Courtney Harrison Fisher


Courtney Harrison Fisher is married to football coach Jimbo Fisher and met him during his coaching days at Florida State. They married in 2020 and reside in College Station, where Courtney works as an advisor with Guardian for North Florida Financial and a manager with Disability Insurance.

Courtney Harrison Fisher is a highly private person. She hails from a multiethnic background and considers herself Christian.

She is married to Jimbo Fisher.

Jimbo Fisher is a highly acclaimed college football coach with an impeccable record on the field. However, off it, he is equally respected as a loving father to Trey and Ethan and husband to Courtney Harrison Fisher, whom he met while coaching at Florida State. They married soon after that in 2020 and now live in College Station.

Jimbo was an award-winning quarterback at Salem University and Samford University before coaching at Florida State under Bobby Bowden before switching over to Texas A&M, where he has amassed multiple accolades, such as winning the 2007 SEC Coach of the Year Award.

Harrison Fisher and Jimbo Fisher are inseparable and remain pretty private about their relationship. The two share many interests and passions, such as sports fanaticism and culinary attractions. Furthermore, both individuals are extremely caring people who treat friends and family with significant consideration; Courtney is particularly close to Jimbo, always looking for ways to spend quality time together.

Harrison is a financial representative at Guardian and Manager at Disability Insurance. Her assets amount to between $1 to $2 Million due to hard work and determination on her part.

She hails from Florida and holds American nationality. Her multiracial ethnic background and Christian beliefs inform her spiritual beliefs, while she received a Bachelor’s of Business Administration at a US state university. Jimbo and Harrison have been in a relationship for several years and remain very happy together; Jimbo is highly protective of his children, never allowing anything negative to affect their relationship, living together happily ever after in an exquisite house with strong and stable marriage plans for the future – hoping to have more children together along their life’s path!

She is a financial agent.

Courtney Harrison Fisher is a diligent and successful woman in her own right, having become a financial agent with considerable respect in the industry. Her net worth ranges between $1 to $2 Million due to hard work, dedication, and perseverance in management.

She met Jimbo Fisher while he was coaching at FSU, and they got married in August 2020 – declaring their wedding a “COVID Wedding” since only immediate family and close friends attended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These two have been together for two years and share an outstanding relationship. Both support one another in their careers – Courtney is an accomplished advisor with 13+ years of experience and an insurance license – an exemplary wife and an inspiration to other women.

Courtney Harrison Bridges was born in Florida and currently lives there. However, she does not appear to be active on social media or provide much insight into her personal life.

She is the financial representative and manager for Guardian for North Florida Financial and Disability Insurance, respectively. Jimbo, her husband, who coaches football professionally, has seen tremendous success during his career, becoming one of the most beloved coaches nationwide with a huge fan base.

According to various estimates, her net worth ranges between $1 million – $5 million. Her primary source of income comes from working as a financial representative, where she earns a substantial salary. She looks content in this position and regards it as her ideal job choice.

Courtney stands at 5 feet 6 inches. She boasts brown hair and blue eyes. Courtney also sports an attractive physique; her weight stands at 68 kg. Due to her love of Slim Jim’s beef jerky and other meat-based snacks, Courtney was given her nickname of Jim by her family.

She has no children.

Jimbo Fisher has gained fame as an American football coach and an immense fan base. Additionally, he serves as a motivational speaker with a vast social media following. Jimbo is widely respected for his work ethic and dedication to football – currently serving as head coach of the Texas A&M Aggies football team and being married to Courtney Harrison Fisher who supports him during his successful career and supporting family life.

Fisher and Fisher met during Fisher’s coaching days at Florida State University and quickly fell in love. In 2020, they decided to tie the knot, though due to an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, their wedding took place at an intimate venue in Georgia.

Harrison Fisher currently boasts a net worth estimated to be approximately $1 Million, earned through her primary source of income as a Financial Representative and Manager at Guardian for North Florida Financial and Disability Insurance.

She hails from Tallahassee, Florida, and boasts an outstanding educational background. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and communications from the University of Florida and has worked for multiple financial companies such as Guardian and Florida State Bank.

She hails from a mixed ethnic background and practices Christianity. She holds great affection for nature and animals, traveling, spending time with her friends, and loves spending time outdoors.

Jimbo Fisher is an esteemed college football coach who heads up the Texas A&M Aggies. Known for his unparalleled coaching ability and many awards and recognitions from around the game, his dedication has cemented him among one of the most revered coaches in college football.

He does not share children with Candi Fisher; however, Trey and Ethan from his first marriage are his responsibility. Alongside Candi, he and his wife are committed to spreading awareness of Fanconi anemia – an uncommon genetic disease affecting young children – by creating the Kidz1stFund and caring for Ethan, who has this condition.

She is a member of the coaching staff.

Courtney Harrison Fisher is an American financial agent married to Jimbo Fisher, an acclaimed football coach. Jimbo currently coaches Texas A&M Aggies; during his legendary college football coaching career, he coached many notable players and led his teams to national success – winning the BCS National Championship title in 2014. Before this, he served as head coach at Florida State.

Jimbo Fisher and Courtney Fisher do not share children, although she serves as stepmother to Trey and Ethan from his prior marriage with Candi Fisher. Even without having her children, Courtney keeps a happy and stable marriage with Jimbo; her sense of humor ensures she always supports his endeavors.

She is a financial representative at Guardian for North Florida Financial and Manager of Disability Insurance. She is a highly respected professional with an estimated net worth between $1-$2 Million.

Her zodiac is Sagittarius, and she was born in the United States on 2 December 1980. Known for her gorgeous features and sassy attitude, she often wears brightly-colored outfits that show off her personality and make her stand out in crowds. A fun-loving individual with an infectious laugh.

She prefers living her life discreetly and not being active on social media or engaging in affairs she may or may not want public knowledge of. Additionally, she remains close with both family and friends.

As for her career, she has done exceptionally well in finance and is highly esteemed in her field. She enjoys an outstanding working reputation and is always ready to assist clients financially. Furthermore, her hardworking nature and dedication have allowed her to achieve an optimal work-life balance, and she has received numerous awards and recognition for her stellar performance.