Light Colors For Nails


Light colors are making an impressive comeback in manicure trends such as ballet core and coquette – from subtle sage hues to Pantone’s Color of the Year, light hues are making a comeback in nail care! From intricate designs to solid sets, light shades have found their place. Find out the best info about gel polish.

TZR talked with several manicurists for their input on the best colors for nails. Below, they have shared their favorite shades that complement every skin tone.

Cool Undertones

No matter the color palette you prefer—from deep reds to pastel hues—finding something to complement every skin tone can be simple. Classic burgundy nail polish works well on those with cool undertones, while baby blue is great for summertime fun. A mint or jade-hued manicure may add an unexpected pop of green to your life!

Suppose you’re uncertain which category your skin falls into. In that case, experts advise experimenting with various swatches in both natural and artificial lighting conditions to identify which shades appear ashy or grey on you versus ones that look too pink, orange, or yellow on you. Your vein color can also provide clues to your undertone – blue veins indicate cool undertones; green ones could point towards warm ones, while any combination could indicate neutral tones.

Another quick and simple way to assess your undertones is by wearing two articles of white or off-white clothing with no makeup and observing how each shade looks against your skin. If the white shade seems more complimentary to you than its cream shade counterpart, that indicates you may have cool undertones; otherwise, you could be neutral. Looking at your eyes can provide further clues as well – blue-green hazel eyes may indicate cool ones, and brown and golden-hued eyes indicate warm ones.

Warm Undertones

Establishing your skin undertone can help you select nail polish, clothing, and makeup colors that complement your complexion. If your complexion has warm undertones such as golden tan or warm brown tones, experiment with pinks and purples while reaching for greens and blues as well.

An effective way to assess your undertone is to hold up a piece of pure white clothing or paper and hold it against your skin in bright natural lighting. If your complexion appears rosy or yellow against this stark shade, chances are warm-toned; otherwise, cool undertones likely apply here.

If you’re struggling to determine your skin undertone, take some cues from Good Housekeeping’s experts: Take photos with friends and compare. Is your skin rosier than theirs? That could indicate warm undertones; conversely, if it appears yellower or orange, that indicates neutral.

Both experts recommend soft pastels with matte finishes for fair-skinned ladies, mainly when applied in matte. Soft pastels make an excellent background to show off exciting nail art designs, such as polka dots or slight squiggles, which should always be kept to a minimum when wearing light colors like pale ones. Furthermore, grooming your cuticles regularly is crucial – Gerstein notes that disorganized nails detract from any color’s aesthetic, mainly when applied to pale hues.


Neutral colors offer an ideal solution for those seeking a natural yet non-naked appearance but aren’t quite ready to embrace nudism. “Find the shade that best complements your skin tone, then experiment with various accent pieces,” advises Davis. You might be amazed at what looks good!

Dark purple can look especially striking against fair complexions, adding drama while remaining polished and refined. You can add pops of color by pairing your neutral shade with complementary accessories, like polka-dot manis. A light blue and rainbow polka-dot mani make great summertime choices, while caramel brings warmth into fall-inspired ensembles.

Gerstein says a forest green shade is an appealing neutral. While it might appear out-of-the-ordinary at first, forest green works well with most undertones and looks natural on skin tones.

Add subtle sparkle with gilded polish for an eye-catching, luxurious finish on the classic French manicure. It adds a slight shimmer that stands out against its neutral surroundings while elevating an otherwise bland neutral look into something eye-catching and captivating.


No one would blame you if the daunting array of nail color choices at the salon left you feeling uncertain or overwhelmed. With endless choices such as Barbie pink, vanilla chrome, milk bath, or slime green available, post-manicure regret can become real quickly.

Finding your ideal nail polish shade doesn’t need to be hard if you experiment and consider your unique personality; according to beauty experts, nail polish shades don’t just reflect skin tone- they also reflect personal style and mood.

If you want a manicure that can help soothe your mind, look no further than light blue nail colors. As Very Well Mind explains, these soothing hues encourage productivity and foster trustworthiness – which Liberation Nails offers in its Infinite Ceiling and Surrender pastel options.

If you want something bold, opt for a light purple shade. According to Inspiration is Purple, this hue symbolizes power and creativity—perfect for boosting confidence.

Consider consulting your stylist when looking for nail color recommendations, but keep in mind that not every hue works for everyone; “what works for someone else may not work for you,” according to Chue. Understanding your skin tone, season, and personal style is essential when finding an appropriate light nail shade.

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