The River Roost at Disney World


This classic southern lounge offers live boogie woogie piano player Yehaa Bob Jackson for sing-along piano performances, provides a full bar and appetizer menu, and hosts weekly dance parties.

Mark Babson, an accomplished former brewer and quality technician, launched River Roost last February. It offers beers ranging from malty Dancing Goats to hoppier Glimpse, produced in 10-barrel batches.

Located in White River Junction

River Roost offers more than the standard bar drinks found throughout Disney World – its unique space offers New Orleans-style cocktails and Abita beers for you to relax and take in its atmosphere. Just outside Boatwright’s Dining Hall is this lounge that features seating divided up into two sections; one features table seating while the other serves as a stage for live entertainment.

River Roost Brewery stands out among Vermont’s many great breweries by providing aromatic, hop-forward beers in 10BBL batches brewed under Mark Babson’s direction as an expert brewer and quality technician. Popular varieties include Mas Verdes, Mo’ Rilla, and Glimpse; tasting sessions and growler fills are available to visitors at River Roost. The brewery opened in 2016 and is open to public visits for tasting and growler refills.

On Thursday evening of 14th October 2021, Bob Jackson hosted his reopening lounge event. Fans were warmly welcomed into a packed venue that broadcasts live by Main Street Mugs and had its MP3 file available to download afterward. Bob expressed great delight to be back at his favorite lounge after visiting in 2008, saying that it should be just as lively this time around – which it certainly was!


Location: White River Junction Brewery can provide the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a drink. Featuring seasonal and new releases on tap, as well as growler fills. Taste and beer with their 2x4oz samplers so that you can choose which ones are worth purchasing; since their tasting room can get relatively small over time, it would be wise to bring along your glassware if staying longer than expected.

Mark Babson is a former brewer at Magic Hat Brewing Company. This brewery offers aromatic hop-forward beers brewed in 10BBL batches that range from aromatic lagers to mixed fermentation saisons.

They recently established their brewery in downtown White River Junction and have experienced considerable success since. Their beers have received high ratings on RateBeer, garnering them an avid following that can be found at area restaurants and bars like Boatwright’s Restaurant and The Bar at Boatwright’s.

River Roost Brewery and restaurant opened their doors across from Big Fatty’s BBQ and Elixir restaurant last February under the ownership of Mark Babson, who previously worked as a brewer and quality technician at other Vermont breweries. Now, with his microbrewery, he continues Vermont’s rich brewing heritage by offering golden oat ale, small stout, and double IPA on tap.


The restaurant offers an ideal setting for relaxing and enjoying a drink with family and friends alike. Featuring an inviting fireplace, top-tier service, delectable cuisine, and reasonable prices, making this an excellent spot to visit with loved ones or simply yourself!

The bar at Abita offers an impressive variety of cocktails and beverages, as well as snacks and appetizers on its menu. As with other Disney Resort lounges, Abita beer brewed nearby makes an appearance on this drink list!

This restaurant can be found in Greenville’s beautiful and historic downtown district. Its unique architecture combines old-fashioned southern charm with modern comfort to create an ideal atmosphere perfect for romantic dates, while the cuisine will please even the most discerning palates.

The River Roost offers a relaxing spot to wind down after an exciting day of sightseeing, featuring delicious cuisines such as pepper jelly and fried cheese, draft beer, wine, or bourbon; not forgetting their charming fireplace for added relaxation after long sightseeing days! Additionally, their service is outstanding; call ahead if possible to reserve a table.


At Disney’s Port Orleans Resort — Riverside, this cozy lounge offers a full bar and menu of satisfying bites. Their drinks menu boasts both standard lounge beverages as well as New Orleans-themed cocktails and Abita beers – something your palate will genuinely appreciate.

River Roost Brewery provides aromatic, hop-forward beers brewed in 10-BBL batches by founder Mark Babson, who previously worked with Magic Hat Brewing and studied at the Siebel Institute for Brewing Education.

This bar is open from 5:00 pm until midnight or 12:30 am, making it the ideal spot to grab a drink before attending Yehaa Bob Jackson’s legendary sing-along. Be aware that during Yehaa Bob performances, the River Roost Lounge can become very crowded; arrive early. Located right beside Boatwright Dining Hall and offering old-fashioned southern charm, it makes an excellent place for an after-dinner drink or quick bite to eat.