5 Outdoor Light Fixture Styles to Illuminate Your Exterior Spaces


Illuminate your outdoor spaces with stylish outdoor light fixtures from West Elm’s collection that add a sophisticated edge to your front porch or provide an inviting ambiance at a backyard barbecue. Shop here to find lights to meet all of your lighting needs! What do you consider about exterior facade lighting.

Use the same rule when selecting door-mounted light fixture sizes; use either 1/3 or 1/4 of the height of your door as a guideline to decide on an ideal fixture size.

Wall Mounts

Add wall mount lights to the exterior of your home and watch their impactful presence enhance its curb appeal. Choose from various styles like wrought iron, cast aluminum, and brass lights. They have durable finishes, while some dark sky-rated versions may reduce blue light pollution. Wall-mounted lights can also illuminate walkways or highlight garden arrangements.

These flush-mount light fixtures mount flush with the wall for a minimal profile that only makes itself felt at night. It is ideal for lighting stairs or patio furniture after dusk falls. It is also helpful as an announcement of driveway entry to ensure safety measures are observed and implemented correctly.

Attaching motion detectors to outdoor lights is an easy and cost-effective way to increase security and simplify controlling it. Flood lights provide adequate illumination while you’re away, often featuring motion detection technology capable of staying lit for extended periods.

Post Lights

Post and pier mount lights are great ways to illuminate areas disconnected from your house, such as entrances, gates, or fences. Boasting classic lantern-inspired designs with various finish options, post, and pier mount lights offer an easy way to give outdoor spaces an updated appearance.

When selecting outdoor fixtures, be sure they are explicitly designed for use outdoors. Water and other harsh elements pose challenges that require institutions that are durable enough to withstand damage – resin composite, brass, and copper are good choices as they tend to perform well across most environments; if choosing aluminum as your metal choice instead, powder coating would protect from corrosion.

Your lighting size selection can also make an impactful statement about how your property appears at night. When selecting fixtures near a front door, take measurements of their height before selecting lights that measure approximately 1/3 as tall. This way, your new lights will blend into the architecture without competing against it.


Sconces (also referred to as wall lights or picture lights) provide both ambient and task lighting in any room while also adding a personal touch without overshadowing the space. From modern or transitional designs featuring contemporary sconces to giving traditional homes an updated appearance with sophisticated sconces, there are countless choices for any decor and home.

Wall sconces designed as decorative lighting feature fluted or cylindrical shades that direct light either upward or downward, depending on your aesthetic preference. They can be used to illuminate fireplaces, highlight pieces of artwork, or provide general ambient lighting in hallways.

When purchasing sconces, please take note of their shade color, finish, wattage, and light direction. Also, ensure they can withstand outdoor conditions and come equipped with a compatible dimmable switch.

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling mounts can help create the ideal ambiance in any outdoor dining table or seating area, dimmable with a compatible dimmer switch to set just the right mood for a party or intimate gathering. Plus, their weather-resistant construction means they will withstand exposure to wind, rain, and other elements without suffering damage!

As with sconces, outdoor ceiling lights come in various designs to complement your home. For instance, the Powell flush mount features an elegant yet minimalist appearance with its wide shade that rests low against the ceiling for a low profile and rich bronze finish.

Outdoor ceiling lights are great to have near a front door for added security and visibility after dark, as well as lighting porch steps or covered patio/deck areas. West Elm has stylish and versatile options that can elevate any backyard space or other outdoor area in your backyard – browse their collection today to find something suitable! Their range of metal finishes and color choices will allow you to find just the right light fixture to add personality and functionality to any outdoor setting in your home!

Hanging Lights

String lights can add the perfect finishing touch to any outdoor area, including your pergola, patio roof, or any other covered space. From hanging them from walls and columns to beams and trees – plus choosing between LED, halogen, and incandescent bulbs depending on color temperature and brightness requirements – string lights make any outdoor area come alive!

When purchasing fixtures exposed to the elements, look for those with wet ratings and damage-resistant materials like resin composite, brass, or copper that feature these qualities. Copper will “patina” over time and require regular upkeep to keep looking beautiful.

To install string lights, use a tape measure to determine how high you would like the first light to be and mark that height on a post, fence, or tree where cup hooks will be attached. Stapling should leave some slack for later fastening efforts without cutting through wiring while repeating this process for every light strand.

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