Barcelona Restaurants Seafood


Attracting both locals and tourists alike, this self-service restaurant located along the port is popular with both. Each day, its chefs purchase fish and shellfish at local markets; customers choose what they wish from its display case. What do you need to consider about restaurants in Barcelona?

At Seafarer Restaurant & Catering Services in an elegant setting featuring decorative seafaring motifs. For something truly exceptional, try their fideua, which replaces rice with noodles topped with delicious shellfish!

La Fonda del Port Olimpic

At this restaurant, you can indulge in delectable Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. Their menu features seafood paella, gazpacho, and grilled chicken, as well as desserts like lemon pie, fruitcake, and tarta de Santiago, all at moderate prices. Customers appreciate both friendly service and a modern ambiance!

This restaurant is located in Barcelona’s former Olympic Port and features classic Mediterranean cuisine. It has an outdoor terrace and various dining rooms, wooden flooring, white linen decor, and plenty of wood accents adorning its walls—an ideal setting to share an enjoyable meal with your loved ones!

La Fonda del Port Olimpic’s seafood is outstanding, and its atmosphere is very relaxing. Service is superb, and the food is always fresh and seasonal. This restaurant

is trendy on weekends.

La Fonda del Port Olimpic can get quite busy, so prepare to be jolted along as you dine. However, this experience is well worth your while; the staff at this restaurant are friendly and accommodating in answering any of your queries – you can even request a private room for special occasions. Additionally, La Fonda del Port Olimpic offers an impressive wine list so that you can select something perfect to pair with your meal – they are open between 11:30 am and 10:30 pm daily!

La Barca Del Salamanca

La Barca Del Salamanca is an exceptional dining experience located at Olympic Port and offers quality Mediterranean cuisine along with an outstanding wine selection. Additionally, La Barca provides excellent customer service and has stunning ocean views to top it all off!

Restaurant La Tortuga de la Paella serves traditional seafood dishes in an expansive venue featuring both terrace and private rooms, and their menu offers paella (with lobster, crayfish, and monkfish), fideua, as well as locally caught and harvested seafood from the area. There is also vegetarian- and halal-friendly dining available here.

Although the food here may be slightly pricey, the selection is fresh and delectable. Plus, the staff is extremely welcoming and accommodating!

I recommend this restaurant as an ideal spot for a relaxing evening in Barcelona, offering both delicious food and wine with friendly service staff.

At this restaurant, the seafood was delectable and authentic, especially the monkfish and seafood paella dishes. There was also an impressive array of tapas perfect for sharing among a group. I particularly enjoyed their T-bone steak grilled to perfection—I will definitely return!

La Gambeta

This restaurant specializes in tasty, affordable seafood dishes that are attractively presented. Each order is meticulously prepared to ensure top-tier product quality and features decorative seafaring themes reminiscent of its maritime location, leading customers to give this establishment rave reviews on Google.

At its seafood counters, there are numerous grilled and fried dishes featuring sardines, mussels, shrimp, octopus, and cod. Other offerings on its menu include traditional rice dishes, pastas, and salads, as well as various vegetarian offerings from Mediterranean and Atlantic waters.

Barceloneta’s iconic restaurant is an important presence on Barcelona’s dining scene and often attracts businessmen who bring clients as clients of local firms. Their standout dishes include their crudo bar, with its raw fish preparations designed to preserve the texture, taste, and freshness of top-quality ingredients.

Restaurant La Marrera has been in operation for over 100 years and is a favorite seafood spot among both locals and visitors. The atmosphere at this cozy seafood joint is inviting and friendly. It reflects local culture with classic tapas inspired by Catalonian and Cantabrian cuisine served alongside seafood from Atlantic and Mediterranean waters. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list. Plus, its open kitchen provides diners with a view of chefs at work!


Carballeira restaurant stands out as an example of such an experience, providing diners with an immersive gastronomic culture that touches on all five senses and delighting diners from its roots in 1944 by the loving couple Millan, who had the vision to offer diners an experience that mimicked sailing through its waters – this has held for over 80 years now!

Once inside, you are immediately taken aback by a fantastic array of fresh seafood, including Galician oysters, barnacles, crayfish, and lobsters – making your mouth water! Choose from dishes including seafood soup, black rice with cuttlefish, and “a banda” rice, as well as monkfish, wild turbot, or hake prepared either roasted, sauteed, or grilled. And for those with more carnivorous palettes, there’s even T-bone steak or veal entrecote available!

Carballeira stands out from its competition by offering delectable shellfish, fish, and seafood dishes in addition to outstanding service from veteran Maitre D and professional waiters that combine efficiency with discretion, knowledge, and attention for an unrivaled dining experience. No wonder they were awarded one Michelin star!