How Much is an Eight of Weed?


An eighth is one-eighth of an ounce, or approximately 3.5 grams, and is one of the most frequently purchased quantities by recreational cannabis consumers.

Dispensaries usually sell eighths in jars that make identifying their denomination easy by sight. However, given that each jar may vary slightly in density and appearance, weight measurement may provide more accurate results.

How to Measure an Eight

An eighth of cannabis is one of the most frequently used measurements in the cannabis industry, equalling 3.5 grams. An eighth is generally enough to satisfy most individuals for several hours to days, depending on your tolerance level. It is an ideal starting point for exploring various strains without making long-term commitments to smoking one type. Dispensaries commonly offer this amount today in jars called an eighth; however, due to variations in density between buds, an actual eighth may look larger or smaller than expected, so using a scale is essential in knowing exactly how much you are buying.

How Much Does an Eight Cost?

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An eighth of cannabis in the US can cost between $30 and $35 depending on market conditions and quality; prices may differ based on location (e.g., an eighth in Los Angeles may cost more than one in Denver).

An eighth is an affordable way for moderate smokers looking to explore new strains without breaking the bank. An eighth of weed will give you enough material for several one-half-gram joints or 14-quarter-gram bowls.

Many dispensaries sell eighths at set prices known as caps to encourage consumers to purchase in more significant amounts rather than buying grams at once. For instance, one dispensary might advertise that their eighths have a $35 “cap,” which means they will never charge more than this amount for this product – this can help consumers save money when making cannabis purchases and get maximum value from every bud purchased!

How Much Do Eights Look Like?

An eighth, or approximately 3.5 grams, is the standard measure for measuring cannabis. An eighth is enough to roll about seven half-gram joints, making for an excellent pocketful for most casual smokers. Eights typically range between $30 and $60 depending on local market prices and taxes; prices can also differ depending on where you purchase the weed.

Not only can marijuana strains differ in terms of size and density, but they also differ when it comes to coloration and aroma. Some buds are lighter in hue and fluffier, while others have tighter pack-out. Furthermore, certain strains have stronger scents or tastes than others, making it hard to estimate how much weed there is in an eight by sight alone.

Since many cannabis consumers are on a tight budget, some dispensaries have offered pre-weighed eighths. Here, the dispensary will combine all your bags into one large one to give an approximate total ounce count; however, this method may not be as precise. Also, dispensaries often sell a mixture of grams and eighths, which makes measuring one full ounce difficult.

Some dispensaries go further by setting an annual cap on the price of an eighth, meaning they only increase its cost by a certain percentage each year. This practice helps ensure affordable eighths for most consumers while restricting cannabis retailers who want to increase average ticket sales, especially those offering high-end strains such as these who may need to provide premium songs at higher prices to compete with top producers.

How Do Eights Compare to Other Weed Measurements?

An eighth of weed is one-eighth of an ounce or 3.5 grams. It is the most popular size sold at dispensaries today and enough for most recreational cannabis users to roll seven or more joints from it. An eight can cost between $15-20 or as much as $60 or more, depending on its strain and where you purchase it.

Newcomers to cannabis may find the measurements of an eighth of weed confusing, but learning what the eighth looks like and its ratio with other marijuana sizes will allow you to make better-informed buying decisions when visiting dispensaries. Furthermore, knowing what an eighth looks like can help other cannabis users understand what amount they receive when purchasing from someone else.

Many consumers will first encounter marijuana measurements through the gram, the smallest unit of weight and price for cannabis. A gram is perfect for casual users looking to try a variety of strains at once, making it an economical and practical size when buying for medicinal use.

A quarter is another standard cannabis measurement used by casual smokers, consisting of 7 grams and approximately equivalent to an eighth of weed. This measurement allows smokers to test various strains without spending too much money.

An ounce is the largest measurement for cannabis, typically reserved for heavy smokers. A single ounce can produce enough for hundreds of cigarette-sized joints to be made; quality varieties in legal markets could cost as much as $350 for this amount of product.

If you’re searching for an ample supply of cannabis that will last months, an ounce is certainly an economical way to do it. When selecting an ounce product, prioritize one with high THC levels grown with care – the extra expense will surely pay off once you and your friends enjoy quality cannabis! For further savings when shopping for one ounce, check out our article on deals or ways to save while purchasing it.