How to Close an Airtel Payments Bank Account


Airtel Payment Bank is an innovative digital savings account with no minimum balance requirements and attractive cashback and discount offers.

No matter the reason you want to close your Airtel Payment Bank account, this comprehensive guide provides everything necessary for doing it effectively and efficiently.

1. Call the Customer Care

Airtel Payments Bank provides customers with an array of financial services, making it an accessible option. However, there may come times when it becomes necessary for you to close your account for various reasons. Closing it through customer care or visiting a banking point should be easy and efficient – make sure that before closing your account, all documents and any outstanding dues have been cleared before taking this step; once completed, your report will not reopen.

Calling customer care and asking to close your account is one of the easiest and simplest ways of doing it. A representative will ask for a reason behind closing it before verifying your address and ID proof to make sure everything matches up in their records and processing your request to close your account.

Airtel Payments Bank is a digital savings account you can open with your Aadhaar number. There’s no minimum balance requirement, and cash can be withdrawn at any Airtel Payments Bank center; plus, there’s also a virtual debit card you can use to make online payments!

Access your Airtel Payments Bank account quickly with the Airtel Thanks app, offering quick mobile recharge, banking services, help & support, and balance checks on recent transactions. Plus! Get special offers!

If you wish to close your Airtel Payments Bank account, calling Customer Care is the easiest way. Their 24-hour number or email/SMS contact options offer flexibility. When calling them, be ready with documents like an Aadhaar card copy and address proof, as well as a signed declaration stating your intent to close. Once they receive these documents, an executive will process your request and close your account within seven banking days, excluding holidays/weekends, typically.

2. Send an Email

Airtel Payments Bank is India’s first payments bank and offers zero balance savings accounts that can be opened using Aadhaar card numbers. In addition, this digital bank also features Airtel Money wallet, NETC Fastag investments, Digital Gold investments video, KYC KYC Reward Zone video, KYC KYC Reward Zone services, as well as a mobile application with instant mobile recharge and bill payment features.

Reducing bank account tension and anxiety for everyone involved is one reason to close one, though closing an unused one may also be necessary for many reasons. There are a few steps that can make the closing of bank accounts simpler and less stressful for all involved parties involved.

Before closing your Airtel Payments Bank account, it is advisable to save all documents and statements electronically for future reference. Once completed, no reopening can occur, and any outstanding hold balance should also be cleared prior to doing so.

To close your Airtel Payments Bank account, send an email with the subject “Close my account,” including your Aadhaar number in the body and proof of address/ID documents (such as utility bills or passport photos) attached. After closing is complete, a confirmation email will be sent stating this process has been concluded.

Alternative Method of Closing Your Account at Airtel Banking Point

3. Visit a Banking Point

Airtel Payments Bank is India’s inaugural payments bank, offering a comprehensive set of banking services. As India’s only zero balance savings account with virtual debit card capability, opening an Airtel Payments Bank account using your Aadhaar card can be done quickly. At times, though, you may want to close it for various reasons: dissatisfaction with services or simply needing more efficient financial management may force you out – regardless of why this may happen for you, here are a few tips to get you going!

If you wish to close your Airtel Payment Bank Account, the best way is to visit a banking point or contact the customer care team. When completing, provide a valid reason and make sure there are no remaining funds in the account – this process typically takes up to 7 banking days; once closed, you’ll receive either an email or SMS confirmation of this process.

Your Airtel Payments Bank account can also be closed by sending an email from its registered address, explaining the reason for locking, providing proof of identity and address, and making sure there are no outstanding dues on it.

After you submit the necessary documents, you should receive an email within seven banking days with confirmation that your account has been closed and cannot be reopened again.

Decisions surrounding closing your Airtel Payment Bank Account can be difficult, yet necessary for various reasons. These may include poor service, limitations on lower-value transactions, higher transaction charges, or others. Whatever your reasons for doing so are, all documents and statements from this account must be saved digitally or printed out for easy opening of another one later on. It is also crucial that no outstanding dues exist before proceeding with closing this one.

4. Visit the Branch

Airtel Payment Bank is Bharti Airtel’s inaugural digital banking service and provides savings accounts, NETC Fastag digital gold investments, WhatsApp Banking Video KYC Reward Zone wallets that hold up to Rs 1 lakh, and mobile and bill payments. It is ideal for those unable to visit physical branches as it also helps mobile and tab costs – delink from all FDs/RDs before closing your account to ensure a smooth transition.

Its interest rates on savings accounts are among the highest offered by public banks, and MasterCard-powered online funds can be used by merchants who accept MasterCard payment methods. A good idea would be to keep a soft copy or printout of all bank statements from inception through closing as a future reference; also, remember to cancel any automated payment instructions in your account prior to closing it down.

When closing an Airtel Payment Bank Account, the bank will ask for an explanation as well as ID proof and address proof to verify your identity and may ask to see copies of your driver’s license or passport as additional verification documents. After receiving these documents, they will process your request and send you a confirmation email or SMS.

If you no longer wish to use your Airtel payment bank account, withdraw any remaining money before submitting a request to close it. This will ensure that no deposits made into the bank have been lost through fees or charges while abroad. It’s also wise to complete such an account before moving abroad – to prevent any additional costs being levied against it while there.

If you need help closing your Airtel payment bank account, contact customer care immediately for guidance and support. Their representative can walk you through every step of the process while answering any of your queries along the way.