The reason why So Many Network Marketers Struggle To Earn money

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For many people, when they make a jump to start a business in the multilevel marketing industry their number one concentration coming out the gate is actually MAKE MONEY and QUICK.

Just like a heat-seeking missile, they secure on target the very first family member or friend which comes in sight.


If you are an online marketer, you junk e-mail your link all over social networking and think that people will certainly just click on it and SHAZBAM!… Sales, Recruits & Cashflow Galore!

I have been in this incredible industry for 10 years…

And I also can tell you from first-hand encounter that the above-mentioned approach is not just why so many network marketers fight to earn money in this industry but why the majority still see this industry as some kind of scheme.


You have to change the way you think that.

As the saying goes… Men and women don’t care about how much you already know until they know how very much you care.

Meaning… not necessarily about you.

It’s all about these people.

If you lead with your merchandise or opportunity then you might have already lost.

You must recognize that people buy people, not merchandise…

People join people but not companies… This cannot be over-emphasized.

Your Primary Focus is to Present Value and Build a Connection.

So just how do you achieve that?

… This works for both equally Offline and Online Marketing

1 ) Build Rapport First: Any time meeting with a potential prospect, prior to dropping the hammer with your product or opportunity, familiarize yourself with them. People like to do organization with people they like along with trust. Find areas of commonality by asking questions and having to know your prospect.

installment payments on your Education & Understanding: Medicine presenting your product, companies, or opportunity your target should be on educating your own personal prospect on what it is one does, why you do it, and more important what the benefits are. When you built rapport the right way beforehand you should be able to better know your prospect and make an emotional connection to challenges they are often facing in their life and can also now show them how your own personal product, service, or option can help them solve individuals challenges.

VERY IMPORTANT: You cannot come up with a recommendation for your product, assistance, or opportunity unless you already know just there is a need for it. Can you be sure of that? BECAUSE YOU BUILT A UNION AND GOT TO KNOW YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMER BY ASKING QUALIFYING QUERIES UP FRONT!

3. We Have Two Ears & 1 Mouth area for A Reason: Listen intentionally to what your prospect says when you are building rapport. They may be literally giving you reasons in regards to what your product, service, or even opportunity can do for them.

This is a great example of a typical discussion I have with a prospect:

Me personally: What do you currently perform for a living?

Prospect: We work in ________ (construction, medical field, admin, and so on )

Me: Why do you choose that field?

Potential customer: I really like to help people (a typical answer)

Me: That’s excellent. Is there anything you don’t like about this?

Prospect: Don’t really generate enough income… I work way too many hrs… I hit the cup ceiling. (all common answers)

Me: I completely comprehend where you are coming from. I used to have the same way and this was the main reason I made modifications. Let me ask you ______(prospect’s name) are you open to discovering other options to solve your problem of _______(Ex: making additional money? working too many hours?, becoming more in control of your end result? )

Prospect: Yes


This is your green light to demonstrate to your prospect the value and benefits of your product, assistance, or opportunity and bring up it back to solving many of the challenges that they are currently going through.


Me: If I send a link to a presentation that will help solve these challenges for yourself ______(prospect’s name) when could you watch it?

Prospect: At the moment, later this evening, tomorrow day. (common answers).

Me: Wonderful, I will send now along with a follow-up with you _______(in some hours, tomorrow morning, tomorrow delayed afternoon)

* Make sure that you give a capture page that lets you gather e-mail addresses. Whenever they don’t decide to move fwd with your business opportunity right then and there, now you can place their e-mail within your auto-responder and have quality get a system of quality e-mails full of amazing content & movies that your prospect receives every day that shares the value of your own product, service or chance.

4. Teach What You Have discovered: Whether you have been in the business five years or 5 times start teaching others whatever you have learned. People in this business need to feel supported and find out about others’ mistakes as well as successes. This is what I love concerning this business. Plus you make yourself into a “Value Source” whenever you share your ideas that could perhaps help someone else provide more worthiness and God willing… Earn more money!

How To Teach What Might Learned:

(These 3 Techniques Can Work For Both Off-line and Online Businesses)

one Make Videos: Using the digital camera on your smartphone and locating a free YouTube account you could make videos and share these individuals on the world stage connected with Social Media. There is someone in existence right now that really needs to study the lessons you have learned… Regardless of whether you’ve been in business for a month. You have learned something suitable? Share it.

2 . Commence a Blog: Still one of the best ways to share ideas. This can be an investment of time & income if you are starting from scratch. But if you act like you are in it for the long haul then this strategy is highly proposed.

3. Facebook Fan Page: A new Facebook Fan Page is no cost and a great way to build a firm. You can start posting quality content in addition to videos straight from your cellphone. Obtain Likes and therefore make an audience. When you write up it will show up in the news take care of the people that Like your website. Plus it’s great to interact with your audience and build interactions that can lead to. Read also:

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