Sail Boat Rental


Sailboat rental offers a thrilling way to experience the water. However, there are specific rules you must abide by when renting one. Choose the best boat rental Malta.

As an example, some businesses require a sailing certification, while others will perform an initial check-off that requires you to identify parts of the boat (i.e., mast, sails, etc.).


Sailing boats and yachts are designed to provide a safe, enjoyable sailing experience for both beginner and advanced sailors alike. Their large amounts of ballast and keel make these vessels nearly impossible to capsize while offering unmatched levels of safety on the water – this feature also makes them suitable for multi-day sailboat journeys across the world.

No matter your level of sailing expertise or preference for monohulls versus catamarans, sailing provides an incredible way to enjoy the beauty of the sea. There are endless stunning destinations and ways to do it; Boatsetter has everything you need, from quick day trips to extended excursions!

When comparing prices between two sailboats, keep in mind that price differences do not always translate to cheaper or more expensive boats; instead, different factors like quality and demand in various regions can cause price variances.

Planning a sailing adventure means gathering all necessary documentation before setting sail, such as a completed charter agreement with your rental concern and a list of passengers, including names and passport numbers, as well as any documents necessary for your destination or voyage.


Sailboat rental is an increasingly popular solution for those who do not want to incur the expense and hassle of owning their vessel. Sailboats can be found for rent almost everywhere around the globe in various sizes and styles. Furthermore, additional equipment like barbecue grills, inflatable zorbs, or even an entire sea pool may also be rented separately.

Some companies provide hourly, weekly, and seasonal rental prices for their boats. Seasonal rentals can be handy for people looking to sail frequently but cannot afford the cost of owning one outright.

Renting a sailboat depends on its size, design, and layout. Larger sailboats with more socializing spaces tend to cost more than smaller vessels with cramped spaces for entertaining or socialization.

Condition is another crucial element affecting sailboat prices, and rental companies take special care to make sure their vessels are in safe condition before renting them out to guarantee customer safety on the water and ensure customer satisfaction with their service.


Renting a sailboat is an excellent way for those wanting to experience sailing without incurring the high costs and commitment of owning their yacht. Furthermore, renting can provide an opportunity to learn the fundamentals before purchasing one in the future. There are a few key points you should keep in mind before booking your sailboat rental.

First, it is essential to familiarise yourself with what the rental business requires from you. Some require a sailing resume, which should detail previous sailing experience (with dates) and types of boats sailed. Others will request your skipper’s license or even conduct a basic safety test before providing the boat rental.

Age is another critical consideration when renting sailboats. Generally speaking, older sailboats tend to be cheaper to rent due to being less technologically advanced and being in use for an extended period. However, it should be remembered that some old sailboats may be unsafe due to poor maintenance practices or wear and tear issues.

A sailboat rental’s price also depends on the number of people aboard; some boats can accommodate only a handful of passengers, while others can hold up to twelve. Naturally, larger vessels tend to cost more to rent. Furthermore, specific sailboats come equipped with professional skippers and crew members such as cooks or hostesses for added peace of mind.


Boating trips cannot take place without taking proper safety precautions. Communication among passengers is vital in case of emergencies or stormy weather; additionally, having a pre-departure checklist with the names and passport numbers of each passenger will prevent legal complications should the vessel be stolen or they fail to wear the required flotation devices.

Before setting sail, always consult the weather forecast to gain an idea of what conditions may be encountered during sailing. This means examining wind direction, strength, visibility, and safety considerations. When severe weather is predicted to arrive, it is wise to avoid sailing. Should signs of inclement weather, such as temperature drop-offs and darkening clouds, appear, it would be prudent to return to shore as soon as possible.

If you are planning on renting a sailboat, conduct an online search to learn what the local rental businesses require of their guests. They might request your sailing resume, which should outline dates of experience as both skipper and crew; some rental businesses also expect you to know how to operate an outboard motor (especially if renting larger sailboats); in addition, some may request that you take a sailing lesson before renting one of their boats.

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