How to Style a Bengali Groom Dress


Bengali grooms are famously charming. Wearing traditional clothing that fits seamlessly into wedding receptions.

They also carry a unique bag known as a “dhuti,” usually made of silk or khadi and available in white, beige, or cream colors.

The bridegroom’s family also sends along an attendant called Nitkone, who usually presents gifts like clothes, kool-sajya drinks, sweets, and whole fish as part of her dowry.

Maroon Dhoti Kurta

The maroon kurta with dhoti is one of the most traditional and dapper Indian outfits worn on formal occasions by men. Easy to style, you can wear this ensemble with various accessories like cufflinks, pocket squares, standard watches, or even gold chains for added dapperness.

A dhoti (also referred to as a panache, vesti, dhuti, or Chandra) is an Indian garment traditionally worn by men for cultural events and weddings. Crafted from rectangular fabric that wraps around your legs and is tied at your waist, dhotis are comfortable yet fashionable alternatives to pants for special events like cultural ceremonies and weddings.

Karmaplace provides a selection of styles for this classic outfit, such as brocade varieties and silk fabrics woven by famous fashion designers. There are even sets designed specifically by these acclaimed fashion experts! With traditional elegance or contemporary flare in mind, these outfits will ensure you stand out from the crowd!

Blue Kurta & Dhoti

Dhotis are iconic garments worn by Indian men for generations. Crafted of cotton or silk fabric, this traditional piece typically comes woven with gold borders for most regions across India and can be tied in numerous ways depending on local culture and climate.

Dhotis are perfect for any special event and pair well with silk or cotton kurtas featuring unique cuts, asymmetrical designs, and fusion prints. When worn together, they complete the look when accessorized with embroidered mojaris or jhumkas to top it all.

For something more formal, select either a blue kurta and dhoti set or a white kurta and dhoti set crafted from high-quality materials – these sets make great additions to special events like weddings or cultural celebrations while making great presents. Both versions make an impression wherever they’re worn! These sets can even create great presents! These dhoti kurta sets will surely impress anyone who sees them, being comfortable yet fashionable enough to pair well with any footwear.

Mustard Kurta & Dhoti

A dhoti is an iconic part of Indian culture and tradition, worn at celebrations and ceremonies by men across India. The traditional style exudes nobility while remaining comfortable for everyday use. Made of both silk and cotton fabrics, depending on the occasion and need of its wearer. Ideal for formal events with its flowing style adding nobility, it can also be worn casually with jeans. Politicians and businesspeople regularly don dhotis as formal wear!

A dhoti is comprised of long strips of cloth tied in various ways depending on its region, such as with a gold border in southern India. No matter its material, however, the dhoti provides comfort while being easy to wear in hot climates, providing ventilation when moving around freely, and providing sufficient cooling ventilation in hot environments. Furthermore, religious ceremonies or weddings may make use of it due to its clean yet modest look while being very easy to keep clean! Additionally, its construction makes washing it much simpler!

Three-Piece Suit

Bengali grooms traditionally wear a silk drape known as a ‘jor’ with their wedding ritual attire, known as Kachano/Kochano Dhutis, during wedding rituals. This custom piece can be explicitly stitched to their size or purchased ready-made dhotis that fit their bodies well. These garments should then be folded neatly around their torsos before being tied in place in this traditional style of Bengali weddings.

Traditional sherwanis offer an eye-catching look for grooms. Crafted with intricate antique embroidery in shades of pistachio green, this sherwani features a sky blue embroidered dupatta to complete this dapper ensemble. A red pocket square, shaded metallic buttons with button-hole detailing, and beige juttis complement this stylish outfit, perfect for engagement and reception ceremonies alike.

No matter the occasion, Bengali grooms should dress in such a way that complements their bride’s elegance. He should opt for colors, fabrics, and styles that distinguish themselves from others and stay abreast of fashion trends in men’s fashion.

Silver Nehru Jacket & Silk Kurta

Nehru jackets are perfect Indian wedding and formal event wear for men, offering flexibility that makes them suitable for every event from weddings and formal dinners to Indo-western suits. Available in an array of colors, materials, and styles ideal for any celebration – Nehru jackets make an impactful statement no matter the event!

Banarasi silk Nehru jackets provide a sophisticated appearance and are the ideal attire for wedding groomsmen or guests or grand events such as gala dinners. Velvet Nehru jackets add elegance, while cotton Nehru jackets can provide light ventilation during warm days or casual events.

For an ultramodern style, consider floral printed or lightly embroidered Nehru jackets with floral patterns or light embroidery details. These jackets can be combined with dress shirts and pants/jeans for an eye-catching yet trendy ensemble.

Are you searching for an elegant ensemble that combines tradition and fashion? Look no further than Uri and MacKenzie Men’s Silk Blend Kurta Pyjama & Nehru Jacket Set – featuring silk for comfort as well as an asymmetrical Nehru jacket featuring an asymmetrical design, complete with an attached dupatta. Available at discounted rates online from traditional clothing shops.

Cream Jamdani Kurta & Dhoti

Dhotis are traditional Indian garments worn by men during special events or ceremonies. Political leaders also frequently wear this attire as it signifies respect and dignity. Dhotis may be made out of different materials; cotton is incredibly comfortable.

Depending upon the event, dhotis can be embellished with traditional embroidery or modern techniques such as zari, resham, and cut dana embellishment techniques; gold threads can even be added for extra ornateness and luxuriousness. Dhoti kurtas may even feature side slits or jacquard patterns to add a contemporary edge.

Dhoti pants offer comfort and versatility that regular trousers cannot, making them the ideal choice for weddings, cultural events, and other formal functions. Perfect for wear with various kurta styles for an added luxurious appearance, Resham or zari embroidery can add a finishing touch to this form of clothing.

Mustard Sherwani & Dhoti

Bengali weddings are grand celebrations known for their abundance and splendor. Therefore, grooms must ensure that their appearance at their Gaye Holud or reception ceremony matches that of their bride – this makes the selection of appropriate attire so essential.

Classic sherwanis combined with traditional dhotis are among the finest Bengali groom attire options. This set consists of a mustard yellow hue sherwani featuring a mandarin collar and full-length sleeves, as well as a matching pocket square and maroon plain silk dhoti for maximum elegance and tradition.

On your reception night, pair this stylish sherwani with either a cream or beige dhoti/kurta for a truly stunning wedding look. It features intricate embroidery with classic antique characteristics; pair it with an exquisite dupatta featuring copper borders to take it one step further; adorn this ensemble with an eye-catching bronze brooch for an additional regal touch – this sherwani will undoubtedly stand out in all your photos.

Modern Angrakha

Angrakha garments have become an iconic style of Indian wear, known for their cross-over design where two front panels overlap and secure themselves together using thread ties or loops. This type of top can be worn as either a dress, kurta, or with pants or palazzos for everyday wear – and more recently, modern Indian fashion designers are even using angrakha styles with different bottom styles and accessories to create new looks for women.

Be it for your wedding or just wanting to add some culture and heritage to your wardrobe, an Angrakha style blouse is an elegant, comfortable, and versatile choice that exudes culture and heritage.

Znx Clothing’s Floral Printed Angrakha Style Yellow Top offers an updated take on an ageless silhouette, complete with bold floral print and traditional angrakha silhouette. Wear this top for any special event to make an impactful statement and complete your ensemble by pairing with simple churidar pants and crushed cotton dupatta.