The Jama Shirt


The Jama is a long shirt worn by both genders that fits snugly around the body with flared edges at its bottom edge, similar to an overcoat. Often, it is worn over pajamas or an odhani.

Maya donned her Fiorucci JAMA shirt while visiting Rawr salon, which stocks her skincare range MIJ, on Thursday in London. The Glow Up host posed for photos in it while sporting denim shorts.


Versatile clothing allows you to expand your closet’s creativity while getting more use from a single item. Versatile dress also helps streamline your wardrobe, making outfit planning simpler and saving time.

The ideal shirt for this task should be constructed of lightweight yet breathable fabrics such as linen. This style works well in warmer climates, perfect for wearing with pants tucked into them or pairing with light jackets; plus, it resembles classic dress shirts in its appearance thanks to features like mother-of-pearl buttons and offset underarm seams.

Merino wool shirts provide a soft, relaxed feeling and can help keep temperatures at bay in hotter climates. Breathable and quick-drying properties make this an excellent choice in hot temperatures; various colors and fits are available, so it can even be worn tucked or untucked for optimal comfort.


This soft and lightweight shirt is made of cotton for maximum comfort and breathability. Its unique pattern and fit provide a flattering silhouette on both men and women alike while being extremely comfy to wear all year long – ideal for summer’s heat as its breathability keeps heat at bay! Plus, eco-friendly inks have been used in its printing, making this fabric safe for the environment!

This product is “print on demand,” meaning production will begin as soon as your order is placed. This production method reduces waste while guaranteeing accurate orders – you should expect your shirt within two to seven days from when you place your order!

This long-sleeve shirt can easily match many different outfits, from denim and khakis to shorts. Its stylish yet comfortable construction offers versatility when worn with different types of pants; try pairing it with boy shorts for an eye-catching and unique look or flowy wide-leg pants to create something truly original – making this versatile shirt an indispensable staple of your wardrobe!


The jama is an elegant piece of clothing suitable for many different occasions, featuring intricate details like wide cuffs and fabric-covered button cuffs that give it both classic and contemporary aesthetics. Additionally, its back yoke adds to its charm when worn with jeans or slacks and is excellent for flattering summer attire. Lightweight and comfortable wear, making the jama an excellent summer choice!

This shirt is handcrafted from cotton that has been washed and brushed to achieve the look of an aged garment. A favorite among Beck-Rivera’s styling clients, she says that it works both casually as well as on dressier occasions; its lightweight and easy wearability making it popular choice and its popularity is likely to remain.

Fanm Mon is an outstanding example of modern designers honoring traditional traditions. Her collection draws from conventional sarongs and turbans while adding elements of contemporary femininity for maximum comfort and style, infusing women’s empowerment into every piece.

Her designs ooze adventure and exploration, as evidenced by dresses that recall Haitian culture and travel; in addition, pieces inspired by Haitian painter Claude Monet’s works have also been made. She has an eye for color and prints that make each piece truly remarkable.

Wales Bonner’s rise as an artist comes at just the right time as the fashion industry struggles to deal with its insensitivity issues. From appearances of casual racism by elite Italian designers to Dolce and Gabbana’s insensitive comments about China, fashion requires a reset before moving forward – thank goodness designers like Wales Bonner are making themselves heard through unique perspectives like theirs!

The jama, an iconic long shirt imported to India from Persia in the 16th century, enjoyed great popularity during Mughal rule. This formal silhouette could be worn by both Muslims and Hindus and featured tight-fitting arms with flared-out ends to below knee or ankle level – offering a contrast with more practical sherwani or achkan garments such as sherwanis or achkans.


Are you in search of a stylish yet versatile long sleeve shirt to transition seamlessly from casual to formal settings? Look no further than the jama. This traditional garment can be worn as either a collared shirt dress or open coverup and offers many vibrant hues that suit every mood and occasion. JAMA Design products are high quality yet reasonably priced, making them the ideal choice for any special event or special occasion. JAMA was established in 2017 with visions of women empowerment and Afghan fashion at premium prices. Their products stand out thanks to their authenticity, honest pricing, and exceptional quality, as well as fast and reliable shipping methods in the USA. Visit their website to view beautiful designs you can customize according to your taste!