Jimmy Buffett’s Health Issue Revealed


Recent news of Jimmy Buffett’s hospitalization has caused great alarm among his fans. Though no details were revealed regarding his health issues, Buffett did joke that “getting old is no easy feat.”

Mac McAnally, a popular Sunset Cove headliner and longtime Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band member, sang “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere.” When reaching its lyric, he asked, ‘What would Buffett do now?” to which his audience responded in unison with great cheers of joy.

He was discharged from the hospital.

Jimmy Buffett recently announced his website, thanking fans for their support and indicating his plans to spend some time at home fishing, paddling, boarding, and sailing before reviewing his schedule and planning future shows.

The 76-year-old musician is widely revered for his carefree “island escapism” lifestyle and loyal fanbase known as Parrotheads. Additionally, he is an accomplished songwriter and an established businessman; owning the Margaritaville Cafe restaurant chain, his songs have become immensely popular and inspired various branded merchandise lines.

Last week, Buffett traveled to Boston for a routine checkup and unexpectedly ended up hospitalized, leading him to postpone his Charleston concert, initially set for May 20 at Credit One Stadium. Though no new date has been selected as of yet, his representative indicated he is working on updating his tour schedule with additional stops.

In his post, the singer encouraged fans to remain positive and stay focused on all that life offers them. He noted that growing old is no cakewalk; enjoying every minute you can is essential. Furthermore, he promised he’d return soon to perform live for his loyal audience and reconnect.

Before being hospitalized, legendary singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett performed at an unplanned Portsmouth, Rhode Island event. When Buffett appeared onstage, the crowd went wild in excitement! Additionally, Buffett surprised audiences at Sunset Cove waterfront bar in Portsmouth.

Jimmy Buffett is an American entertainer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist best known for his tropical party vibes and popular hit “Margaritaville.” Over his 29 albums that have sold over 100 million records worldwide, he has won multiple awards and accolades, including a Grammy. Additionally, he is known to possess various musical talents while enjoying activities like golfing and sports fishing as hobbies; having been married twice, he currently resides in New York with Jane Slagsvol.

He postponed a show in Charleston

Jimmy Buffett postponed his Charleston concert this week due to an undisclosed illness, yet assured fans he would return as soon as possible and work towards scheduling future shows – playing music is therapeutic for him, and he wants to reconnect with his devoted audience through it all.

Singer-songwriter Wayne Connick Jr. was scheduled to perform at Credit One Stadium on May 20 but postponed due to “medical issues.” However, he kept things light by making an “Age is Not for Sissies” joke while acknowledging a potential postponement of his concert at Credit One Stadium.

He assured his fans he was feeling better and promised to return soon, thanking them for their prayers and support.

Although a new date for his Charleston show hasn’t been set yet, his team has assured ticket holders that their tickets will still be honored at its new venue. They should check their email for further updates or contact their point of purchase for more details.

Buffett remains committed to his career despite recent health challenges and plans on touring. He has performed in venues across the U.S. and worldwide, with island escapism themes at every performance venue he visits. Along with concerts, this multi-talented star has written several books and created successful restaurant businesses like Margaritaville Cafe and Cheeseburger in Paradise, which he now owns.

The Charleston show was part of Scotty Emerick’s Second Wind Tour 2023 and will be rescheduled when confirmed; customers who purchased tickets for this date will be entitled to a refund.

Charleston will now feature an alternative musical act than was initially scheduled; independent band AJR will replace Buffett onstage. AJR has been performing locally for years and are familiar with local audiences, having performed at several major festivals and venues, such as Madison Summerfest.

He’s back on the road.

Jimmy Buffett has shown on social media that he’s feeling better after experiencing an unfavorable health scare that forced him to cancel an appearance in Charleston, South Carolina. The 76-year-old singer known for his island escapism music, such as the hit “Margaritaville” has posted that he’s more relaxed now and eager to return on stage; moreover, he recently thanked fans with a post thanking them for all the love they showed during this challenging period of his life.

Though he did not detail his illness, he joked that “growing old is not for sissies.” Afterward, he expressed happiness at being discharged from the hospital and was looking forward to returning to his show on Saturday; until then, he’s enjoying time with family and friends, basking in the sun, and doing other activities that bring him joy.

Buffett’s unexpected appearance at Sunset Cove in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, was an impressive show of his devotion to his fans despite canceling his concert in Charleston. Mac McAnally from Coral Reefer Band had been performing “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” when Mac sang, “At a moment like this, I can’t help but wonder what Jimmy Buffett would do.” Upon hearing this line, Jimmy appeared out of nowhere and sang along with everyone present!

Buffett has assured his fans that he will do his best to find an alternate date. At the same time, in the interim, they should follow him on social media for updates about tour schedules and other events or look out for emails providing details on rescheduled shows.

He’s in the studio.

“Margaritaville” singer John Prine is focusing on his health. At 76, the musician recently checked into Boston Hospital after postponing a Charleston show due to “growing old not being for sissies.” In a Facebook update, he hinted at what may be wrong but promised fans he would return once his health permits it.

Buffett is a sought-after concert draw and multi-millionaire musician thanks to his musical and merchandising ventures. Starting as a country artist in the 1960s, Buffett later relocated to Key West, where his beach-bum persona gained popularity – mixing country, folk, rock, and calypso with tropical themes for his signature music and lyrics.

Buffett had recently recorded with Lennie Gallant in Canada just days before being hospitalized, prompting speculation about the reasons for his recent hospital stay. Buffett has already canceled shows this year to focus on his health; the exact cause remains unknown at this time.

Social media posts of this crooner indicate he is on the road to recovery and looking forward to returning to performing on stage. He has been rehearsing and writing songs, though no exact date for his comeback performance has been provided yet. An update earlier this month stated he was happy to be home from the hospital and looking forward to returning to the studio.

Buffett has established himself as an active recording artist as well. Buffett is well-known throughout his homeland and abroad, with over 90 albums to his credit and an enthusiastic fan base of country music fans. Additionally, he has toured alongside Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown Band, writing songs for Blake Shelton’s Barmaggedon TV series and touring alongside them both.

Buffett has released music and is an active author and businessman. He has published multiple books as well as founding Margaritaville Cafes across Florida. Additionally, he owns real estate in Miami, Florida and frequents Saint Barts to gain inspiration for his songs and characters. Finally, he is married to Jane Slagsvol and has two children of their own.