Funny Puns and Jokes About Lemons


Lemons can be used to craft refreshing beverages, zesty snacks, and tart salad dressings. Plus, they make for some hilarious jokes!

What did one lemon say to another? Ready, set… GO! From tongue-twisting wordplay to pithy one-liners, this collection of lemon puns will bring some laughs your way.

1. The Sour Lemon

From puns to one-liners, these lemon jokes will surely brighten your day! So grab yourself a refreshing glass of lemonade and take part in these citrusy laughs!

This article describes The Lemon Joke.

A lime, lemon, and pea all visited a bar; each ordered drinks from their respective menus: lime for beer, lemon for tequila, pea just wanted diet coke. They all enjoyed their drinks before the bartender proposed a bet: whoever could squeeze more juice out of one lemon would win. During their drinks-taking experience, Pea got too drunk and began rolling downhill first; she eventually won by crushing all lemons she touched to release juice out.

2. The Sour Lemon Cat

Lemon jokes are a great way to bring laughter, whether you are an avid pun fan or just in need of some amusement. With these zesty jokes from lemon lovers like you and myself, these lemon-themed humorous stories are sure to get your laughter going and leave you feeling zingy!

Lemons are always whole of life! When they feel down or sad, all it takes to brighten them up is some lemon-aid!

Lemons are so hilarious they even have their jokes! These short and clever lemon jokes are great for sharing on social media or everyday conversations, making your friends and family smile! Lemon puns will surely put a smile on their faces!

3. The Sour Lemon Dinosaur

Lemons may be known for being tart, but they can also provide ample opportunities for comedy! Here are some hilarious jokes and puns involving lemons that will provide plenty of laughs!

What do you call a lemon who robs banks? A lemon-aid.

When two lemons come together, their peelings become attached.

One day, a lemon and pea went to the bar. While one ordered a beer and one tequila, after several drinks had passed, the lemon used its juice to shower some on its friend, calling him lemon-aid!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and share some groan-inducing jokes to lift your spirits and alleviate your problems. Lemon puns will bring smiles to any fan of citrus fruit! These humorous conversations are sure to leave everyone laughing- so go ahead and groan away your worries with these funny citrus jokes!

4. The Sour Lemon Boxer

Lemons are an integral component in many of our favorite dishes, desserts and beverages, making them the perfect subject of some clever puns! From making lemon meringue pie to sipping on a refreshing glass of lemonade – these humorous lemon jokes will leave you chuckling away with delight!

Lemons may be tart, but they can also bring lots of joy! Here are some puns and riddles involving citrus fruit that will add a sprinkle of humor to your day!

A lime, lemon, and pea decided to visit a bar together in order to relax and relieve some tension. Each had several drinks, but due to being composed of different materials, alcohol had other impacts on each individual: acidic reflux from lemon’s beverages caused itchy stomach issues for Pea, while tipsy Pea became very silly, and the lime ended up reeking like a fruit bowl.

5. The Sour Lemon Goes Out With A Prune

After work, two lemons and one pea went out for drinks together and ended up getting really drunk, becoming unpleasant to be around, while their counterpart – being composed mainly of starch – didn’t feel much of a hangover at all.

These humorous lemon jokes will undoubtedly put a smile on your face! Use them to spice up any conversation. If you enjoy these puns, be sure to also check out our articles on fruit jokes and corny jokes for even more humor!

6. The Sour Lemon Failed His Driving Test

Lemon jokes are always popular with kids and adults, providing an easy and fun way to lighten any dull day. In this article, we share a variety of lemon puns and riddles sure to leave you giggling while leaving you smiling! So remember, whenever you find yourself feeling down or blue, remember that some lemon humor can go a long way towards alleviating depression!

After work, three peas, a lemon, and a potato headed out to a bar for some drinks and great conversation. Though neither Pea nor Potato got particularly drunk, their experience at the bar proved extremely enjoyable – the lemon,, in particular,, got really acidic and reflux, becoming really acidic itself! What do you call two sibling lemon peels who fall in love? Lemon-cello!

7. The Sour Lemon Goes To School

Lemons are an adaptable citrus fruit, offering many uses in drinks, desserts, salad dressings,, and jokes! Here, we share a collection of hilarious lemon puns and tricks sure to put a smile on your face – sit back, relax, and enjoy these sour zingers!

When life gives you lemons, please make the most of them by making delicious lemonade! However, sometimes extra juice may need to be squeezed from them; just remember to store it in the fridge, as otherwise, the fruit may start rotting!

8. The Sour Lemon Goes To The Doctor

Lemons are one of the most fascinating fruits. We enjoy using them in many of our desserts, dishes, and beverages while they provide endless opportunities for puns and jokes.

Here are a few lemon puns and jokes to put a smile on your face!

One pea and one lemon visited a bar. Pea was an enthusiastic drinker and became very drunk, while Lemon took it easy by having just two drinks, thus remaining sober the following morning. You decide who is better.

9. The Sour Lemon Goes On A Date

Lemon puns add flair and keep customers laughing! Make sure your lemonade stand is memorable with lots of clever one-liners like these lemon puns to keep customers interested!

These lemony puns will have you laughing for days! So why not give them a try? Perfect for lemon lovers, pun fans, and anyone who appreciates a good joke, these lemony puns will leave you in stitches of laughter all day long! When lemons need their house quickly cleaned, they hire a minute maid; conversely, when cats eat lemons, they are known as sour pusses!

10. The Sour Lemon Goes To The Gym

Lemons add zesty flavors to drinks, meals, skincare routines, and jokes alike – not to mention being guaranteed to put a smile on even your most challenging of days! Lemons make for great puns that are sure to bring laughter on even your darkest days!

Some of the best lemon jokes include: What do you call a sour lemon that robs banks? Lemoncello! And when two lemon peels become romantically involved, it’s called lemon-cello.

These funny lemon jokes are great to share at family gatherings, birthday parties, or simply hanging out with friends. So the next time you find yourself feeling blue – remember: A lemon can really take the edge off! All images are used with permission; no copyright violations are intended.