How to Choose Asphalt and Paving Companies Near Me


Asphalt paving can be an economical and attractive way to modernize your driveway, but selecting a reliable paving company is crucial to ensure its installation correctly. Select the best Irvine Asphalt Paving.

An asphalt driveway that has been adequately maintained can withstand both heavy vehicle traffic and extreme weather conditions, while its sleek surface adds curb appeal.

1. Experience

Asphalt is an economical material that’s durable yet easily repairable, ensuring minor cracks and potholes don’t worsen into more significant issues. Plus, its aesthetic qualities add curb appeal.

Professional asphalt paving contractors come equipped with all of the tools and equipment necessary to complete projects efficiently and meet aesthetic preferences. In addition, they will offer color selection to match individual aesthetic tastes as well as provide you with an in-depth contract outlining the scope of work, timelines, benefits, and costs of your project.

Reputable companies possess extensive experience across an array of projects – this can range from residential to commercial and municipal jobs. Their professional and unwavering dependability have earned them an excellent reputation amongst their peers, known for delivering quality workmanship while creating long-lasting asphalt surfaces that retain their appearance for decades to come. Furthermore, these reputable firms also provide maintenance services designed to keep your asphalt looking its best over the years ahead, with sealants protecting against weather wear and tear and prolonging its lifespan while keeping its aesthetic appeal.

2. License

Reputable asphalt paving contractors should possess both a license to operate as well as general liability and workers’ compensation insurance policies. Ask to see the certificates, then compare the numbers against your state website to make sure they are valid.

Residential homeowners and commercial property owners alike seek out paving contractors to install, resurface, repair, seal, coat, stripe, and mark asphalt surfaces and maintain them. Some also offer drainage solutions, grading & and excavation, erosion control & and ice management services as additional offerings.

Finding the ideal asphalt and paving company can transform your driveway and increase its value significantly, so find a reputable one by getting referrals from friends and family, searching BBB listings, or consulting online reviews.

Asphalt and paving companies near me should have an impressive portfolio of completed projects with satisfied customers, references, photos, and written estimates of your paving project, including the scope of work, materials used, and labor costs. Do not allow contractors to use your property insurance coverage for their work, as this puts you at risk in case they cause injury or damage to your property.

3. Insurance

Asphalt and paving companies in your local area must secure their business with general liability and workers’ compensation coverage in order to protect customers from accidental property damage during the paving process and provide their employees with coverage in case they suffer injury on the job. This ensures customers receive proper service and employees are covered should an injury occur on the job site.

Reputable contractors should also hold vehicle liability and umbrella policies in order to cover claims that exceed their other policies’ limits, for instance if an Long Island paving company truck caused $75,000 of damage at one customer’s home; an umbrella policy would kick in and cover these additional expenses.

No matter if it is for a new driveway, an upgrade on an existing one, or assistance with parking lot maintenance, an experienced and reliable paving company should have all of the expertise and equipment to get it done correctly. Look for one that uses quality materials while taking time to answer questions and provides references from satisfied past clients who can vouch for them.

4. Reputation

Asphalt contractors with excellent track records are well-recognized in their communities for their quality of service and work. Such contractors usually feature a gallery section on their websites where customers can view photos from past projects as well as contact details.

If a contractor cannot provide references upon request, this should be seen as a red flag and avoided at all costs. Asking about their customer service and previous projects handled is also beneficial to gain an idea of their service level and quality.

Asphalt surfaces make an excellent surface choice for parking lots and driveways as they can easily support high volumes of traffic while remaining attractive and maintaining an appealing aesthetic. Furthermore, maintenance requirements can be kept to a minimum with regular jet washing, keeping it looking brand new!

Asphalt is made by mixing stones and sand with petroleum-based liquid asphalt cement and heating it until it liquefies, then pouring it onto a base layer and compacting it before cooling. Asphalt makes an excellent drainage surface as water flows freely over its surface before being directed through gravel beds to gassy areas or other locations where its management can be managed appropriately.

5. Pricing

Asphalt roadway surfaces offer cost-efficiency and visual appeal, but their installation requires extensive preparation work in order to ensure proper drainage and avoid future issues, including excavation, base preparation, stone installation, and grading. Without adequate grading of an asphalt surface, it will flex under traffic loads, crack under load, and fail long before its expected lifespan is upheld.

The type of asphalt chosen will have a significant effect on total paving costs. There are three basic surface types to choose from: base grade, top grade, and porous asphalt. Base grade asphalt is rougher and usually forms the lowest layer on roads, while top grade has more excellent durability for higher traffic areas, and porous asphalt provides an environmentally friendly option that allows water to pass through its surface for improved drainage.

Contractors must account for materials, labor, and equipment when providing price quotes. They will use site dimensions such as length, width, and depth to estimate how much material will be required before adding in costs for equipment and supplies that may be needed to complete a job.