The Best Places to Guest Blog


Guest blogging can be an effective way to promote yourself online. By contributing insightful pieces of writing to different platforms, you can attract traffic while increasing search engine rankings. The best way to Publish Guest Posts is from Google News Approved Blogs.

When selecting sites to guest blog on, be sure they have an engaged audience and high domain authority—tools such as Alexa can help identify these types of websites.

1. Family-Focused Blogs

While marketers often debate whether guest blogging is effective, when done properly, it can be an invaluable marketing strategy. Success lies in selecting publications with whom you share similar goals and writing topics that can advance them.

Once you know your goals (whether that’s increasing referral traffic, SEO performance, or new clients), research potential sites to help you meet them. When guest blogging for businesses that are relevant and have large audiences like Alexa (e.g., Alexa Traffic Ranker), the best places can help you meet both objectives simultaneously.

Once you have selected several sites to target, review their submission guidelines to establish what kind of content they accept. Some sites might accept only an idea or outline, while others demand full drafts. Some will request specific file formats like Word documents or raw HTML, and there may even be exceptions!

Once your work is published on a site, be sure to share it across your social channels and newsletter. Don’t forget to respond to comments or queries from readers, as this will make the blog owner proud and show that you care for them!

2. Personal Blogs

Personal blogs tend to be less stringent with their content guidelines than more professional publications, allowing guest posts to be submitted directly via their website rather than having to email an editor or assistant. How to Publish Guest Posts?

Personal blogs also tend to offer more authentic, natural writing, making it easier to establish rapport with readers and meet your guest blogging strategy goals (such as increasing referral traffic, SEO performance, or leads/clients).

If you find a personal blog that accepts guest posts in your niche, take note of their author bio links. In an ideal scenario, these should link back to an area on your site that’s highly related to the topic of your guest post. This will demonstrate that you are an authority in the subject area and provide evidence that you match up well with their target audience.

As a digital marketing specialist, I aim to write blogs covering SEO, PPC, and social media marketing topics. Subscribe to comments left by guests’ blogs you write for; respond promptly when there are queries or issues raised – it shows your new audience that you value them and want them to achieve their goals!

3. Industry-Focused Blogs

As soon as the topic of guest blogging comes up, two camps usually emerge those who view it as time wasted and those who believe it to be an essential component of their marketing plan. But guest blogging can actually serve both roles, provided it’s done correctly. Expert guide on Publish Guest Posts on Pensivly?

To maximize readership and link-building potential, it is ideal to choose a blog related to your industry for guest blogging purposes. This will ensure your content can reach its target audience more naturally while increasing link acquisition potential more smoothly. For instance, digital marketers looking for guest blogging opportunities might try finding blogs covering SEO/PPC/social media/etc as targets.

Not only should you select an engaging topic, but your post must be as valuable to the host blog as possible. This means not only writing an incredible piece but also linking back to it from other posts on the site or including it in any newsletters that the blog sends out.

At the best places for guest blogging, there will be clear guidelines regarding how you should submit your posts. This may include specific formats or instructions on where and how to include bio and photo. Having these details upfront allows you to prepare your pitch and submission without running into issues later on.

4. Niche Blogs

No matter your writing goals – news sites, education blogs, or anything else entirely – niche blogs exist that need your content. A backlink tool will help you locate these niche blogs; once found, use their backlink tool to see where other bloggers have guest-posted. Once found, like and share posts by fellow bloggers who’ve guest posted there so they know you are interested. When approaching them about writing for them, they may accept more readily, as it shows that you know their material, which is a result of building rapport first!

When selecting the ideal niche blog to write for, it’s crucial to think carefully about its audience and the type of content published. For instance, marketing blogs typically publish articles related to social media marketing, digital marketing, and SEO, making these sites one of the best places to post guest content for marketing purposes.

Other niche blogs focus on business, finance, and breaking news topics, with popular platforms like ResultFirst offering SEO-related articles. Business Insider is another widely known news website, while John Chow, an accomplished internet coach, also publishes news-oriented pieces on his site. All these websites have specific rules when accepting guest posts – this could include accepting guest blogs through guest posting.