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Obituary searches are an invaluable way to learn about your ancestors, offering a wealth of genealogical data and a starting point for further investigation. Searches can be easily performed online through newspapers, funeral homes, or remembrance websites; enter the first and last names, select a year range, and add any keywords such as middle name to refine results further.

Newspaper archives can provide an excellent resource for uncovering obituaries of past and present residents in an area, often including family histories and dates for the deceased.


No matter the purpose of your genealogy research, the Topeka Capital Journal’s obituary archive can be an invaluable resource. In addition to listing names, this database often provides vital genealogical details that can give you clues as you look for more obscure relatives.

Start your search by entering your relative’s first and last names; adding middle names may yield more accurate results. Select a year range to narrow your results further; adding keywords can further refine them; this will prevent you from uncovering obituaries that don’t correspond with your search query. Alternatively, try searching for initials since many older obituaries only include initials instead of full names.