The Best Dental Implants Near Me in NYC


Dental implants offer the ideal solution to missing teeth. Not only are they permanent and look and feel just like natural teeth, but they are also designed to last.

At your free consultation, we’ll review your health history and conduct a physical exam, in addition to taking panoramic X-rays and performing a 3D cone beam CT scan of your mouth.

Are dental implants right for you?

Aesthetic dental implants can be an excellent way to replace missing or damaged teeth, with durable replacements designed to look and feel just like natural ones, giving you the confidence to smile again with pride. But implant dentistry may not be suitable for everyone – to determine this for yourself, consider your oral health, lifestyle, and overall health conditions before making this decision.

Before determining if dental implants are right for you, your dentist will perform a comprehensive exam and review your medical history, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs or supplements that you take. Since dental implant procedures require anesthesia and incisions in the bone to place implants, it’s essential that you be in good general health; smoking or chronic illness could impede healing post-surgery and increase risks.

As part of an evaluation of your mouth and replacement needs, your doctor will also obtain complete sets of X-rays and 3D images of your jaw and face to ascertain whether sufficient bone density exists to support an implant. Furthermore, your gums may also need to be examined closely, as signs of disease can impact implant success.

Bone grafting may be necessary in some instances in order to strengthen jawbone density prior to dental implant placement, adding to your overall cost and recovery period. When your dentist has determined that dental implants are right for you, they will create a comprehensive treatment plan outlining all procedures involved and provide an accurate cost estimate.

Are you a good candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants offer an effective permanent solution to missing teeth, providing natural-looking and feeling restorations that look completely natural. But not everyone should choose dental implants; potential candidates must be committed to maintaining good oral health – including healthy gums – in addition to being prepared to undergo an intensive process that provides for surgery and healing time.

Patients seeking dental implants must ensure they possess sufficient bone density in their jaw to support the implant, while individuals with lower density may require bone grafting as part of a treatment plan for bone density issues before an implant can be installed. This process may take months before dental implants can be placed into their jaw.

Implant patients must also adhere to an extensive oral hygiene regime after the surgery; implants can last a lifetime when cared for properly, which requires daily brushing and flossing, in addition to regular visits to their dentist for follow-up appointments.

Considerations must also be given to whether a patient smokes or has other chronic conditions that could hinder recovery from surgery. Smokers face increased risks of infection that could delay and even thwart implant success.

An appointment with an expert dentist is the key to discovering whether dental implants are right for you. Dr. Navid Rahmani, is an internationally acclaimed implant expert and editor for the Academy of Osseointegration. He combines extensive education, training, and years of experience to offer his New York City patients top-quality restorative dentistry solutions that restore confidence. Dr. Navid Rahmani boasts an outstanding track record for creating beautiful yet sturdy dental implants that regain their self-esteem.

Are dental implants right for me?

Dental implants made of titanium fuse with your jaw bone to resemble natural teeth, providing clear speech, effortless eating, and smiling with confidence. Furthermore, they prevent bone loss due to missing teeth while protecting the remaining ones from shifting out of alignment and altering the appearance of your smile.

Dental implants could be right if you have one missing tooth, multiple damaged ones that cannot be saved or have to be extracted, or uncomfortable dentures. Implants are a practical solution as they replace both the root and visible part of each tooth, so you no longer risk slipping or losing another one again. They’re also an ideal option if you prefer having your natural teeth instead of complete sets of dentures.

Dental implants are intended to be permanent solutions, with over 98% success rates. While no special care or maintenance is needed, good oral hygiene and regular dental visits will still need to be maintained to protect and extend their longevity. Good candidates for implants include healthy individuals without any underlying conditions that could compromise healing time or shorten lifespan.

At your consultation, one of our dentists will evaluate to assess your candidacy for dental implants. They’ll check your teeth and gums as well as take x-rays or CT scans to determine bone density for support of an implant. Furthermore, your overall health and lifestyle will also be considered; smoking increases risks during and post-surgery so it is wise to quit before getting dental implants.

Where can I get dental implants in NYC?

To receive dental implants in NYC, the ideal clinic must specialize in this advanced procedure and use cutting-edge imaging technology for high-precision dental and osseous pathology imaging. This will enable an implant surgeon to evaluate you as a candidate and assess whether your jawbone is suitable. If necessary, bone graft surgery can also increase bone mass in areas lacking enough bone.

Dental implants have quickly become the gold standard in tooth replacement technology due to their ability to look and feel like natural teeth. Furthermore, implants provide more security than traditional dentures or bridgework, which may loosen over time or slip out of your mouth altogether.

When properly taken care of, dental implants can last a lifetime with proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits for cleanings. Dental implants help prevent the loss of nearby teeth while decreasing risks of gum infections and encouraging healthy bone development in your jawbone.

If you are missing one or more teeth, contact us immediately to discover more about dental implants and their advantages. The first step in our free consultation process includes developing a customized treatment plan and discussing the costs involved with them; our fee includes panoramic x-ray and 3D Cone Beam CT scanning as necessary – should they prove suitable. Should surgery become essential and eligible candidates approved, we offer same-day dental implant procedures at our Upper West Side dental center and could have you out with fully functional, beautiful, fixed restoration in as little as an hour! Learn more about same-day dental implants and see how they could change lives!

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants provide more permanent solutions to missing teeth than bridges or dentures, looking and feeling similar to natural ones. With proper maintenance, they may even outlive you!

Before placing an implant, your dentist will evaluate the condition of your jawbone. If it’s too thin or diseased, they may need to perform a bone graft procedure under local anesthesia to strengthen it – typically, this process takes no more than an hour, and you can return to regular activities shortly afterward.

If the bone is healthy, an abutment (small metal post) will be attached to it to support a new tooth. An incision is made to expose the bone; then screws will secure it to its position before being attached by glue or screws. A healing period and subsequent restoration complete this process.

Modern implant dentistry has made implant procedures much more accessible than in the past, enabling many more people than ever before to benefit from them. Indeed, the number of people getting implants is steadily growing thanks to advances in diagnostics, bone reconstruction techniques, and other surgical approaches.

Implant can make life much more pleasant and comfortable, preventing bone loss in the jaw and stopping existing teeth from shifting, which could lead to gum problems and bite issues. Dental implants offer an alternative to dentures as well as support for upper and lower dental prosthetics; additionally, they may reduce osteoporosis risk in women as well as men – although the upfront cost may be more significant, but implants provide long-term investment in health and beauty.