplay and ensures this lengthy game does not become tedious or repetitive.

This Nintendo classic remade for the Wii U introduces Bayonetta in her brand new form and brings some slick slow-mo action to the forefront. She can use her hair as weapons while taking cues from Neo’s moves – yet retains all her signature moves that fans adored so much in previous titles of this franchise. Fans should play this must-play title that can be enjoyed with friends or family, as multiplayer is supported!

4. Super Smash Bros. Wii U

One of the more iconic games from Nintendo’s short-lived console. Although not technically impressive, this title certainly knows how to keep players engaged with gameplay and bring out its joyous nature. Super Smash Bros. Wii U is an addictively entertaining experience for every player, from its thrilling pursuit of an errant Smash Ball to its power struggles and turf wars. Each match has a distinct rhythm, which makes the gameplay so engaging. Game of War was intended for multiplayer play in one room, yet it offers surprisingly robust single-player content. Events mode offers players custom challenges while Master and Crazy Orders allow them to buy coins for more challenging battles – there’s plenty here for competitive types to keep them engaged! It has a soundtrack featuring remixes, medleys, and classic tracks from every series!

Smash 4 stands as the cornerstone of the long-running Smash series. It builds upon what made its predecessors great. It adds more dynamic features – from an interactive Stage Builder and concept stages like Pac-Land and Duck Hunt to an astounding variety of characters and items to collect. Plus, it runs at 60 FPS without noticeable hiccups – for an unparalleled gaming experience!

It’s an underrated title from this generation of Nintendo consoles. The play is fast and fluid, the visuals are stunning, and the sense of style and humor is unrivaled. Though perhaps not as immersive as Xenoblade Chronicles or as action-packed as Batman: Arkham City, it demonstrates what Wii U was capable of at its best.

5. Tropical Freeze

Shovel Knight made waves when it launched for the Wii U in 2014. Utilizing its control setup to craft an engaging platformer experience, this non-Wii U exclusive made quite an impactful statement upon release – quickly becoming one of the greatest Wii U games ever!

LEGO games are beloved classics that appeal to players of all ages. LEGO Batman 2 is an entertaining story with humorous dialogue, outstanding gameplay that has been enhanced over the years, and supports up to 8 players simultaneously! Its vast roster of heroes and villains makes this title especially desirable!

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is an impressive example of how Nintendo can revitalize classic franchises for new audiences without alienating existing fan bases. Though not dramatically altering gameplay elements or visuals, DKC: Tropical Freeze does an admirable job of refreshing visuals and adding exciting new gameplay features without upsetting old players too much. DKC veterans won’t be taken aback; rather they will enjoy revisiting each level once more alongside Diddy, Cranky, and Funky Kong for added joyous hopping help from new friends Diddy, Cranky and Funky Kong for temporary life enhancement.

Xenoblade Chronicles X was one of the standout titles from Wii U’s brief lifespan and an outstanding showcase for this RPG’s vast open world filled with epic monster battles and breathtaking scenery; this RPG offers it all! As one of the most immersive and engaging Wii U games available today – without losing any of its appeal since its initial release – RPG enthusiasts should not miss this experience!