How to Solve a Loan Payment PT Crossword


If you’re struggling with a crossword puzzle, try solving clues you know well first – this will provide a sense of achievement and motivation to keep going! Additionally, use the search function for specific patterns like length of answer/known letters for improved results.

The word “periodical.”

Periodicals are publications with regular publication cycles, such as newspapers, magazines, or journals, that cover various subjects – from academic and trade issues to leisure and entertainment topics. The word “periodical” comes from the Latin “periodicus”, meaning periodic; its usage also applies to any publication that appears regularly.

Periodical is an often-appearing crossword clue, providing mental stimulation that improves cognitive function and decreases the risk for cognitive decline. There are various online resources to assist with these puzzles; using search tools, you can search by length or pattern of words/phrases found, filter results by known letters counted, etc.