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Zarya is an exceptional tank that can contribute significantly to her team’s damage output with high Energy levels and significant shield absorption. Her Projected Barrier can protect allies from flankers like Winston or Reinhardt using channeled Ultimates.

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Zarya can be one of the more challenging tanks to play, yet her high damage potential and Energy-based attack progression make her immensely rewarding when played well. Her powerful barriers convert incoming fire to energy, while her Particle Cannon can quickly shred enemies. Her ultimate is designed to trap an enemy team in a graviton surge while increasing Zarya’s damage and giving her access to her weapons at full charge.

Zarya became increasingly frustrated while patrolling the Krasnoyarsk front. Her interactions with Sombra, in particular, caused great concern to Zarya. She approached Lynx Seventeen – another hacker – and complained about human and omnic cohabitation; Lynx reminded her it might sometimes be necessary to form alliances against common threats together.

Zarya can use Projected Barrier in close-quarters combat to block enemy ranged attacks and gain energy while saving allies such as Reaper and Roadhog from interruption by enemy flankers when used at the right moment. A supercharger can help increase Zarya’s damage output while her Biotic Grenade heals her during battle.

Zarya excels at close-quarters combat, yet she falls flat against ranged heroes with powerful headshots, such as Bastion, who can quickly break her bubbles down with two rocket hits from their sentry gun, bombarding until her health runs out. Other tanks, such as Orisa, are effective counters as she outclasses Zarya in ranged duels while staying airborne far beyond her Particle Cannon range. Orisa also uses Fortify and Graviton Surge against any potential damage, while Zarya uses Particle Cannon; additionally, Graviton Surge allows body blocking Zarya while her turret is out-of-combat while she protects from being body blocked while her turret is off cooldown.


Zarya (full name Aleksandra Zaryanova) is a Russian powerlifter and soldier. Her primary weapons include the Particle Cannon that can either emit a continuous beam or launch energy projectiles; she can also deploy her Personal Barrier against herself or teammates in order to soak up damage and convert it to Energy; it prevents being slowed, hacked or stunned while simultaneously blocking slow, hack or stun attacks such as Junkrat’s Steel Trap or Winston’s Defense Matrix abilities or items which penetrate her barriers; her barrier acts like Junkrat’s Steel Trap and Winston’s Defense Matrix abilities/items do pierce her barriers though the effects of Junkrat’s Steel Trap or Winston’s Defense Matrix abilities/items can penetrate her walls when deployed properly against such attacks; otherwise her barrier would absorb and convert damage into Energy while protecting her and teammates against damage-absorbing damage-absorbing abilities/items such as Junkrat’s Steel Trap or Winston’s Defense Matrix can also stop being hit due to blocking abilities/items which penetrate it’s effects or objects such as Junkrat’s Defense Matrix can pierce their effects/items/i.

Zarya is an exceptional close-range fighter. However, she can be outmatched in ranged duels by Orisa, who outclasses her Particle Cannon’s effective range and fights further away than it intended to reach. Her player should equip her with Supercharger or Biotic Grenade damage-boosting effects to combat this weakness effectively and help her annihilate enemies at close range.

Another valuable way of using Symmetra effectively is pairing her with other close-range heroes, particularly Minefield and Barrier. Together, they can trap enemy players in tight corridors near walls or ceilings, especially effective against Wrecking Ball players or anyone pinned by Symmetra’s Sentry Turrets.

Her barrier is effective against heroes that deal burst damage, such as Reapers around corners or Junkrat rushing from behind, as well as those using channeled Ultimates such as Pharah with her Barrage; when deployed it causes enemies that she would have usually hit, concussive blasts to be instead knocked back by graviton surge force, making her an excellent partner for Pharah, whose Barrage can bounce off of it into enemy and be absorbed by her barrier wall instead. Pharah herself makes an incredible partner as she absorbs any damage dealt from enemy weapons while Pharah uses her Barrage bounce off her wall while its barrier absorbs it all at once – great partners in tandem!


Zarya can utilize various items that will assist her in her fight against the Omnics, such as sniper rifles, pulse lasers, and trap turrets, to aid her battle against them. A sniper rifle can take down enemy soldiers and scouts while pulse lasers damage bases by creating new turrets; in contrast to these attack methods, trap turrets can quickly devastate an area while keeping enemies at bay from fleeing destruction.

Zarya encountered two Omnics while out patrolling near her hometown. She managed to kill one and rescue another, who later expressed their thanks for Zarya’s actions. Zarya later joined Novanskoye Forward Base, where she joined other RDF soldiers fighting Siberian Omnics with frequent encounters that resulted in sustained casualties during these patrols.

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Leveling up

Zarya can be one of the more challenging Tanks to play well, yet also one of the most rewarding. At low energy levels, she becomes vulnerable, and at higher Energy levels, her barrier abilities become effective at absorbing damage while unleashing her Particle Cannon to tear through an enemy team’s defenses. Her ultimate is an invaluable weapon in close-quarters combat, allowing her to lock opponents with Graviton Surge before bombarding them with Minefield.

Aleksandra was raised amidst the devastation caused by post-war Siberian warfare. A champion weightlifter, she used her strength to help rebuild the lives of those affected. Now, Aleksandra fights a deadly new mechanical threat; stationed at Novanskoye Forward Base, she frequently engages hostile omnics that roam her battlefield, resulting in casualties – giving rise to her belief that this war may not be going well enough.

Zarya’s primary fire is a long-ranged destructive beam that deals 95 damage per second and increases in size depending on her energy level, while her secondary is an energy projectile capable of hitting multiple targets at once, dealing 45 damage per shot – and can also be used to block attacks from Junkrat’s Grenade Launcher or Symmetra’s Sentry Turrets.

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Zarya stands out as having a distinctive playstyle within Overwatch, yet she can be an influential tank when used correctly. Her abilities allow her to absorb damage while cutting enemies down with Particle Cannon and Projected Barriers; her ult provides additional support by destabilizing and disabling enemies – she even serves her teammates well by destabilizing and disabling those opposed. However, Zarya may struggle to block off points or disrupt opposing teams, so pairing her up with Reinhardt or Winston may help more.

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