Tunes Festivals: What Do You Need to Know?

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There are lots of factors to be taken into consideration whenever going to a Music Event. These can range from which toiletries to take to where you are pitching your tent.

In this post, I’ll try to give you a fundamental run down of what you should get and prevent. I’ll then go on to describe some things in more detail and can give some advice depending on personal experiences of planning Music Festivals over the past few years.

What do I acquire, Camping?

This is quite an obvious essential to acquire when camping – especially at a Music Festival! Do the following: confirm how many people shall be in one tent, and then take both personal and storage spaces into consideration. Often a few of us go together, and we normally take three single/small tents and a final to put our storage throughout. This is a good method as it is affordable and light. Another is to go on a huge five-man tent, letting room for all three involving you plus two far more, which you can use for clothes or maybe food and drink.

Sleeping Bags:
Slumbering bags are once again a big obvious item to take along. There are, however, several different types of sleeping bags out there. If your Tunes Festival is in the Summer, similar to are, you’ll need to take a quite thin lightweight bag, and that means you don’t cook during the night since the mornings.

Air Bed/Sleeping Mats:
Some people love acquiring Air Beds when they examine Music Festival. Others no longer bother as they think these people take up too much room and time. A cheaper and much-favoured way to get extra comfort and ease is to take a simple Resting Mat. They’re incredibly inexpensive and serve the purpose completely (inflatable mats are available too). This isn’t essential, of course. However, it is highly recommended, especially if you’re fussy about being comfy when you sleep.

A Cool Box:
Awesome Boxes are very helpful to bring on any camping journey. You’ll find that at a Music Event; however, you’ll spend nearly all your day in the arena for that reason. As a result, you’ll probably buy plenty of food from vendors and Stalls. Only take a Cool Package if you plan to cook just about any food. (Some cool packing containers are collapsible).

A Flashlight:
It will get dark with Festivals, especially in your camping tent. Take a torch just to find your way. Maybe also acquire something that will light the within of the tent sufficiently.

Medicine/First Aid Kit:
Even though it will have First Aid and Medical Workers around at the event, it is usually a good idea to take some Aspirin in case you get a headache along with plasters/bandages in case you hurt on your own in a mosh-pit, for example.

Retract Out Chairs:
These might be a pain to carry but will be described as a godsend once you’ve finished preparing your tent. It’s always great to be able to have a sit-down. Thus, I recommend you take one of these brilliant!


Everyone makes this blunder. It’s common for people always to want to look their utmost and show off what outfits they’ve got whilst at a Festivity. Please don’t take anything pricey, though – it will acquire muddy, it will get wrecked, and in some rare situations, it will get stolen.

You should only take clothes you’re thrilled to get dirty and possibly wrecked. Make sure you take a jumper if it rains or becomes cold. The majority of the time, even though you’ll need light clothing as it may get incredibly hot!

Heavy Socks/Wellies:
Festivals tend to acquire extremely muddy. There are lots of people all walking across the very same paths, and this creates an awful muddy slush. I advise you to take some wellies and ensure you wear thick socks with them so you don’t bring about blisters on your feet and ankles. Thick socks are usually football socks or football socks.

A bag to get dirty clothes:
Nothing is more intense than rummaging through your camping tents, trying to find a clean tee shirt or underwear. Hold dirty clothes in a different bag, so you don’t get clean/dirty mixed up (try a lightweight organic cotton stuff bag). This will, in addition, keep your clean clothes now!

Toilet Roll:
This is crucial. There is NO TOILET ROLL FROM FESTIVALS! You’ll need to bring your own personal – and ensure you have some folded up in a bank account. There is nothing worse than using the toilet and having to inquire a stranger for a toilet spin. What’s worse is getting it for a ridiculous selling price from a Vendor.

Baby Baby wipes:
I know this is particularly gross, but there are lots of people who may shower at Festivals.

Not too many Festivals provide a lot of showers, which shows that queuing can take hours.

Have Baby Wipes so that you can keep your body clean.

Bottles Of Water/Towel: It’s always a good idea to take water with you to a Festival. They have incredibly important to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Drinking Fizzy Cold drinks and Alcohol all the time is sure not to hydrate you.
For anyone uncomfortable with not taking a shower for a few days, the idea is to have lots of water.

Several people do this at Festivals: someone pours water over their friend, and yes, it acts as a shower. Don’t neglect to take a towel so you can dry up yourself!

Just as you should be going anywhere, delivering bathroom supplies is essential. Be sure to pack up your toothbrush and also toothpaste. Sun cream is additionally important to keep you safe from sunstroke and sunburn.

Just where do I pitch my outdoor tents?

This question gets questioned quite often, and it’s difficult for you to answer. All Music Fests are different, so it’s impossible to recommend a good location if you do not know it inside out. Things I can tell you, however, are what you should avoid and what you ought to look out for. To start with, you would like to pitch near a toilet. Tend not to pitch too close to one, nevertheless, because the smell will become terrific. If possible, avoid pitching suitable beside a path and a walkway. People will belong to your tent and punches things beside it. Too as the fact that rain will pile up here and no doubt deluges your tent. This is one thing you do not want to come about.

If you’re looking for a quiet destination to be able to relax after seeing every one of the bands, you’re going to want to field up as far away from the arena(s) as you can get. This means you will be much further to move, but you will be in a wonderful quiet area nobody tends to travel to. This is often the truth for families with small children.

Do I need Sun Cream?

Many people don’t bother with Sun Ointment because it takes time and effort. We have seen men not wearing it because they think it is ‘girly’! Please make sure you protect yourself with Sun Ointment. You’ll spend most of every day walking around in the heat and with no hesitation wearing little-to-no clothes because it’s just so warm. The last thing you want to do at a Festivity is made yourself incredibly not comfortable by burning yourself, or perhaps worse, fainting from the heating and developing Sun Action.

Should I take my smartphone?

If you can, take an old smartphone. I normally take my very own old Nokia 3310 if going to a festival because I’m only going to be taking you to ring or write text friends when I get misplaced. You’ll find that these phones also have significantly better battery life and won’t cease to live on you. There are normally asking for points, but these are quite high-priced to use.

How do I find my friend if I get lost?

One thing you should all do with arrival is deciding on a new meet-up point. Festivals typically provide giant poles together with multi-coloured flags mounted on them for such events. I would strongly recommend that you, along with your friends, all decide the best places to meet if you get shed. Another great location to meet is your tent (if you realize where it is, of course)!

Have an open mind!

Not necessarily everything will go as outlined by the plan. You will forget something. Fortunately, you’re at a Music Celebration, surrounded by thousands and thousands of people who just want to have a good time and will be more than happy to direct you in any way they can. Get split up from your group? Not truly a huge deal at all. All you need to do is one simple issue: talk to people. Some of the most intriguing people we have met at any time were those found at music festivals. All these will be people who are different from your teeth in pretty much every way, apart from the fact that you are having a good time right now. That particular common bond is all you may need at a Music Celebration. Remember, fun with others is much better than fun on your own.

There we have it. Hopefully, you can take most of this mobile and have a good time at your following Music Festival.

If you have any questions, please feel free to keep comments, and I will answer them as soon as possible.

If you are looking for a tent, I run my business promoting all types of Camping Equipment.

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