Lane County Oregon Businesses For Sale


Lane County offers residents and businesses alike an array of services, ranging from financial and legal consultations, B2B relationships, contract work, and products to services.

Selling a business is a delicate endeavor, and finding an experienced broker to assist in its sale can ensure a seamless transfer of ownership.

Patrick Bice specializes in Main Street businesses for sale as a principal broker and certified business intermediary and, as such, is also a certified appraiser.


No matter your search criteria – be it a franchise, restaurant, laundromat, car wash, or coffee shop – BizQuest provides one of the largest databases of Oregon business opportunities to help you locate what you are looking for. Use the filters above to narrow your search further and discover that perfect business venture.

Are you searching for crunchy or soft taco shells, with options ranging from beef, pork belly, chicken, or fish tacos? Discover all of Lane County’s restaurants offering Tacos and other delicious food.

At Lane County Farmers Market (LCFM), all bakeries prepared food vendors, and artisans must sell at least 25% locally-grown products to ensure customers purchase high-quality Oregon ingredients from local food producers while supporting our local economies.

Patrick Bice, Principal Broker and Owner of Northwest Business Sales & Certified Appraisals LLC has long participated in Oregon business communities as both a licensed real estate broker and business broker. With experience advising and working with various types of Main Street business owners wishing to have their companies professionally valued or who are ready to sell, Patrick is recognized by both International Business Brokers Association as certified as a CBI (Certified Business Intermediary), generally considered the highest professional certification available for brokers specializing in middle market/small to medium-sized businesses.

Retail Stores

Find Lane County, Oregon, businesses available for sale using location, industry, or asking price criteria. Speak with a Sunbelt Business Broker in Lane County for additional assistance.

BizQuest provides more Lane County, Oregon, business-for-sale listings than any other platform. If you are searching for either buying or selling, BizQuest has what you are looking for! Patrick Bice is an experienced Principal Business Broker and Certified Business Appraiser who specializes in the sale of Main Street-type businesses. He has years of experience advising and working with business owners who wish to sell or value their company for estate, retirement, or tax reasons. He is an active participant in Oregon business life and an International Business Brokers Association member, serving as a resource to other professional business brokers and commercial real estate brokers who require his specialized services.

Service Businesses

Service sector companies play a critical role in supporting many businesses’ daily operations, offering essential services like cleaning, transportation, and maintenance and business services such as financial and legal consultations, advertising, and marketing strategies. Lane County boasts several strong companies within this field that can assist businesses to become successful.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing is one of the most vital sectors in our region, employing thousands of workers and contributing millions to the economy. In 2021, its average annual wage stood at $52,500; unlike some industries that limit educational requirements for entry-level positions, a high school diploma is sufficient here.

This area is also home to numerous large businesses in the transportation/utilities and warehousing industries, which are expected to experience rapid expansion. Already contributing over $1 billion in wages to the local economy annually, this highly skilled sector provides numerous opportunities for further education within this field.

Lane County offers entrepreneurs numerous unique opportunities in its thriving Service Sector. Now is an excellent time to invest in this segment as Lane County hosts both small businesses and more giant corporations offering various services for clients, making this region the ideal place to find one that will allow you to thrive while fulfilling your career aspirations and goals.


Lane County, Oregon, shares many similarities with other regions across the U.S. in that its economy was mainly built around agriculture and timber industries in its earlier days; nowadays, wood products continue to play an integral role. High-tech manufacturing operations and tourism also play a part.

Wood product manufacturing was once the cornerstone of the county economy; today, however, its focus has shifted more toward services and health care – including higher education, retail trade, and trade services.

With a growing population and high standard of living, more and more people are migrating to the area to find jobs and call it home. The average commute time in the county is less than 20 minutes; over 18% of its residents work from home or carpool to their place of employment.

Over the past five years, household income in the county has seen an increase of more than 6%, and median family income now stands at $64,700, with per capita income being $28,371. Furthermore, unemployment stands at 3.2%, lower than the national average of 4.6%.

Food and beverage manufacturing industries in the Eugene area are an economic force to be reckoned with, employing more than 3,900 workers and contributing over 188 Million dollars in wages to the county. Promoting this industry has become a priority of the Eugene County government to support and foster its development.

At present, Lane County offers an ideal environment for business acquisition. Low-interest rates have allowed many small companies to secure better mortgages and expand operations, while the government is taking measures to aid these efforts by offering loan guarantee programs for small-business loans.

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