4 Speed Camera Detectors For Your Car


Nobody wants to get caught speeding, so having a device in their car that warns them about speed camera locations makes sense. But are these gimmicks legal? Best way to find the camera locator.

Please search for a clear display that doesn’t force your attention away from the road and one with update capabilities (some offer free updates, while others may charge for them). Since camera locations may change regularly, consider models that provide updates for free while some require subscription fees.

Road Angel Pure One

The Road Angel Pure is an ideal option for drivers who wish to protect themselves against speed cameras and enforcement on UK roads without violating their driving spirit. The device features a 2.4″ color screen, which displays either yellow or red depending on whether you’re exceeding your limit – making it simple and helpful when trying to prevent unintended over-speeding.

The device also provides audible warnings of speed camera locations and high-risk zones like schools or railway crossings, as well as adjusting alert levels based on vehicle restrictions (for instance, when driving a van instead of a car). Furthermore, its database can automatically set alert levels lower when driving vans than cars compared to alert levels set when in a vehicle.

In its latest model, Gem+, there are additional features that make the extra cost worthwhile, including day/night mode, which reduces driver distraction at nighttime by changing display color schemes to reduce and voice alert off settings, as well as two locations to mute this device when specific parameters have been met.

Through its app, Pure is fully configurable to your preferences in many ways, including setting individual alert tones and warning distances, as well as customizing color schemes and themes. Furthermore, its scratch-resistant and anti-glare Gorilla Glass screen auto dims based on ambient light levels to deliver maximum visibility for its screen display.

As with other models on this list, the Pure alerts users to fixed and mobile speed cameras, including Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS Watchman DS2, laser guns (if legal in your jurisdiction), as well as other threats on the road, such as hazard sensors, accidents or cars moving off the shoulder. It can even detect Safety Camera Partnership vans, but handheld laser guns using GPS don’t appear visible to radar detectors – though other models on this list might.

Saphe Drive Mini

Saphe’s Drive Mini is a small device designed to fit easily in the palm of your hand and discreetly sit on your dashboard or windscreen. Recharging with micro-USB keeps it fully charged for energy savings purposes. However, most of the time, its screen remains off – only illuminated when necessary.

What makes this device particularly impressive is its accuracy and lack of dependence on smartphones to work. Although compact, its capabilities far surpass its modest dimensions; for example, it has a clear display showing prompts and alerts clearly. Furthermore, this device includes both mounting brackets and double-sided adhesive pads to make installation a simple process.

Once connected to the app and adorable brick, it uses GPS technology on your phone to determine your location and locate speed cameras or potential danger spots along your route. When possible, visual or audible warnings will alert you about these potential speed bumps or hazards on the path ahead.

Of course, you can also use the app to personalize Drive Mini according to your individual needs and preferences. You can select alarm types to activate or change warning distance, as well as tailor sound settings so warnings are clear without becoming irritating.

The Drive Mini allows you to join one of Europe’s most significant traffic communities – an estimated 980,000-member network that shares data with drivers quickly and accurately, not only helping avoid speed tickets but also offering valuable warnings such as accidents or congestion.

Noteworthy is the Drive Mini’s versatility – it can be used in any country and on any road surface. Boasting an ultra-robust build quality befitting its brand name, the Drive Mini should withstand anything that you throw its way.

One drawback we found with this device was having to connect it when starting up your car manually; however, we are willing to overlook this minor flaw as we believe this reliable and accurate device will become part of our cars for good.

Snooper My-SPEED Plus

The Snooper My-SPEED Plus is a convenient dual-purpose device, alerting drivers of speed cameras while also serving as a dash cam capable of recording in full HD. Created specifically with motorists in mind, its simple user interface and packaged design make the My-SPEED Plus easy and cost-effective to use; attach the included windscreen mount and plug in its power adaptor into the vehicle to power it on! No additional installation costs are necessary either – simple plug-and-play!

My-SPEED Plus provides alerts of fixed speed cameras, mobile speed traps, red light cameras, and TUTOR and ZTL traffic lights from Snooper’s award-winning AURA database, which is updated daily. In addition, its large 5-inch clear color screen will display road speed limits. If your speed exceeds it, a red circle will appear; otherwise, green will show onscreen instead.

My-SPEED Plus will alert you of speed cameras when approaching them with either hard or soft audible signals or by setting it only to notify you when driving above legal speed limits. When selecting Smart Mute mode when approaching a speed camera location, audible alerts will be reduced in favor of low-level visual cues instead.

When driving your vehicle, this device should always be plugged into its cigarette lighter adaptor, as this could lead to damage due to power surges in cigarette lighter sockets. Furthermore, MY-SPEED Plus should be manually updated regularly with new speed camera locations from HERE Maps by downloading their AURA database.

My-SPEED Plus has been designed with the average motorist in mind and is an affordable device that will protect them from speed cameras. Due to its comprehensive capabilities and low price point, My-SPEED Plus has quickly become a go-to solution for motorists hoping to avoid an unwanted fine or worse.

Road Pilot Evo

The Road Pilot Evo is the ultimate human-machine interface for your Huracan. By replacing traditional buttons with an 8.4″ multi-touch capacitive display screen, a single touch from your finger controls driving dynamics, entertainment functions, and cockpit lighting to match your current drive mode.

The intelligent controller features a 2000 screen that is twice as bright as industry standards, enabling Part 107 operators to fly their drone while maintaining a Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) even under bright sunlight conditions.

The 48MP sensor captures details to assist in precise evidence collection, making it the ultimate public safety tool. Intelligent tracking technology enables you to follow your subject seamlessly while your hands remain free for flying and recording footage – perfect for police and search and rescue missions!

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