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Online spider solitaire can be an engaging way to challenge and sharpen your mind. To win, the goal is to assemble 13 cards of one suit in ascending order – using empty columns strategically can help you accomplish this with minimal moves required. Discover the best info about LOLBeans.

This game runs smoothly on most computers and features impressive functionality. There are three distinct modes, including two-suit variants and advanced methods.

The object of the game

Spider Solitaire, first included with Microsoft Windows in 1998, is a trendy single-player card game. It derives its name from having eight foundation piles resembling spider legs; your objective in the game is to construct suit sequences from King down to Ace on your tableau, automatically sending completed suits back into play upon completing each suit sequence in your tableau. Once all four claims have been fulfilled in this manner, each complete claim is sent directly back into space automatically by sending signals back through.

Starting a game requires dealing one card face up in each of ten columns – these are visible or exposed cards. Every card has rank and suit value, with the King holding the most value. They then go down through Queen, Jack, and Ten.

Cards within a group may only be moved if they belong to the same suit; otherwise, they must remain on the tableau until the next deal.


Spider solitaire’s rules are relatively straightforward. To play, players begin with ten piles of cards called the tableau with their top card exposed; all remaining cards form a draw pile called stock, and 13 unique ranks exist for this deck: King, Queen, Jack, Ten, Nine Eight Eight Five Four Three Two Ace. Only King cards can fill empty tableau spots; players must then move groups in ascending order from King to Ace in perfect descending order.

Solitaire games, such as four suit version, are among the most difficult and require patience, logical thinking, and luck to succeed. On the other hand, two-and-one-suit variations of the game tend to be easier with unique rules for gameplay.


Spider Solitaire is an exciting variation of a classic card game that tests your logical skills. Unlike many other solitaire games, it does not require complex graphics or high computer requirements and is easily playable across various Windows operating systems and browsers. In addition, our free version offers features to time yourself and test your skill level!

This game aims to move cards in descending suit sequences from the tableau to foundation piles by automatically moving completed ordered suits toward foundation piles. Eventually, all cards were moved from the tableau into foundation stacks. When this occurs, victory has been won! You can play this game using one suit, two, three, or all four suits; more cases are utilized for more challenging gameplay.


Spider solitaire’s stockpile can be an essential tool for success. By moving cards from it, more options emerge for creating sequences and developing more effective strategies. However, dealing with it only when there is an empty column is recommended to avoid wasting moves and valuable moves.

Starting a game of Spider involves setting out 104 cards in 10 tableau columns and turning up one card from each tableau column as the first turn-up card for that tableau column, stacking 50 face-down cards as a stockpile.

The first step to successful card manipulation is grouping cards into sets ranging from King-Ace. Then, any three or more cards arranged in descending suit order may be moved onto any available rows on the tableau.

Time limit

Solitaire can be played in many ways, but you’ll need patience and strategy to succeed. Customize the background and card backs for an individualized feel, or use various power-ups to help beat the game!

Spider Solitaire is a two-deck card game using 104 cards arranged in 10 tableau piles with their top cards facing upward. When needed, one-card stocks may also be dealt from.

The game aims to form eight descending sequences of cards from King to Ace by placing revealed cards into slots on your foundation board.

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