How Much Does an Asphalt Paving Driveway Cost?


Homeowners planning to pave their driveway must take note of all costs involved with the project, which is usually calculated based on square footage. Select the best Riverside Asphalt Paving.

Some factors that could exacerbate asphalt paving driveway costs include:

Location affects prices as fuel costs and living costs play an influencer role when selecting materials for a driveway project. Hiring an established contractor will ensure you stay within your budget.
Cost of Materials

Asphalt is a petroleum product, so its price fluctuates with oil market fluctuations and other variables such as type, geographic region, project size, and labor costs.

Cost estimates of asphalt for driveway paving range between $100 to $200 per ton, and contractors typically use hot mix asphalt in most projects. Cold mix is less costly but may only last one or two seasons before needing replacement. Recycled or reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) may also prove less expensive while being more environmentally friendly than new asphalt.

Before contractors lay down asphalt, they must first prepare the site by clearing away old surfaces and laying a foundation layer – otherwise, rainwater erodes at its base and weakens asphalt layers. Furthermore, professionals should check underground electrical wires and plumbing to prevent costly damage to city utilities.

An additional factor that affects the cost of an asphalt driveway installation is its color or design. Installing colored or stamped asphalt requires more steps and materials than plain asphalt – thus driving up costs even more than with bare asphalt, not including additional purchases for repairs or patching along the way. Though costly, an asphalt driveway provides convenience that no other surface can offer.
Cost of Labor

If you decide to install a new driveway, you will incur labor expenses. While some people might attempt to save money by doing the work themselves, experts typically advise against this as professionals are better equipped than most to complete their tasks faster and with proper tools. You may also require buying or renting equipment such as bulldozers or scrapers in order to prepare soil and remove old driveways more effectively.

Homeowners hiring a driveway paving company typically incur costs for both labor and machinery, such as milling machines or graders to prepare the ground, an asphalt paver, and compactors – up to 40% to 70% of total project costs can come from labor and machinery costs alone! As asphalt is a petroleum product, prices may fluctuate over time.

Before selecting a driveway material, homeowners must carefully consider their climate. Certain materials can’t handle cold winter temperatures or hot and dry summer conditions effectively – it is wise to consult local professionals regarding which options would work well in your region.

Once your asphalt contractor has installed it, sealing will provide additional protection that prevents cracking and shifting over time. Sealing of a 400 square-foot driveway typically costs approximately $1.44 per square foot – providing an added layer of defense that helps minimize cracking and shifting over time.
Cost of Overlay

Asphalt driveways are an increasingly popular choice due to their durability and low maintenance needs. But before embarking on any paving projects, you must understand their cost implications – factors including size of space required as well as add-on services may influence this estimate.

At the outset of any asphalt driveway project, laying down a base layer composed of gravel and oil or tar should be the initial step. Once that foundation has been created, an application of binder must be added for strength and structure before being rolled out and smoothed to ensure complete evenness before receiving its final coat of asphalt pavement.

Your choice of asphalt will have an impact on costs as well. Hot mix is ideal for all-weather use and typically costs $100-200 per ton, while cold mix may only be suitable for repairs since its durability is shorter-lived.

Porous asphalt driveways offer you the potential to save money when selecting an initial cost estimate, as its porous structure allows water to soak into the ground instead of flowing directly down a drain. Furthermore, this material comes in various hues, so you can select one that complements your home perfectly.
Cost of Porous Asphalt

Porous asphalt costs vary based on project scope and size; for instance, installing materials and installation costs on a single-car driveway could cost between $6-9 per square foot; larger driveways require more material and labor costs, which increase accordingly. Prices also depend on whether hot mix asphalt is chosen.

Cold mix asphalt can be more cost-effective, though its usage should generally be limited to repair work and small areas. Furthermore, porous asphalt made with recycled materials may offer additional savings.

Environmentally friendly porous asphalt pavement also helps construction projects earn LEED credits – credits awarded for innovative projects that produce tangible environmental results.

Baird and Barkevich assert that porous asphalt pavement can help mitigate pollutants that enter storm or sewer systems via standard pavements since its water can filter into its porous structure and naturally treat contaminants before being reused for lawns, gardens, or recharging groundwater supplies. Additionally, its reclaimed water may even be reused to restore groundwater reserves!

However, this form of paving isn’t ideal in every climate, specifically those where temperature fluctuation can quickly deteriorate materials, and its lack of an impervious surface makes it less effective in freeze-thaw environments where ice may damage asphalt pavements.