Julietas Dress Up Chapter 2


Julieta, raised as the illegitimate daughter of a nobleman, finds solace in a theater prop room to pay back her debts as an actress in theater prop room productions. To repay them, she disguises herself as a maid, but her unique charm soon wins over the crown prince himself.

Romeo Montague arrives unannounced at a Capulet party and immediately falls for Juliet Capulet, unaware of their family feud and Tybalt’s challenge to duel Romeo, leading him into battle and ultimately leading to Tybalt’s death and Romeo’s banishment from Capulet society.


Julieta’s Dress-Up will transport you into an enchanting world full of mystery, romance, and intrigue with its stunning artwork and captivating storyline. Mangabuddy makes this fantasy manga available so that anyone can immerse themselves in this compelling tale about a princess who can’t contain her unique charm!

Julieta struggles to conceal her identity as the illegitimate offspring of a nobleman, so much so that her father abandons and raises her in a theater prop room from age five onward. To hide her beauty, she wears a messy wig and LAN glasses in order to disguise herself; yet, due to their remarkable qualities, she draws the notice of Crown Prince Ferdinand himself.


Julietas Dress Up is an engaging fantasy manga written by Chae Habin and Matcha and illustrated by Yujacha that will transport you into an intricate world full of mystery and romance. You will be mesmerized from start to finish! This beautiful manhwa will keep your attention from start to finish.

Julietta, the daughter of an unsavory nobleman, has lived her entire life hidden away in a theater prop room, using makeup and disguises such as messy wigs to conceal who she really is. But then, one day, she meets Crown Prince Albert – his charisma captivates her, and together, they develop an unbridled romance that changes both their lives forever.

Amelie and Sophie took great care of Julietta, yet Maribel did not show any empathy towards them. When Stella died, Maribel sent people to collect Julietta. Luckily, she found the theater owner, who allowed Maribel and Julietta to live together in his quarters. Maribel often applied juice from metal fruit on Julietta’s milky white skin to conceal its authentic appearance while wearing clothing three sizes too large in order to camouflage her slim figure.


Julietta (Stella), the daughter of an illegitimate nobleman, had no choice but to hide her true identity and conceal herself from those around her. After being rejected by her mother and working hard at repaying Maribel, the theater owner, for all she has done for her, Stella found solace working in the theater prop room while trying hard to reimburse Maribel for all she has done for her kindness – however, Stella quickly attracted the interest of crown prince as well.

Stella stands out as an outward beauty, yet her soul remains pure. She’s a kind, gentle, and intelligent girl with dreams of becoming a singer; Galaxy Karaoke serves as her haven, and Joe is someone she meets there who may hold secrets of his own.

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Julieta had to hide her identity as the daughter of an illegitimate nobleman when she was born illegitimately and raised in a theater prop room; later, donning LAN glasses and messy wigs, she became his maid, yet her unique charm quickly won her over.

“Julieta Dress-Up” is an exciting fantasy manhwa that will enthrall readers. Read it free on Manga Buddy and experience a world filled with mystery, romance, and intrigue that proves first appearances can often be misleading – find more intriguing comics like this at Manga Buddy!


Julietta, an illegitimate daughter of a noble family forced to live a double life, sought refuge in a theater prop room. There, her milky white skin and bright blonde locks were hidden by physical wigs while still standing out due to her unique charm, which eventually caught the attention of Crown Prince Adalberto himself and caused him to fall for her.

Amelia and Sophie would often criticize Princess Katherine, saying she overestimated herself. Over time, however, they began to realize her unique beauty, knowing that if she worked hard enough, she could become an authentic prima donna.

Julietas Dress-Up will draw you into an immersive world of mystery and romance with its captivating storyline and stunning artwork. Join this charming fantasy manga’s dedicated fanbase and immerse yourself in its compelling universe!